Top 10 Best Universities in Thailand

Universities in Thailand

Thailand is not only a tourist destination for backpackers who want to explore the natural surroundings and culture. The Kingdom is also the home to top 10 best universities in Thailand; you can get your degree. While studying in the country you can visit the idyllic coastline, small islands, endless blue shores, and temples. However, if you are an international student, it takes some serious thought and planning. Here you can find helpful information to plan your trip to this magnificent country easier.

What You Need to Know When Studying in Thailand

Compared to finding reasonably priced accommodation in Singapore living in Thailand is more affordable. The costs of education are reasonable as well. While more affordable, they still present you with globally accredited degree programs. Prices vary and so does the quality as well similar to most other countries.

Whether you want to do a degree program or one semester as an exchange student, you can make this possible. The majority of programs done in English and covers a wide field. You can complete your studies in architecture, accounting, business, hotel & tourism and more.

Even applying for your student visa is a simple process and done in four steps. We recommend you do this before heading out to Thailand, as the immigration rules are strict. You can start by applying for the program at any of the universities in Thailand and differs from institute to another.

You will need to pay an application fee and provide transcripts per e-mail. Once the college accepts your application, you receive an acceptance letter and are your legal prerequisite to obtain your student visa. The visa is valid for a year and will need to register for at least three courses per semester.

Now you need to apply for your visa with your letter of admission, copy of your passport, passport sized photographs, at the Royal Thai Embassy. Alternatively, you can also do this at a Thai Consulate in your country. If you are already in the country with a 60-day visa, you can change your travel permit while there.

However, you need to note that the document is only valid for 90-days and you will need to register before it lapses. Furthermore, you cannot work in Thailand with your student visa.

Top 10 Best Universities in Thailand

1. ABAC University l Bangkok

ABAC University l Bangkok - Best Universities in Thailand


Assumption University is a higher education institute in Thailand and administered by the Brother of St. Gabriel. The college focuses on truth and knowledge while serving human society with creative use and interdisciplinary approaches. ABAC has three dormitories on campus for local and international students to live.

At the establishment, you can get an international degree conducted in English. Therefore, you can study for your bachelors, masters, doctoral degree with them. Alternatively, you will have no problem in finding food as they have catering facilities available. There is the AU mall with a three-story cafeteria as well.

Throughout the two campuses, you can also find banking facilities available. Furthermore, you get access to technology services as well. The Ethernet links are fast and offer voice and data communication. Therefore, if you are interested, you can apply with them online.

2. Asian Institute of Technology l Pathum Thani

Asian Institute of Technology - Best Universities in Thailand

AIT is a leading postgraduate university in Thailand recognized globally for its engineering, technology, and environmental resources. They offer 30 doctoral programs, have several types of research, and outreach centers. All the courses are in English.

Further, they offer accommodation on campus and have a campus support system. You can also complete your masters or doctoral degree with them. With AIT, you can apply for various programs, and each eligible requirement differs from another. However, you will need to provide them with an official test score or do an English entry test.

Further, you can apply directly online, and the website is helpful as it provides enough information for all.

3. Burapha University l Bang Saen

Burapha University - Best Universities in Thailand

The public university in Thailand you find on the Eastern Seaboard Area with its campus located at the beach resort Bangsaen. You can apply for a wide selection of degrees in arts, health care, sciences, technology, and humanities. For undergraduate degrees, you need to apply BUUIC, and there is on-campus accommodation available.

Further, the establishment offers courses at Bachelor level in English. You can also complete your master’s and a doctoral degree with them. On the other hand, you get an e-learning system, library system, e-mail system, and e-meeting system to use.

If you are interested in furthering your studies at Burapha, we recommend you send them an email, as the website does not translate well.

4. Bangkok School of Management l Bangkok

Bangkok School of Management - Best Universities in Thailand

The Bangkok School of Management is an accredited business school found in the hub of Bangkok. At BSM, you will find students from around the world completing his or her degree. The school offers you industry-leading educational programs taught by an experienced faculty member.

