Top 10 Best Universities for Construction Management Degree

Construction Management

What to Consider Before Getting a Construction Management Degree?

In a construction management degree program, you will have classes on design, construction materials and methods, building standards and codes, cost estimation, and contract administration along with management and project control. However, before getting into a university for a construction management degree program, several factors need to be considered.

First, there is the costs for the degree program, and the average fee for tuition depends mostly on whether you are choosing a private or a public school. Private universities typically cost more than public ones. Also consider living and other costs, if you are moving abroad for education.

Before heading into a construction management degree, research if it is the right field for you. You can talk to the construction managers in your area to see how they started off and how they are doing now. If you’re sure that you are going for the degree, ask for tips to go along the way. Internships are great for getting a feel of the field as well. Check out our top picks of the best universities for getting a construction management degree.

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Best Universities for Construction Management Degree

1. Arizona State University | USA

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is considered one of the top universities in the United States when it comes to getting a construction management degree. Graduates of the program from this university make 15.5 percent more than the average grade of construction management. The university location is perfect for anyone looking for a fast-paced lifestyle in the city.

Thirteen percent of the students studying here are from outside the country, so there’s not much to worry about fitting it. Debt for a student loan is comparatively less than the average of the country.

2. Virginia Tech | USA

Virginia Tech | USA

The Virginia Tech University is another great option if you want to pursue a construction management degree. Falling slightly behind Arizona State University, Virginia Tech construction management graduates make 12.8 percent higher than the regular graduate working in the field. It’s one of the biggest institutions in the country with over 20,000 students.

Students in their first year don’t have to stay on-campus in the university, and for those who are into sports, there is the top-ranked soccer team of women that they can enjoy watching play.

3. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College | USA

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College | USA

Third on our list is the Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, and it’s a great pick for construction management. The graduates of construction management here earn 5.6 percent higher compared to the country’s average. The institute is among the largest in Louisiana.

If you are looking to carry on once you are done with your bachelor’s degree, you can get enrolled in their grad program. The best students come to study here, and the average SAT score of about 1,130 of the students here show that.

4. University of Oklahoma | USA

University of Oklahoma | USA

University of Oklahoma produces construction management graduates who earn 10.2 percent higher when compared to the average grad in construction management. The location in Norman offers the students a safe, suburban environment for living and education.

If you are curious, a graduate program is available for continuation of studies. There’s a leading softball team of women that comes from this university. You can learn more about the university through a virtual trip on their website.

5. Western Illinois University | USA

Western Illinois University | USA

Western Illinois University has around ten thousand students and was founded back in 1899. The Department of Engineering Technology of the university offers a BSC construction management degree. It is a four-year-long program and accredited by ATMAE. The program prepares the students in construction fields of estimation, planning, scheduling, surveying, inspecting, and contracting.

Their reports show an employment placement rate of over 91 percent for their graduates in construction management. The degree offers an extensive classroom education with experience in the field. There are lab classes to provide hands-on experience in industrial equipment and tools.

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6. Nottingham Trent University | UK

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University in the UK received Green Flags for the Clifton and Brockenhurst campuses and is among the most sustainable educational institutions in the worlds. They provide both bachelor’s and master’s programs in construction management. Their courses focus on international as well as national workplaces.

The university received endorsements from various bodies in the professional industry, such as the Chartered Institute of Building. It also has close bonds with many UK employers. The university holds about 27 thousand students and has spent 350 million pounds since 2003 to create a better learning environment.

7. Aston University | UK

Aston University | UK - Universities for Construction Management Degree

Aston University received a gold award based on its teaching and the university’s construction management program combines skills of decision-making, finance, economics, and management, which are all important for construction management.

The university excels and has a great reputation in terms of research. They teach the students what they need to learn to tackle the professional construction industry’s diverse environment. Also, paid placement further provides practical experience that is complementary to the course studies.

8. Loughborough University | UK

Loughborough University - Universities for Construction Management Degree

Loughborough University was ranked as second according to the score of WUSCA in terms of year’s best universities, back in 2017. The university also received gold in 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework. The university offers construction management degree programs and its research and industry collaboration is well known. Its construction management program has been established for the longest time among its kind in the United Kingdom.

9. California State University, Sacramento | USA

California State University, Sacramento - Universities for Construction Management Degree

The California State University in Sacramento enrolls about 28 thousand undergrads every year. They are popular for their quality of education as well as affordability. A construction management degree from the university provides students with the primary management skills as well as an extensive base of the technical skills they need for the professional industry.

Their co-operative practice provides field experience before graduation. This is an accredited program by the ACCE or American Council for Construction Education.

10. University of Central Missouri | USA

University of Central Missouri - Universities for Construction Management Degree

The construction management degree programs from the University of Central Missouri are among the most reputed in the nation. The programs are accredited by both ACCE and ATMA, and offer great value for those who are interested.

The construction management program provides the students with practical experience along with technical knowledge for managing an entire construction process. The 20 to 1 faculty ration ensures that the students get the best and personalized care in small classes.

These are ten of the best universities you can consider for a construction management degree. Feel free to check them out, if you want to get into this field. 

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