Top 10 Best Universities for Emergency Management Degree

Emergency Management Degree

Why Consider Getting an Emergency Management Degree?

The demand and popularity of emergency management degree programs are increasing. Job opportunities in this area are expected to grow over the coming years, and employees holding an emergency management degree can earn over 96 percent higher than those who don’t. There are numerous positions available in this field for those looking to build a career here.

You can get into jobs related to disaster preparedness, emergency response, security and planning and more. In other words, you’ll get to work with the titles of administrators, managers, directors, and coordinators. The larger organizations like universities, private companies, and hospitals might hand over the responsibilities of loss minimization in case of emergencies to business managers.

Programs on emergency management provide training and courses in recovery procedures, disaster prevention, public safety as well as emergency preparedness. You can choose courses or concentrations as per your career goals. A good degree program in emergency management will improve your leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills.

There are primarily four aspects to pursue your career when it comes to emergency management, and these are mitigation, recovery, response, and preparedness. We will be discussing the top ten best universities that you can consider if you want to get an emergency management degree.

Best Universities for Emergency Management Degree

1. Western Carolina University | USA

Western Carolina University

The first university on our list is the Western Carolina University, which is a part of the public system of the University of North Carolina. Founded to teach the students from west North Carolina, currently, it holds a student population of more than 10 thousand.

You can pursue an emergency management degree here that goes by the name of Emergency and Disaster Management. Students will be learning how to assess risk and analyze various vulnerabilities, and get the chance to work with an organization for the experience.

2. Bellevue University | USA

Bellevue University

Bellevue University boasts over 10 thousand students with 70 percent of them being undergraduates. The founding goal of the institution was to provide adult education as well as educational outreach. The university offers an emergency management degree in bachelor for those who are interested.

You have to complete a number of courses for obtaining the major. The focus topics include exercise design, natural disasters, terrorism, and more. Furthermore, this program focuses in-depth on teaching why and how various disasters occur.

3. Jacksonville State University | USA

Jacksonville State University

Next on the list is Jacksonville State University, which is a private school from Jacksonville. The university got its name back in the year 1967 and currently serves over 8 thousand students mostly consisting of undergraduates.

You can get into the emergency management degree program requiring a total of 120 credit hours. However, thirty credit hours of that consist of the major courses. Students will have to do 18 credits as required and for the rest, they are free to choose from over 300 elective courses.

4. American Public University System | USA

American Public University System

You can pursue the bachelor program in emergency and disaster management at the American Public University System. It’s an online, for-profit institution for learning. However, there are two parts of the system, American Public University & American Military University.

Students can continue the 120 credits bachelor program on emergency and disaster management fully, online. Moreover, you’ll learn to assess risks and identify hazards, prevent and recover from natural and man-made disasters. The members of the faculties are certified or hold crucial positions in various govt agencies or safety organizations.

5. SUNY College of Technology | USA

SUNY College of Technology

Situated in Canton, the SUNY or State University of New York boasts around two hundred academic staffs and serves about three and a half thousand students. It’s a public institution and also the campus is near a few Canadian cities and Adirondack Mountains.

The institution provides emergency management degree as a bachelor program for the interested. The classes can continue for around seven weeks on average, and they cover subjects, such as managing communications, defense preparedness, and professional ethics.

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6. Delaware Technical Community College | USA

Delaware Technical Community College

Delaware Technical Community College is a great pick if you want to pursue an emergency management degree. It’s an associate degree program and provides the students with the fundamental knowledge as well as skills needed for field tasks.

You will learn key strategies that are related to mitigation, recovery, response as well as planning of all hazards. The coursework emphasizes the skills and knowledge for security, protection, and managerial tasks in private, public, state, federal, and local agencies.

7. Thomas Edison State University | USA

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is situated in Trenton and was formerly known as Thomas Edison State College. The name change was approved by the BOT during late 2015. There are currently about 17 thousand undergrads along with 11 hundred postgrads.

The university offers a bachelor degree program in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. It was created with the intention of providing in-depth understanding regarding both of these subjects. The program consists of 120 credit hours and it’s generally fully online.

8. Utah Valley University | USA

Utah Valley University - Best Universities for Emergency Management Degree

With around 37 thousand students, the public Utah Valley University can be found at Orem in Utah. It’s the biggest public university when the state is considered. The university received its complete university status back in 2008.

UVU offers an emergency administration degree, which is completely online. In addition, the program covers emergency services psychology, humanitarian relief, and students can attend summer classes.

9. Cape Breton University | Canada

Cape Breton University - Best Universities for Emergency Management Degree

Cape Breton University in Canada offers different emergency management degree programs for people who want to be in the career path. In other words, the programs focus on saving lives, preserving the environment, and the economy and necessary infrastructure.

You can take the diploma, bachelor or the concentration bachelor program consisting of different credits. In addition, all of them will offer a comprehensive understanding of various sides of the emergency management field.

10. Arkansas State University | USA

Arkansas State University - Best Universities for Emergency Management Degree

Last on our list of universities for an emergency management degree is the Arkansas State University. It’s one of the public research universities and ranks in the top twenty-five public universities in the region.

Students can pursue their disaster preparedness & emergency management degree, which is an in-depth program providing the theoretic outline for disaster preparedness. Furthermore, it includes teachings of recovery, response, planning, and mitigation, and the university has accreditation from the CAEME.

We have looked into various universities and come up with the ten best universities you can get into to get an emergency management degree.

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