The institution is located in the Amarin Plaza on the 16th floor and does not offer accommodation. What is more, you can complete your bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree in management with them. For applying, you will need to complete the BSM application and provide your high school certificate with English proficient test with a copy of your passport.

If you have taken advanced courses during high school, you may be eligible for a college credit transfer as well.

5. Bangkok University l Klong Toey and Rangsit

Bangkok University - Best Universities in Thailand

The non-profit institute offers courses in both English and Thai. There are two campuses with one in Klong Toey and the other in Rangsit. The City Campus is for 3rd and 4th-year students. Here students get access labs, classrooms, a computer center, library, indoor stadium and more.

Rangsit campus is for undergraduate and day program students, where learners have access to the library, Center for Cinematic and Digital Arts, BU restaurant/café, sports center and more. With both campuses, you get international degree programs.

Unfortunately, Bangkok University does not offer on-campus accommodation but will help you find a place to stay. Another highlight offered for international students is the dual degree you can complete in four years. Therefore, if you want to be part of a creative learning environment with excellent programs, make sure to check them.

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6. Dhonburi Rajabhat University l Bangkok

Dhonburi Rajabhat University - Best Universities in Thailand

At Dhonburi Rajabhat, you can complete your international degree. The institutes located in Thonburi in Bangkok and use to be a woman’s teacher training school. The campus you can find in the thriving part of the city with the Big C mall in walking distance. Unfortunately, the college does not offer on-site accommodation but will help you find a suitable place to live. At the institute, you can study Business English, Hospitality, and Tourism. Another big concern is there is no mention of international students applying to study at the institute.

7. KASEM Bundit University l Bangkok

KASEM Bundit University

Kasem Bundit is a top private university in Suan Luang Bangkok. At the institute, they prepare graduates to become professionals globally. You get a broad portfolio of programs at the graduate- and undergraduate level. Furthermore, KBU offers accredited programs for local and international students.

Furthermore, they offer on-campus accommodation at the Romklao Campus. On the other hand, the institute offers students a fitness center, health care services, and transportation. They have a learning center, internet center, library, and computer lab to do your research.

When living on campus, you get a fully furnished room, TV, security, laundry service, and more.

8. Naresuan University l Phitsanulok

Naresuan University

The main campus of Naresuan University is located in Phitsanulok. With them, you get cutting-edge programs made available by 22 faculties available in national and international arenas. Furthermore, NUIC has a joint undertaking with the University of Newcastle in the UK.

Alternatively, they have a unique Master of Science in Renewable Energy and Master of Science in Cosmetics programs. On the other hand, they offer on-campus accommodation as well. International students are welcome to apply as well. For a complete guide on the application process, you can click through here.

9. Payap University l Chiang Mai

Payap University

Payap University is a liberal arts and pre-professional institute in Chiang May. For international programs, you will need to apply at the Payap University International College. With them, you can get postgraduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs taught in English.

The establishment also offers on-campus housing for students. The institute is accredited recognized globally with medium-sized higher education. Furthermore, it has a selective admission policy based on your entrance exam.

10. Stamford International University l Bangkok and Huahin

Stamford International University

STIU offers graduate and undergraduate degrees for local to international students. The university specializes in Hospitality, Tourism, Business Administration, Information Technology, and more. The college is fully accredited institute but does not offer on-campus accommodation.

However, they do offer an accommodation service to international students. Further, they offer three intakes a year in March, July, and November. You will need to provide your academic qualifications with IGSCE and other levels. Furthermore, you will need to provide your English proficiency qualifications as well.

We hope you find a suitable university in Thailand to complete your studies. No matter what you plan to study at the institutes, you will be in a country with tropical beaches, royal places, ancient runes, modern cities and more. Think of it this way; you will be able to tour a fascinating country and get a degree at the same time.


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