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How many times have you read inspirational adventurers from other travelers? Do you want to take a trip yourself and not sure where to start? You will love the top travel blogs mentioned here. With each of them, you can look at more than other people standing under waterfalls taking selfies. With the awe-inspiring photography and authentic stories you to will want to explore the world.

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Top 10 Best Travel Blogs 

1. Nomad Revelations


The travel blog is excellent for cultural connoisseurs and desert wanderers. With João Leitão’s, you can enjoy his free-spirited blog reflecting his destiny to wander Earth. Read how he travels the world learning about new cultures on his way. João has toured over 100 countries, and some of his favorite destinations are Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, and Mali. He sheds light for most travelers who think twice of ever visiting these places. He makes it possible for you to see the world from an ever-evolving viewpoint, and the content is incredible. Some of the best reads are Visit Half Moon Island and Moped in the Sahara Desert.

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2. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

For the best traveling blog for down to earth travelers and storytellers alike, you will love Wandering Earl. Derek Earl Baron is continuously on the move and not planning to slow down. You can enjoy reading an inviting and clean blog with actual content with highs and lows of his life. He provides you with accurate and focused content on how to become a better traveler. So if you want to become a voyager, make sure to read how to live a life as a traveler. Another interesting read is Do Not Be Afraid to Travel on Your Own.

3. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond

Are you a thrill-seeker or photographer you will find the Expert Vagabond an inspiration to read? Matt Karsten is a photographer and currently is a successful travel blogger. He seeks out obscure and extreme adventures that most voyagers shy from. He has explored the deep mountains in Afghanistan to exploring the Darien Gap. Make sure to read Hitchhiking across America and Trekking the Arctic Circle Trail. Alternatively, you can also find travel tips and columns on how to improve your photography as well.

4. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

If you are a beginner blogger or city dweller, you will love Matt Kepnis travel blog. His website offers you a load of resources to help any traveler. He has many followers as you can see in his writing that he embraces life. The sites filled with high-quality posts from other bloggers as well. Furthermore, you can find helpful tips for traveling to blogging courses you can enroll. Some highlighted posts on the travel blog are how to start your travel blog and the things you should not do when traveling.

5. The Broke Backpacker

The Broke Backpacker

For budget travelers and risk-takers, Will Hatton provides you with everything you need on his travel blog. His websites productive and offers tours of Pakistan and he has purchased land in Bali to build a hostel. The content is informative, unapologetic, and witty. He dives into different subjects from drugs to sex and inspires readers with hilarious motivational posts. He even gives you his failures and triumphs to learn from his mistakes. Make sure to read the reasons why you should visit Pakistan and why you should travel with a tent as a backpacker.

6. Fearful Adventurer

Fearful Adventurer

Are you anxious about traveling or a writer you will like Torre DeRoche’s travel blog? With her, you get travel tips, scenic photography, and packing guides. She informs you with her content that it is okay to fear and fail, as it is part of life. Her writing is brilliant and puts you on a hilarious to emotional journey at times. You may not visit her site to plan your next trip but will get gripping content to read and enjoy. Make sure to read the importance of traveling alone and a woman who walks alone.

7. Atlas and Boots

Atlas and Boots

The travel blogs made for environmental activists and outdoor enthusiasts. The travel power couple Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah has trekked through the African Grand Canyon and explored some abandoned diamond mine towns. The two work together and provides fantastic content. Kia is the author who has already published two novels and Peter captures all the moments on film. Every week you can find two new posts to read. A must read the Polar Bear Death and The Most Extreme Places on Earth to visit.

8. Goats on the Road

Goats on the Road

For couples who enjoy traveling together and SEO strategists, the travel blog is a definite follow. You will meet Canada’s most renowned travel bloggers Nick and Dariece. They have been to Mozambique, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, they also have a business side running with their blog. You can find loads of helpful posts about affiliate marketing, SEO, and web hosting. The contents detailed, and they show travelers exactly how it is done. Some of the content you can read is what they have accomplished on the road for ten years and expert tips to become a successful travel blogger.

9. Journey Era

Journey Era

If you are an ocean enthusiast or enterprising person, make sure to look at Journey Era. You will enjoy the content of Jackson Groves, who is a travel blogging machine. You will find over 600 posts available from diving, surfing, to hiking. He has visited many tropical destinations. He may not be the best writer, but his photography is excellent. Jackson still lives a frugal and simple lifestyle and cleans up the environment as well. For some of the best images look at the historic photos of East Java and read the adventure bag movement.

10. Don’t Stop Living

Don’t Stop Living

For the wayward soul and wild-spirited travel, Jonny Blair is the wild card of the bunch. He lives every day as if it is his end and takes you on a reckless journey with him that is entertaining. He is not afraid to share his struggles with readers and suffers from occasional depression. Some of the posts you will love is his five crazy travel moments and backpacking in Tiraspol.

There you have our top 10 travel blogs that we have come across for you to follow. With the content available, you can find out the challenges many travelers face when exploring the world. The fantastic thing is you can learn from his or her mistakes. We encourage you to read these travel blogs and explore the content available, as the resources are free for you to enjoy.

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