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International Business Degree

Why Consider Getting an International Business Degree?

As more and more companies are going global nowadays, the need for competitive international business strategies has increased. That has also raised the demand for international business degree holders. There are various reasons to consider getting an international business degree when working in a globalized business environment is of concern.

Businesses now are handling more overseas acquisitions and transactions compared to the past. The employers now look for people who have the expertise to oversee such deals. Whether you are pursuing a master’s or a bachelor’s degree, it will be a great boost for your résumé.

The career path enables the way for overseas traveling, which can be free of cost most of the time. You will get to observe and take in new cultures, sightseeing new places, and meet diverse people. Getting a degree in the field is the best way to get started for this.

The international business opens up a ton of career options for you as well. There are plenty of public, non-profit, and private sectors available for jobs. Most of your work will incorporate global operations and developments in terms of international trade. So, here are the top ten best universities for earning an international business degree.


Top 10 Best Universities for International Business Degree

1. Fordham University | USA

Fordham University

Starting off, we have Fordham University, which boasts a ninety-three-acre campus with a student count of almost nine thousand. Moreover, they have campuses located all over in New York City that’s great for students seeking an urban environment.

US News ranked the international business degree program at number 8 among other international business degree programs in the country. There are a ton of study areas available and together with their MBA international business program, they make the students prepared for operating in an international economic environment.

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2. Georgetown University | USA

Georgetown University

The international business degree program from Georgetown University truly stands out. They have held their position in the top tens with their under program for consecutive years, according to US News.

Graduates from the university usually earn about 37 percent more than the regular graduate in this field. The university location also opens up a ton of choices when considering a career. With the ability to make custom programs and executive degrees, you are sure to find something, if you enjoy business, government, and international relations.

3. Florida International University | USA

Florida International University

There are more than 40 thousand students studying at Florida International University. In Miami, this is the only research university that is public. From bachelor’s to doctoral, the university offers all levels of degree programs.

The university offers various majors and concentrations ranging from entrepreneurship studies to studies of real state. These include a great international business degree for anyone who is interested. In short, FIU is one of the best 5 percent of business schools in the world.

4. Warwick Business School – University of Warwick | UK

Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School under the University of Warwick is among the best in the country in terms of business studies. Their unique and excellent study programs hope to offer their students an in-depth understanding of various business management practices.

Their international business degree programs will provide the understanding and knowledge of international business as well as finance activities. You will be able to explore different sectors of the field and go through the newest discoveries and debates on the topic.

5. Cuny Bernard M Baruch College | USA

Cuny Bernard M Baruch College

Baruch College has an enrollment of more than 15 thousand undergrads in a three-acre campus. It has been repeatedly put among the top colleges of the US in terms of business degrees, especially for their international business degree.

They offer numerous degrees in the business studies spectrum and have found out that international business is a particularly important study area. The degree program is comprehensive, which teaches the international business fundamentals with proficiency in a specific business area.

6. University of Manchester – Alliance Manchester Business School | UK

University of Manchester - Alliance Manchester Business School | UK

The Alliance Manchester Business School is a great choice if you are hoping to pursue a career in the international business environment. They are a part of the University of Manchester and aim to be among the finest in the nation.

Their international business degree program opens up the opportunity for studying finance, economics, accounting, business analysis, and much more. Also, you will get to study various techniques and tools for assessing the performance of businesses.

7. University of California – Berkeley | USA

University of California - Berkeley | USA

The University of California in Berkley can be a great place for business students who are socially conscious. Here you will find more than a thousand student organizations.

The Haas School of Business here is constantly known for being among the best business degree institutions. Its excellent reputation truly shows the value of their grad as well as undergrad international business degrees for students to pursue.

8. Adelphi University | USA

Adelphi University | USA - International Business Degree

Founded back in 1896, Adelphi University boasts great history. With its growth, the institution has evolved its academic programs to fulfill the needs and interests of more than 7 thousand students who come from more than 40 different nations.

It’s clearly a great choice for an international business degree, with the excellent quality of the internationally recognized faculty members. Including an international business program, there’s something for everyone here.

9. Bradley University | USA

Bradley University | USA - International Business Degree

Bradley University is a private institution with more than 4 thousand students in an eighty-five-acre campus. The university constantly ranks among the top and according to US News, comes at number six among midwestern schools.

The international business program offered here is recognized nationally and it provides concentrations in certain common international business areas. Students get to develop comprehensive competence when it comes to practices of international business.

10. Drake University | USA

Drake University | USA - International Business Degree

Drake University is among the best educational institutions when the Midwest is considered. It offers all the benefits that a larger university would provide as well as resources. Smaller and intimate class sizes ensure that the students get personal attention similar to a small-sized private school.

You will have plenty of opportunities to communicate with business communities. The university encourages students to develop a transitional mindset, and it focuses on global commerce fundamentals while ensuring cultural, societal, and historical education to prepare the students for international success.

These are ten of the best universities for an international business degree. If you want to get into this field, any of these would be a great pick.


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