Top 10 Best Universities in New Zealand

Universites in New Zealand

While New Zealand is a colonialism country with a distinct culture, it has the best higher education for international students to study. Therefore, if you are interested, you can find ten of the top universities in New Zealand here to make your home for the next year or two. You see the famous “haka” war dance before big rugby matches, English is the first language, and it has some great cities as well.

What You Need to Know to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is filled with outdoor adventures, environmental studies, and so much more. Compared to other countries it only has eight universities but does have some other institutes as well. The first and most important thing is to pack warm, as the weather gets chilly.

You will be amazed how often you can experience four seasons in one day. Furthermore, you can obtain a scholarship to study in New Zealand. During 2018, Education New Zealand gave away two undergraduate and three graduate scholarships. Therefore, you best keep an eye out for these opportunities.

To apply, you will need to provide a short essay as to why you want to study there. On the other hand, the cities are bustling with people, and you can live and study there without breaking the bank. While paying for your studies and accommodation, you can find many places free to visit.

Another crucial thing is to let your bank know you are planning to study abroad. Luckily, if you are with Bank of America, you can withdraw funds free at the Westpac ATMs. You will need to apply for a student visa, and if you decide to stay longer, you can always ask for a working holiday visa.

Top 10 Best Universities in New Zealand

1. University of Auckland l Auckland

University of Auckland l Auckland

The University of Auckland is one of the distinguished institutes in New Zealand. The school spreads across six campuses in the economic hub of the country. There are stannic beaches, rainforests, and recreational options available. Furthermore, you have a wide selection of subjects you can choose:

  • Life Sciences
  • Clinical, pre-clinical, and health
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Science
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Art & Humanities

These are only a couple of courses available, and the list goes on. Alternatively, you can find accommodation on campus as well. The institute offers catered and self-catered accommodation. There are six catered hostels available, providing you with all the facilities you need while living in New Zealand.

There is also clubs and societies you can join with libraries, sport & recreation, student health, and more.

2. University of Otago l Dunedin

University of Otago l Dunedin

The University of Otago is a prominent organization with a high reputation globally. They offer quality research, and teaching, and students receive high approval ratings in employer surveys provided by the school. The campus found in the heart of the town where students experience a vibrant life.

All scholars live within walking distance of the central facilities and campus. Fifteen residential colleges comprise of flats and apartments. At Otago, you get excellent teaching, libraries, gyms, and so much more. Furthermore, the institute offers more than 200 undergraduate programs across business, health, humanities & science, and more.

You can even get your postgraduate degree with them, as the teachers are the best. As a future international student, you can apply with them directly online.

3. Auckland University of Technology l Auckland

Auckland University of Technology l Auckland

If you want to be world ready in the profession, you plan to follow; you need to study at AUT. The institutes focus on teaching philosophy to help you thrive globally. The campus is a beautiful and safe place to live and provides loads of student services.

Furthermore, it is the 2nd largest university in New Zealand. The school has modern and functional learning spaces and auditoriums for you to do research. You have access to on-campus medical, student accommodation, gyms, and more. There are 250 bachelor’s degrees offered, and you can get graduate diplomas, master’s degrees, PhDs, and more.

Some of the standout subjects are Art & Design, Engineering, Science, Law, and Sport & Recreation, to name a few. To apply as an international student, you can get all the information needed here.

4. University of Canterbury l Christchurch

University of Canterbury l Christchurch

UC is the 2nd oldest university in New Zealand and has historical ties with Universities of Oxford. At the school, you get 70-degree programs available at the five colleges. You can study art, business, engineering, science, and more. Forests and playing fields surround the main campus.

Furthermore, it is the home to the famous Ilam Gardens. The school also has an accommodation service for local and international students. There are student accommodation packages available. Alternatively, you can complete a Foundation Studies certificate with them to learn English and academic proficiency.

One of the biggest competitions is getting into the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and has campus-based galleries and workshops.

