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Top 10 Best Universities in Malaysia

Complete your studies at one of the top 10 universities in Malaysia with its natural attractions and vibrant culture. The country offers you ancient to modern architecture and is a perfect destination for any student from abroad to visit. The metropolis offers beautiful beaches, bustling cities, to never-ending forests with loads of wildlife to see. During your tutoring, you can apply for a diploma, certificate, postgraduate, or undergraduate course. So why not take a trip to this magical country and see the wonders it has to offer.

What You Need to Know about Studying in Malaysia

Malaysia comprises of two areas West and East Malaysia separated by the South China Sea. The tropical climate offers a warm environment and remains green. What’s more, it shares a land border with Singapore to the south and Thailand to the north. While the official religion is Islam, you have freedom of religion in Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

The currency is MYR (Malaysian Ringgit and tuition fees vary from one university to another. On average, you can expect to pay MYR 7,000 per year for your bachelor’s degree. The price applies for public institutes, and private colleges may be higher. You can find scholarships available for postgraduate studies, and the cost of living is low.

We recommend you budget between MYR 10,000 and MYR 20,000 per year. The amount includes travel, accommodation, and food as it depends on where you live. Furthermore, you will need to apply for a student pass, and you can apply for it on your arrival.

Many of the institutions apply for it on your behalf once accepted. You will need to provide your passport sized photograph, copy of passport, copy of acceptance letter, academic certificates, pre-arrival medical examination report, proof of funds and insurance.

Once you receive your student visa, it applies for a year, and you will have to renew it if your studies are longer. For more information, you can visit the Education Malaysia website. The language spoken is Bahasa Melayu Malaysia, but most of the programs taught in English.

If your native language is not English, you may need to provide the institute with an English requirement test.

Best Universities in Malaysia

1. University Technology Malaysia l Johor Bahru

University Technology Malaysia

UTM is one of the oldest engineering and technological institutes situated in Johor Bahru. The university specializes in technical studies and has separate faculties for engineering. Some of the programs offered are Civil, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.

Furthermore, they offer other technical studies as well from education, management, human resources, development, and pure sciences. You can get accommodation in any of the campuses. Further, you have access to the cafeteria, computer center, internet, tennis court, convenient store, and a common room.

The administration is efficient for both local and international students. While there make sure to check out the animals at the Johor Zoo, the Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple, Legoland Malaysia, and the list are endless.

2. University of Malaya l Kuala Lumpur

University of Malaya

The university is one of the oldest and leading institutes in Malaysia. There are more than 2,500 faculty members, and you can study your postgraduate to undergraduate degrees. International students are welcome to apply. There are four courses available with MBA and MS courses.

On-campus accommodations available and they have a one-stop international student center. You will need to provide your national higher certificate, a diploma from a recognized institute, and you may need to do an interview. Further, you will need to give your TOEFL score as well.

The accommodation offers more than just living and you get access to game courts, grocery shops, computer labs, and cyber cafes. Some of the best places to visit while in Kuala Lumpur are the PETRONAS Towers, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, National Museum, and Butterfly Park.

3. UKM l Bangi

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

NUM or Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is a research institute that houses postgraduate, undergraduate, and international students. They offer five different courses and offer locals the opportunity to participate in exchange programs. Some of the courses provided are MS, BE/B.Tech, and other applications.

At the college, you will be part of a diverse academic community to live on campus with the right living and learning environment. Furthermore, you will have access to the best facilities while completing your degree at UKM. You get access to the library; recycle center, transportation, sports, gym, health center, student service centers and more.

Furthermore, you can visit some interesting places while there:

  • Bangi Gateway Shopping Center
  • Wonderland Theme Park & Resort
  • Seri Wawasan Bridge
  • Beryl’s Chocolate Factory

4. AIMST University l Bedong

AIMST University

AIMST is a privately owned university that offers up to eighteen courses. You can complete your Bachelor of Medicine, Master of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and more. There are loads of courses offered for international students. Once accepted and completing the studies you can partake in the Student Mobility Program to take part in student exchange.

Further, you will need to apply for a student visa and complete an application form. With your application, you need to provide an academic certificate, passport copies, remittance slip, and more. You get on-campus accommodation with three meals a day and bus transport where required.

During your stay in Bedong, make sure to visit Lagenda Park, Wat Wanararm, Believe 5D Museum, and Dayang Bunting Island.

