Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

Universities in Australia

Do you want to study in the Land of Oz? You can look at one of the top universities in Australia here on the list. While the country has wide-open spaces, kangaroos, clean air, and great holiday destinations it has more to offer. Australia is friendly and laid-back and offers first-class education.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is popular with international students and remains a growing destination. The country has friendly natives, a diverse culture, and the level of educations high. Furthermore, graduates from different schools in Australia are recognized globally as the standard is high.

Even the living expenses and cost of tuition lower and you can work part-time to pay for your studies. Alternatively, you may also be able to get a scholarship. The education is diverse, and you can get courses and degrees in a wide selection of professions.

Furthermore, you get the best technology as the institutes focus on scientific research and in the forefront with innovations. You can also work up to 20 hours a week during your studies. As with any other country, you will need to apply for a study visa, and English is a requirement.

What’s more your academic requirements will vary depending on the level of education you plan to study. You will also need to become part of the Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your stay.

Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

1. Macquarie University l Sydney

Macquarie University l Sydney

The Macquarie University in Australia is in the thriving hub of Sydney. All the courses available at the institutes linked to the latest research technology. No matter what path you take, applying for an admission is simple. You can apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma or foundation programs.

As an international student, you can also apply to study abroad, apply for exchange, or complete a Ph.D. program. Furthermore, they offer special needs for people with disabilities as well. However, many of the courses do have specific entry requirements.

If you want to complete a master’s degree, you must have your bachelor’s grade available. Some of the standout programs available are the Master Data of Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Management and so much more. Alternatively, you can get accommodation on and off campus.

The university even offers a free airport pickup service.

2. University of New South Whales l Sydney

University of New South Whales l Sydney

UNSW is a leading research university located in Sydney. With them, you can find a wide selection of courses and programs. Furthermore, they have partnerships with local and global communities to share research, debate, and knowledge outcomes. The institute also has open days, hosts concert performances, and more.

The focus is on professional disciplines, sciences, and technology. The school also has an extensive research, postgraduate and undergraduate learning programs. Alternatively, you will also find suitable accommodation with them. You can live at any of the four apartment units owned by the university.

Therefore, you can be part of a thriving community that is affordable and safe at the same time. You will also have access to a wide selection of facilities from a gym, swimming pool, to shops.

3. University of Sydney l Sydney

University of Sydney l Sydney

At the University of Sydney, you can become part of a community that wants to achieve the highest level in his or her profession. You can become part of the movement as the institutes partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission against Racism Campaign.

With the institute, you can do your postgraduate, undergraduate to a doctorate. Campus life is exciting both on and off campus. Once enrolled you get access to the housing database to select a living place at the school or away. Furthermore, you have access to different bars, shops, and food all available on the premises.

Alternatively, you can stay active with Pilate’s classes, athletics, rugby and more. International students are welcome to apply, and you can find everything you need to know with them online.

4. University of Southern Queensland l Toowoomba

University of Southern Queensland l Toowoomba

For graduate employability, you need to study at the number one university in Australia, USQ. The motto of the institute is knowledge and hard work. You will need to prepare yourself for some grafting; however, there should be time for play as well.

The school has one of the largest Ph.D. cohorts with over 13,000 postgraduates registered in various courses. You can find the main campus in Brisbane that is one of the most affluent regions in the city. At USQ, you can partake in a wide selection of sports or join a student club.

As an international student, you can study degrees and courses in business, creative arts, media, engineering and more. All three colleges offer the residence for students with facilities needed. You will also have help available from the College Wellbeing Educator.

There are also self-catering options available, or you can ask for a seven meal package that comprises of dinner for seven days a week. So go ahead and check the different postgraduate and undergraduate programs available.

5. Flinders University l Adelaide

Flinders University l Adelaide

The Flinders University in Adelaide is known for its pioneering research and teaching. The focus of the institute is to become internationally recognized. With school, you can find innovative courses taught by inspirational teachers. Whether you want to study business, arts, education, engineering and more this is the college to be.

You can live on campus, and you have access to bus services to head into town. There are also great eateries and services available at the school. While not studying, you can take the bus and head out to the beach. You have a choice of living in a catered or self-contained unit.

Alternatively, you get free access to the sport, fitness, library, music, computer labs and more.

6. Australian National University l Canberra

Australian National University l Canberra

The Australian National University is in the capital of Australia. The main campus comprises of parklands and wide-open areas with buildings. Furthermore, eight residential halls are all located on campus except for Fenner Hall. There are privately run units close to the college as well.

Alternatively, seven schools do research and teaching. You can study arts, social sciences, business, computer science, engineering and more. The student union is the ANUSA and represents ANU College Students and undergraduates. You also get a student newspaper the Woroni featuring local news, sports, culture and more.

7. National Institute of Dramatic Art l Kensington

National Institute of Dramatic Art l Kensington

Are you interested in performance art? You will love studying at NIDA to learn how to perform or produce films, TV, or theater. Entrance is highly competitive as there are only 75 places available across undergraduate and graduate programs. The institute is in Sydney and across from the University of New South Whales.

The college has five theaters and a specialized library for students to do his or her research. Alternatively, the library is also open to the public. While completing your education, you have access to rehearsal rooms, CAD, multimedia, sound stage, and more.

Furthermore, there is no mention of accommodation and best to contact the admissions office directly to find out more.

8. James Cook University l Queensland

James Cook University l Queensland

At James Cook University, it will feel as if you are in the tropics. The institutes surrounded by a spectacular ecosystem. The postgraduate and undergraduate courses span from arts, business, creative media, to engineering. Furthermore, the college is the 2nd oldest university in Queensland.

There are three main campuses and comprise of quite a few research centers. At the school, you can study unique programs in tropical health & medicine, tropical environments & societies, and research & innovation. On campus are six residential halls that offer a variety of services.

You can have self-catered to fully catered rooms.

9. Federation University l Ballarat

Federation University l Ballarat

For a regional university in Australia, one cannot overlook FedUni that stands out for its excellence in education and research. You get access to postgraduate, undergraduate, and higher research degrees. You can even take some of the course online with them.

There is a wide range of study areas from humanities, business, engineering, performing arts, to visual arts. Alternatively, they offer joint-degree programs with various research centers. As a local or international student, you get on campus accommodation options.

You can get a fully furnished room with a communal living room and equipped kitchen. Furthermore, you have access to many other facilities as well.

10. Academy of Design l Melbourne

Federation University l Ballarat

If you do not want to complete your studies in the arts at one of the universities in Australia why not try LCI Melbourne instead. The institute offers the same education to complete a postgraduate to the undergraduate program. You can get your Bachelors of Arts degree, and it is internationally recognized.

Alternatively, you can take the communication design course or launch your fashion style with a major in Fashion & Costume Design. While the institute does not offer accommodation, you can visit the Study in Melbourne website to find a suitable place to stay within walking distance.

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Australia is a country that has loads to offer when it comes to education. While studying at one of the top universities in Australia you get firsthand experience to start preparing yourself for the real world. Not only will you get an accredited degree you can see many tourist attractions while there as well. The majority of colleges on the list provide accommodation with fantastic facilities available on campus. Further, you will be part of a diverse cultural group as the majority of students come from around the world.

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