Top 15 Best Social Media Analytics Tools For Professional Marketers | Best Collection in 2019

Once your business has clearly defined the social media goals, it is simple to choose appropriate metrics for analyzing success. The subsequent step to proving ROI is getting the proper knowledge and appropriate tools to perform that efficiently. In such situations, the social media analytics becomes handy. The social media analytics tools are focused on collecting data from your campaigns and accounts. Once this is done, the tools utilize them to track and enhance the performance. The tools work seamlessly to guide business decisions. Though these tools assume different forms, they are always dedicated to attaining doable social insights to successfully implement business strategy.

Appropriately comprehending the customers is crucial to attain excellent result. Now the professional marketers can use these tools to improve their results by focusing on the customers. If you are perplexed about which social media analytics tools to choose then go through the descriptions of below tools:

Top 15 Best Social Media Analytics Tools For Professional Marketers in 2019

15. TweetReach

To attain an instant snapshot of your Twitter account, keywords or specific hashtags, TweetReach adopts an easy-to-use approach. Its functioning is so simple that you just need t enter your terms inside a search box like Google. Subsequently, you would attain a quick look at the exposure depending on the impressions, key contributors, and retweeted tweets. Most professional marketers found that TweetReach is simple to set up, implement and share with the pertinent stakeholders.


  • The marketers are capable to search any account; this feature is excellent for competitive intelligence.
  • There will be no chances of missing any post. The analytics are flawlessly built uniquely to provide commercial access to the social data. Moreover, the analytics function in real time to provide proper timely insights to make proper decisions.

14. Mention

You can easily assume the wide popularity of Mention tool from the point that it is being used by top brands. Names of these brands include Microsoft, Asos, and Ogilvy. As implied by the name, it is a tool especially used for following the mentions of explicit terms online.


  • Compared to the other social media analytics tools, Mention tool chooses mentions of your competitors’ names or their products. Moreover, it chooses your brand or product name, pertinent hashtags, etc.
  • It comes with a feature assisting you to view the different languages via which consumers discuss about you. This may include pertinent timeframes and location.
  • The users are capable to discern top performing topics within their niche.

13. SumAll

SumAll allows you connect a wide range of social accounts including Facebook, Twitter and many more. With the use of this great tool, you could mechanize actions like delivering thank you tweets to those who have retweeted your content. Also, it could automatically engage with the targeted audience on the social channels. With the proper use of SumAll, you can analyze a quick comparison of different Facebook pages and the way they performs against other SumAll users.


  • SumAll automatically connects with customers, so it streamlines your marketing hassles.
  • It could share wonderful content to your social networks.

12. Sprout Social

The reason behind the broad popularity of Sprout Social compared to other social media analytics tools is it is being used by top brands. They include names like Adidas, Nordstrom and Edelman. For the purpose of social media reporting and management, professional marketers could easily use this tool.


  • Sprout Social tool enables the user to prepare social media calendars and plan posts. Furthermore, it allows the users to pay attention to pertinent social media conversations.
  • It offers an agency partnership program in which they collaborate with agencies. They would serve them with insightful materials, social media marketing strategies, and reporting.

11. HowSociable

The working mechanism of HowSociable is quite simple –just type in your brand name into the search field. Subsequently, you would gain quick access to the magnitude of brand. The magnitude here means that it indicates the level of activity about a brand throughout a given week. Generally, this ranges from 0 to 10. Furthermore, it is easy to see the brand magnitude over 12 social networks. They include Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit.


  • HowSociable employs the simplest approach to know which one out of the 12 brands is specializing best on. Moreover, it indicates areas that need improvement.
  • To incur profit, you may rethink your strategy and implement it again.

10. Social Studio

Presented by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Studio tool assists you pay attention to conversations happening on social media. In addition to that, it is straightforward to post content and connect your audience from a single place.


  • Social Studio is regarded one of the finest social media analytics tools since it enables you to make topic categories. These categories are created based on what users are conversing on social media. Furthermore, it scrutinizes their sentiments about those topics. In this way, you could prioritize all your social media tasks.
  • The users attain a 360-degree view of every user because the tool flawlessly integrates with your CRM.

9. quintly

A professional marketer may wish to know how its brand positions against competitors on the social media. In such cases, quintly is a recommended choice. Using quintly, you not only obtain a glance of social media marketing performance of your brand but you could also see the way it is performing against its competitors online.


  • In addition to professional marketers, agencies can use quintly. They can use it for client management, centralized analytics, reporting, and influencer ranking.
  • Media houses use this tool for organizing their social media platforms and following pertinent conversations.