5. USCI University l Kuala Lumpur

UCSI University

At USCI, you get up to 39 courses you can study, and international students are welcome to apply. The institute offers academic programs that range from nursing, engineering, music, to architecture. The state-of-the-art facility has all the latest technology to complete your research as well.

You do not need to provide an SOP, LOR, but may need to give an essay, CV, and additional documents with your application. There is on-campus accommodation with twin-sharing rooms and three bedded sharing rooms as well. The halls split into male and female quarters with a visiting area.

Included with the accommodation you get air conditioning, launderette, in-house cafeteria, Wi-Fi service, and security. Alternatively, you can also reside off the campus in one of the furnished rooms offered.

6. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology l Cyberjaya

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

At the university in Malaysia, you can choose from 16 courses available. The private institute offers you from bachelors, masters, to doctoral degrees. The college focuses on creative programs globally recognized. Furthermore, you get on-campus accommodation with a food court, mini market, cyber café, clinic, stationery shop, leisure & recreational facilities, and Wi-Fi.

You get free breakfast from Mondays to Fridays with a free membership to the gym and swimming pool. Alternatively, you can apply for scholarships and loans. To know more, you can also apply directly online. While in Cyberjaya, make sure to head out to Gem-In Mall, DPULZE shopping center, Raycer Powerhouse, and Mixcafe Smokelounge for a bite to eat.

7. Universiti Sains Malaysia l Penang

Universiti Sains Malaysia

The public university in Malaysia has up to 19 different courses available. Furthermore, it is one of the 2nd oldest institutes in the country and offers leading education for local and international students. On the other hand, it has 17 research centers and provides accelerated programs. You can live at the campus in six hostels available. You can even do distance education as well.

Both local and international students can apply online and need to provide his or her official certificates, school reports, transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL, copy of passport, student pass, letter of scholarship, and receipt of fee payment. Furthermore, you can also apply directly online with them to live on or off campus as well.

Another fantastic thing is while you are getting your degree you can visit some of these places:

  • The Tropical Spice Garden
  • Visit Kek Lok Si Temple
  • Go to Penang Peranakan Museum
  • Fort Cornwallis

8. HELP University l Kuala Lumpur

HELP University

The university has won numerous awards and ranks high on the list of the best institutes in Malaysia. You can attend the university, college of arts & technology, or the academy. At the school, you can follow any profession from business, management, law, IT and more.

When applying as an international student, you can select your desired program and complete the enrolment online. Furthermore, you will need to provide all your supporting documents required. When arriving in the country, the faculty will arrange to collect you from the airport and accommodated to your living place.

What is more, you can select from 30 courses available to complete your degree. However, you will need to ask them about accommodation.

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9. INTI l Putra Nilai

INTI l Putra Nilai

International University and Colleges you can find in Putra Nilai, Malaysia. With the institution, you can gain the best education at an excellent facility with modern resources available. With every program offered, you get practical experience as well.

Included you get access to a fabulous lab, gym, dining area, media center, and more. All educational facilities are equipped with audio-visual media, complete library, on-campus radio facility, and so much more. There are even restaurants available on and off campus.

As an international student, you get rooms available on campus with twin sharing beds. Furthermore, they provide up to five courses in different professional areas. What is more, you can even do some sightseeing at these fantastic places:

  • Aeon Mall
  • Visit the Sepang International Circuit
  • Go to the International Convention Center
  • National Automobile Museum

10. Taylor’s University l Subang Jaya

Taylor’s University

At Taylor’s University in Malaysia, you get more than just education. Your future starts with them, as you become part of a multi-cultural group studying to achieve the best results in any profession you choose. The faculty offers business, management, hospitality, tourism, architecture degrees, and more.

Furthermore, you have access to modern and functional facilities from computer labs, lecture theaters, sports & recreation, and the list go on. You can even enjoy a holistic living experience at the hostel on the campus. Alternatively, you can also live off campus if preferred.

Taylor’s also offers up to 18 courses to get your Ph.D., Bachelor, or Masters Degree. On the other hand, as you will be studying in Subang Jaya there are some fabulous places you can visit:

  • Visit the MinNature
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Sri Subramaniar Temple
  • Batu Caves

Studying at one of the top 10 universities in Malaysia offers you more than just completing your degree. During your visit to the country depending on where you live, you can find some interesting places to visit. So if you want to complete your bachelor, masters or Ph.D., makes sure to check each institute to see what they offer. You can apply directly online, and some even provide accommodation.

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