5. Victoria University of Wellington l Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington l Wellington

The university in New Zealand has three campuses across the city in Kelburn, Te Aro, and Pipitea. The business school offers programs at the Auckland base as well. Furthermore, they have joint programs with universities in Vietnam. You can study at the postgraduate and undergraduate level with them.

Recently, they have also added some master’s courses to the program. At the university, you get a weekly magazine filled with news about the institute. Further, it has a gallery available at the Kelburn campus. On the other hand, you can get accommodation with the school.

There are 15 halls with single and twin-room options, and as an international student, you can study at any level of degree provided. Alternatively, you can check the scholarships pages as well as you may be lucky to apply and stay free.

6. University of Waikato l Hamilton

University of Waikato l Hamilton

The passion for learning drives the University of Waikato. The institute tackles various issues concerning global concerns. The school has more than one campus as the 2nd one is opening soon in Tauranga. Furthermore, you can study from English to Ph.D. with them.

Eight faculties are offering a wide selection of studies in arts, business, education, law, and more. The critical research of the university is environmental science, business & leadership, and security & crime science, to name a few. There is a library for research, and it has a cutting-edge facility for athletes to practice.

Furthermore, you are close to the tourist destinations making for some great sightseeing while there. Alternatively, they provide accommodation as well. You have various options to select from halls on campus, homestay, to private rental.

7. Massey University l Palmerston North

Massey University l Palmerston North

The university comprises of three campuses in Albany, Palmerston North, and Wellington. At the institute, you get research-led teaching and training. Some of the facilities provided to students over all the campuses are a radio station, cultural events, and student magazine.

Furthermore, it is the only school offering programs in aviation, veterinary medicine, dispute resolution, and nanoscience. You can also get accommodation through them to make your stay in New Zealand a little more comfortable.

Whether you want to study your postgraduate to the undergraduate degree, you can do this at Massey. There are some short courses available as well, and you can even do distance learning.

8. Media Design School for Gaming l Auckland

Media Design School for Gaming l Auckland

Now if you are more interested in digital and creative technology, the Media Design School for Gaming is where you need to be. Furthermore, the schools ranked among the top ten institutions in the world, providing 3D Animation and VFX. Alternatively, you will get a Graphic Design Degree ranked number one globally.

On the other hand, they offer an advanced Creative Advertising Course as well. International students can apply to study at the university and need to provide:

  • A letter of intent
  • Portfolio
  • Proof of identity
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • IELTS or TOEFL Test Results

The biggest problem you may face is finding accommodation as the campus does not provide a place to live. However, you can find loads of options available in the CBC area.

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9. NZ Film Academy l Auckland

Media Design School for Gaming l Auckland

Instead of completing a degree at one of the universities in New Zealand, you can always educate yourself at Edenz College. They will help you with your visa, accommodation, fees, and more. There are seven specialized academies, and they offer several Bachelor’s Degrees. With them, you can study for your Bachelor of Applied Management, Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film) and Bachelor of Applied Arts (Digital.) You can even research health, medical, and more. So if you want to evolve your mind and become the best filmmaker ever, make sure to apply for a course with them.

10. Whitecliffe College of Arts l Auckland

Whitecliffe College of Arts l Auckland

If you love fashion and art, there is no better place to get your Art & Design Degree than at Whitecliffe College. The institute offers short courses, diploma programs, and postgraduate courses. Some of the highlighted subjects are in Art & Design, Fashion & Sustainability, and Technology and Innovation.

International students can apply directly with them online to complete his or her degree at the university. The degrees recognized internationally, and you need not pay application fees. Further, they do not offer accommodation, and there are independently run student hostels available.

No matter what you plan to study at the top universities in New Zealand, you get an accredited degree recognized worldwide. While residing in New Zealand, you can go skiing, observe the outdoors, and see other attractions at the same time. Study abroad today and start building your dreams while traveling world you will not be disappointed.

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