8. Followerwonk

In case your requirement for social data is only confined to Twitter then Followerwonk is a suitable choice. You could easily connect a single profile and avail insights on social authority rankings, followers, locations, and their active status. It is easy to search Twitter profiles and search bios for keyword. There would be no hassles to compare follows or followers. Using Followerwonk, marketers can find influencers, can optimize their social profile, and engage a community.


  • The tool allows the users to view social authority rankings.
  • Unlike other cheap social media analytics tools, Followerwonk let you view followers and their locations.
  • It is simple to follow/unfollow in app.

7. NetBase

NetBase is dedicated to offering social analytics for different brands. Many international l brands like Coca Cola, Taco Bell, and Yum! already used this tool. They used the tool to track conversations about their brands on different networks and subsequently make proper marketing decisions. It offers every social media insights a marketer or business might need to make their brand customer friendly. Furthermore, it enables the users to follow real-time campaign performance.


  • Using NetBase, it is simple to view efficiently performing campaign elements and reach custom audience segments.
  • The users are facilitated with insights about where they actually stand in respect to others within the pertinent category.

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6. TapInfluence

It is true that influencers have dedicated several years to make your brand trustworthy among audience. There is no doubt that influencer marketing has now emerged to be one of the greatest effective approaches to reach audiences. When you wish to analyze the impact the influencers have on your audience. It is best to try TapInfluence. The reasn why it is a recommended social media analytics tools is it assists you discover the correct influencers for your business.


  • TapInfluence facilitates you with the intelligence about reach of every influencer and influence to the possible rates they levy for promotion.
  • It packs in lots of essential info about those influencers who could let you connect with your prospective customers.

5. Reputology

The success of your product relies on the review of every single customer. Reputology assists you supervise and measure your reviews online. Therefore, you could easily monitor, hold and manage bad customer reviews prior to their spread.


  • With Reputology, it is easy to hold positive reviews and spread them in order to enhance the sale of your brand and products.
  • The tool allows the user to revert to reviews right from its platform; hence, there is n need to visit each review-source. In this way, you could save your time.
  • The team leader is able to track the way your team manages review and maintain the feedbacks.

4. Brandwatch

BrandWatch is to set you up with the appropriate industry data in order to make intelligent marketing decisions. It serves you with detailed insights about what your target customers contemplate every time. This aspect simplifies the process to sell them. Hence, there is no doubt why Brandwatch is famous against other social media analytics tools.


  • With the use of Brandwatch tool, you could search online for particular conversations regarding your brand.
  • It is easy to section those conversations into some definite categories and evaluate them to highlight critical information.

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an outstanding social analytics tool benefitting you recognizes your best content and look at the needs of users. Generally, social media is stared as a time-consuming element but this tool will greatly save your time. This benefit is best for the professional social media marketers. They can virtually execute all their social media tasks from a single place. Generally, the price varies from $39 to $239 on per month basis.


  • Using AgoraPulse, you could post or plan content over different profiles simultaneously.
  • Its chrome plugin assist you do many activities simultaneously in order to save the time.
  • AgoraPulse assists you put your fresh content on autopublish. Therefore, the content attains high visibility without the hassles of manually publishing it several times on social media.

2. BuzzSumo

Now it is easy to investigate what content performs great for any matter or competitor. This is possible with the use of BuzzSumo. Gradually, it unleashes new features to serve the users with the best. Actually, BuzzSumo streamlines a deeper understanding of your social footprint. Moreover, it assists you to employ intelligent content strategies. Most users are impressed by the simplicity of use and this makes BuzzSumo one of the favorite social media analytics tools. It is quite simple to search for specific terms and instantly identify content which performs the best in a particular niche. Buzzsumo is highly focused on about content, and it comes with all the necessary features to stay strong in the competition.


  • The users could easily find out the most shared content for their brand/competitors from the precedent 24 hours to the precedent 5 years.
  • It is easy to get insights on what content is in trend presently in different categories.
  • BuzzSumo allows you to scrutinize backlinks, explore influencers, or recognize consumer questions from top websites. These include Quora, Reddit, and Amazon Q&A.

1. Keyhole

Keyhole outshines in many key aspects unlike other less famous social media analytics tools. It lets you get deep into the minds of your customers. The functioning is for streamlining your reporting. So you can effortlessly share results among your team. Keyhole shows you the aspects that attract the attention your consumers the most. Professional marketers can save their time since they need not to explore various social platforms for the required social analytics.


  • Using Keyhole, the users could view the number of impressions, posts, reach, and engagements which particular accounts obtain.
  • It facilitates you to spot key influencers who attain the maximum engagement rates and know the number of followers within specific industries. It is convenient to reach out to them with the choice of the right tool.

Now professional marketers can hold their position amid the competition with the use of any of these social media analytics tools. They can save their time that was otherwise consumed on exploring different social media platforms.


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