Top 10 Best Universities in Vietnam

Universities in Vietnam

Do you want to study in Vietnam? If you have never thought about it, maybe it is time to start pondering over it. Not only can you find the top 10 universities in Vietnam to study, but it is also a tourist destination you can visit while there. The country has loads to offer from nature to culture as well. Furthermore, the institutes offer you a wide selection of programs to complete your studies.

What You Need to Know Before Studying in Vietnam

Vietnam has different international airports at Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. To obtain your Student Visa you do this after arriving, and you can access the country with a tourist visa as well. You will have to enroll in a Vietnamese language course and apply to change your visa status at the immigration department. We recommend you contact a travel agency so that they can help you with the application.

Furthermore, before leaving Vietnam, you need to exchange the money to your currency, as finding exchange outside the country is difficult. Alternatively, when entering the country, we advise you to transfer your money to VND. Always remember to pack your mosquito repellent, as it will become useful in the countryside.

For the most comfortable transportation, you can take a train, but it is more expensive than the bus. Other means of transport is the taxi-motorbikes available everywhere and best to avoid them, as they will try to rip you off.

Top 10 Best Universities in Vietnam

1. University of Hawaii l Manoa

University of Hawaii l Manoa
University of Hawaii l Manoa

Do you want a first-rate Executive MBA program to train you in management skills? Then VEMBA in Hanoi is the place for you to be. The Shidler College of Business offers the 21-month curriculum for people living in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi city. As a student, you will learn an innovative and modern curriculum.

You will study e-business, wealth management, supply chain management, and branding. The class takes place in Vietnam and provides summer studies in Hawaii, the USA, and Manoa. Furthermore, it is the only AACSB accredited program offered in the whole of Vietnam.

There are two training locations and the programs taught in English and Vietnamese. On the other hand, they offer a distance-learning program as well. You will have access to the latest technology in audio and video available. Furthermore, the class is highly interactive and broadcasted in real-time.

The setting is similar to attending a real class, and you will be able to ask questions and more.

2. Vietnam National University l Hanoi

Vietnam National University

The Vietnam National University you can find in the urban setting of Hanoi. The institute is accredited and has a medium-sized enrollment. You can apply for different courses at VNU all recognized as higher education degrees. You can obtain your bachelor, masters, and doctorate. The selective admission is an entrance exam with your past academic record or grades. Moreover, international students are welcome to apply.

You can study in:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Language & Cultural
  • Medicine & Health
  • Engineering
  • Science & Technology

3. Vietnam National University of Agriculture l Hanoi

Vietnam National University of Agriculture

In the metropolis of Hanoi, you get the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. With the institute, you can do a graduate and undergraduate degree. The VNUA is a recognized higher education degree. At the institute, you can study for your arts & humanities, business & social sciences, medicine & health, engineering, and science & technology degrees. International students can apply to study at the college as well.

4. University of Da Nang l South Central Coast

University of Da Nang

The University of Da Nang is a non-profit higher education establishment found in the South Central Coast. There are branch campuses available in Kon Tum. The institute is enormous with over 45,000 students and offers recognized degrees and programs. You can study in several areas to get your bachelor’s degree.

You can get your bachelor in arts & humanities, business & social sciences, engineering and science & technology. International students are also welcome to apply and will need to provide them with a copy and translation of his or her diploma, transcripts, medical examination certificate, financial guarantee, copies of Vietnamese Proficiency Certificates and more.

Furthermore, there is student housing available at the dormitory of the University of Economics, Science & Technology, Education, and Foreign Language Studies.

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5. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology l Southeast Region

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

The institutions accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education & Training. HCMUT has more than 24k students and offers higher education for local and international students. You can do a graduate to an undergraduate degree with them in different areas.

The admissions selective and you will need to provide your past academic grades. You can study arts & humanities, engineering, and science & technology. Also, the institute offers accommodation, sports facilities, and has a big library. You can also apply for financial aid or study abroad.

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6. Can Tho University l Mekong Delta

Can Tho University

Can Tho University is the cultural, technical, and scientific center of Mekong Delta. At the institute, there are more than 54k undergraduate students enrolled. The multi-disciplinary faculty offers internship programs from Belgium, Japan, to the US. Furthermore, the establishment is in the agricultural hub of Vietnam.

CTU’s mission is conducting scientific research, training, and technology to help develop the region. When completing your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D., you have specialized facilities to achieve this. Your selection is based on your entrance exam and completed academic grades.

They provide housing, sports facilities, a library, financial aid, and study abroad with distance learning.

7. HUTECH University l Ho Chi Minh

HUTECH University

HUTECH is a private institution offering higher education programs and degrees. The institutes accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education in Vietnam. The establishment has a large enrolment in bachelor degrees as well as other courses. Currently, 1000 regular lecturers comprising of eleven professors, 156 doctors of science, 35 associate professors, and doctorate holders are found at the institute. For more information to complete your studies with them, you need to contact them directly.

8. National Economics University l Hanoi

National Economics University

NEU is one of the top economic and business universities in Vietnam. The institute has a prestigious center for students to do economic research. Furthermore, they have a commercial and management center as well. Currently, they have more than 1200 faculty members.

The establishment is also an important hub for domestic and international exchange students. NEU offers a recognized higher education, and both men and woman can apply to complete his or her degree with them. The National Economics University has modern facilities for learning, doing research, and teaching.

Furthermore, they have health, sport, and accommodation facilities available for local and international students.

9. FPT University l Hanoi

FPT University

FPTU is a private institute offering higher education for local and international students. The university has a leading ICT presence in more than 21 countries. When studying at FPT, you get modern facilities to learn philosophy. When you graduate, you are awarded an international degree recognized globally. At the establishment, you can study further in Information Technology and Business. Intakes take place during January, May, and September. Furthermore, you can complete graduate and undergraduate programs. The selections based on your entrance exam and past academic record.

10. Foreign Trade University l Hanoi

Foreign Trade University | Universities in Vietnam

Another top university in Vietnam is FTU and stands out for its high-quality education in human resources and economy. You can partake in a wide selection of majors in business administration, economics, finance & banking, foreign languages and more. Currently, more than 20k students are studying at the institute made up of local and international students.

There are three campuses with the main one in Hanoi offering an urban center with restaurants, shops, and leisure. Furthermore, international students get the opportunity to discover some of the main attractions around the city. There are graduate and undergraduate programs taught in English for exchange students.

Further, you study in modern facilities with up-to-date multimedia projectors. There is a modern library, health facilities, accommodation, and sports activities.

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Studying at one of the top 10 universities in Vietnam is one of the best opportunities to travel through different parts of the country. There are a variety of tours you can do from a full day Halong Bay Island and Cave Tour in Hanoi, a street food tour, walking tours and more. The best of all is you see some fantastic places while studying for your degree.

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