Best Universities in Hong Kong

Top 10 Best Universities in Hong Kong

By studying at one of the top 10 best universities in Hong Kong will help expand your views on world culture. The city has a fantastic environment for students from food to beautiful iconic places to visit. Furthermore, Hong Kong has emerged over the years as an essential academic place to complete your studies.

What You Should Know Before Studying in Hong Kong

If you want high-quality post-secondary education for an affordable price, you need to look at the top universities in Hong Kong here. The costs for undergraduate programs range from $15,400 to $20,800. Furthermore, if you are an outstanding student, you can even get full to partial scholarships to fund your education.

The admission requirements vary from one institute to another. Your acceptance is primarily based on individual applications and merits. We recommend you read each courses information carefully or contact the University for More Information if you are not sure.

Depending on what you plan to study an undergraduate degree takes up to four years. The majority of courses are available in English, and even the information in the city is bilingual. If you are interested in learning Cantonese or Putonghua, you can apply at some of the institutes to be educated at a beginner level.

As a non-local student, you will need to obtain a student visa before your arrival. Furthermore, you can ask for assistance from the school where you plan to study as well. Once you are accepted, you can start looking for accommodation. Check with the university as many of them help you find a suitable place to stay.

If you plan to reside at the dormitory, we recommend you take your bedding with or buy it once in Hong Kong. If you do plan to visit the Mainland of China, you will need to apply for a visitor’s visa.

Top 10 Best Universities in Hong Kong

1. University of Hong Kong l Pok Lam Road

University of Hong Kong

The top research institution is one of the oldest universities in Hong Kong. Currently, it offers postgraduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. level programs. The campus comprises of different buildings spread throughout the property. The main faculties are Arts & Humanities, Business & Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine & Health, Language & Cultural Studies, and Science & Technology.

Admission to HKU is competitive, and the majority of acceptance for local students is they need the highest grades in the HKDSE examination. Furthermore, international students need to have at least five A-grades. For undergraduate courses, you will need to take Chinese language enhancement courses.

Further, you get access to the library and museum available on the campus. There are 20 residential halls and colleges for visitors, postgraduates, and undergraduates. Alternatively, you can join the student organizations as well. On the other hand, when you enroll at the institute, you are part of the “Harvard of East.”

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong l New Territories Shatin

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Another top university in Hong Kong is The Chinese University of Hong Kong. You can get your certificate, diploma, degrees, and doctorate with them. Whether you have a passion for Arts & Humanities, Medicine & Health, Engineering, and more, you can follow your dream here.

Further, the European Foundation for Management Development, Education Bureau, and Hong Kong SAR has accredited the institute. In total, there are nine colleges with eight faculties. CUHK is also a leading research university and has a library and museums.

There is also a music hall, swimming pool, and sports facilities. If you do live off campus, getting there is no problem with the transport system. There are shuttle bus routes available throughout the college. You can find accommodation available at the university as well.

On the premises, you have access to banks, bookstore, mail, medical services, supermarkets and more.

3. Hong Kong University of Science & Technology l Clear Water Bay

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

HKUST has five schools that include Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Management, Sciences & Engineering, and Graduate School. As a student, you have access to superb facilities to complete your higher education. The institutes in Clear Water Bay and has no direct MTR station.

There are ten lecture theaters with multiple classrooms, admin offices, and laboratories. Furthermore, there are nine undergraduate halls situated on the seafront. One thing is sure you will not go hungry, as there are 19 catering outlets with fast food restaurants.

Further, you get access to banks, bookstores, clinics, supermarkets, and more. On the other hand, when living on campus, you will be sharing a room with fellow students.

4. Hong Kong Polytechnic University l Hung Hom

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU is a public research university in Hong Kong and has received some renowned world rankings as well. The schools grouped under eight faculties with over 200 postgraduate, undergraduate, and sub-degree programs. There is a school of design, school of hotel and tourism management, education and more.

At the main campus, there are 20 buildings where many of them interconnect with each other. Students have access to the library and have recreational facilities as well. You can partake in sports and relax at the theater lounge, cafes, restaurants and more.

There are two student halls on campus, and the university has off-campus housing available. No matter what sports you love, you can find it available at school.

5. City University of Hong Kong l New Kowloon City

City University of Hong Kong

The City University of Hong Kong has more than 130 bachelor degrees for you to choose. There are six schools where you can complete your studies from engineering, liberal arts, creative media and more. The public research institute is one of eight government-funded tertiary institutions.

In the vicinity, you have the Kowloon Tong Station, Shek Kip Mei Park, and Festival Walk shopping center. An academic building available on campus is the Run-Run Shaw Creative Media Center. Even sports are high on the list with the Hu Fa Kuang Sports Center providing various activities for students to do.

For local and international students the school has on-campus accommodation available. The necessary facilities included are an air-conditioner, network connection, washroom, furniture, single bed, mattress, and mattress pad. You can apply for off-campus residence as well.

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6. Hong Kong Baptist University l Kowloon Tong

Hong Kong Baptist University

The public tertiary is public funded and focuses on liberal arts. HKBU comprise five main campuses and offers postgraduate, undergraduate, and other programs. The main facility on the premises is the Academic Community Hall that is a cultural center.

Then there is the communication and visual art building and library. Nine faculties include communication, arts, social sciences, Chinese Medicine, and more. There are four residential halls throughout the campus. Furthermore, you have access to sports and catering facilities.

As an international student instead of living off campus, you can stay at the Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House. The hostels located on campus and you get a student common room for reheating food and a laundry room. Included in the room is furniture, mini-refrigerator, TV, LAN cable and more.

Furthermore, you will also receive essential bedding from a pillow to bed sheet only. So do not forget to bring your blanket.

7. Hong Institute of Education l Tai Po

Hong Institute of Education

HKIEd has three faculties with several non-faculty programs as well. Some of the faculties include Liberal Art & Social Services, Education & Human Development, Humanities, and the Graduate School. There are also four research facilities with a sports center.

The institute is also one of eight institutes that falls under the University Committee of Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can live on campus at the provided hostels as well. You can apply online for any of the programs available and will need to provide a copy of your passport, and you will pay a higher tuition fee compared to local students.

Furthermore, they will also help you with your visa applications.

8. Lingnan University l Tuen Mun

Lingnan University

Lingnan University formally known as Lingnan College is one of eight institutes funded by the government. The school focuses on Liberal Arts and all the programs offered over three primary faculties of art, social sciences, and business. There are 16 departments with 19 undergraduate courses available.

The enrolment is small making the institute unique to study at, and they offer a broad-based curriculum. Further, the school ranks high in economic, history, translation, visual studies, and social study research. As a full-time undergraduate student, you need to stay on campus for at least one year.

There is also another hostel building under construction, and there are eight blocks of dormitories available on campus.

9. The Open University of Hong Kong l Kowloon and Homantin

The Open University of Hong Kong

If you are looking for an alternative model of studying instead of the traditional ones OUHK is the place to be. The school is famous for its Innovative Technology, Digital Culture, and Chinese Culture Research centers. You can take a full-time program or part-time program as well.

At the Ho Man Tin campus, you get the library, lecture halls, self-study rooms, canteen, bank, café, information desk, pantries and more. The same applies to the other two campuses available. Alternatively, you can join the different student organizations available and get access to the student union.

The institute does offer accommodation, but we suggest you contact them for an English version of the document, as it is only available in Chinese.

10. Hong Kong Shue Yan University l Braema Hill

Hong Kong Shue Yan University


HKSYU offers four-year degree programs to complete in the Bachelors of Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Social Work, Business and more. The institute is in partnership with Australia and the UK and offers split-degree programs. The fantastic thing is you can complete a degree while exploring Hong Kong at the same time.

The campus offers a comfortable learning environment with loads of extra-curricular activities. Some of the amenities available are the common area, Wi-Fi, computer laboratories, and student lockers. You can join the athletics team or use any of the sports facilities available.

There is a graduate, undergraduate, and summer residence available on campus. There are also hostels available for graduate students.

Fascinating Places to See

While you are in Hong Kong to get a degree you cannot study in the city without visiting some of these places:

  • Victoria Peak with its telescope lookout point
  • Hong Kong Disney Land
  • Ocean Park a theme park with animals and rides
  • Tsim Sha Tsui for vibrant shops and nightlife

These are only a few places of interest, and there are many more.

Why study at home if you can get a degree at one of the top 10 best universities in Hong Kong. The vibrant urban center is a global financial hub that features architectural landmarks with major shopping destinations. You cannot live in Hong Kong without walking the Temple Street Night Market a main attraction in the city. To top it all, you are in the center of Asia’s biggest tourist attraction.


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