Best Project Management Software

Project Management Software

To become more productive you need the best simple and easy-to-use project management software. Especially if you are busy and need to track completed tasks, time spent, and improve the productivity of your team. The best of all these tools help you in the end. When you get the best production tools offered in one program and free what more can you ask for? There is no downside, and all are positive. Therefore, if your team has not used project management software before, then our list will give you a head start with all the options available online.

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The Best Project Management Software Landscape for 2021

Are you part of a small team with up to five people or less? Are you on a tight budget or Are you willing to compromise premium features? Then the following project management software may be right for you. On the other hand, if ever you do want to upgrade the tools each one offers you an inexpensive upgrade.



Price: Free per User Suitable For: Individuals to Large Businesses

This popular project management tool you find popping up on all databases when it comes to getting your team together. The platform is visually appealing for setting up projects and provides sections to keep things organized. The dashboard is simple and easy-to-use compared to other management tools available online.

You can easily assign work and move tasks around as you please with the drag-and-drop feature. With the free version, you get unlimited projects, jobs, and conversations. You get a basic dashboard with the basic search function. However, the learning curve is relatively steep, and there is no desktop app.



Price: Free per User Suitable For: Individuals to Large Businesses

For a nicely designed project management system, you will love this tool to keep things organized and together. You get everything you love about Excel and Google Sheets in one place. With the spreadsheets, you can track lists, inventory, and reference items.

With the free version, you get unlimited bases, scheduling views, commenting, and rich field records. Furthermore, you get up to 2 GB storage with two weeks of historical data. The only problem you will have is it does not have the follow-up or reminder capabilities.



Price: Free/up to 12 users Suitable For: Individuals to Large Businesses

For an all-in-one project management way out, Bitrix24 offers you multiple business needs. The platform is great for the individual to small businesses to use. You get a fantastic dashboard vision that consists of chat, storage for files, video, mail, calendars, task management, and more.

Furthermore, you get Gantt charts and task tools free the only restriction is the number of users and storage space allowed. You also get Kanban boards (offering you work and workflow visualization), resource management, 5 GB of storage and up to 12 team members can use it free.

To top it all, you get helpful reminders similar to a clip show blocking all vital functions and if not taken care off can become frustrating.



Price: Free/Unlimited Suitable For: Small to Large Companies

Here is project management software that a whole organization could use all free! Not only do you simple and easy-to-use project management tools but also it is one of the highly rated platforms available. As a team, you get unlimited access for users, projects, tasks, and so much more.

You can set your project system, as you want it with the custom fields to add or remove columns and more. You can customize the view (even your team can change the way they want to work.) Furthermore, you can customize priorities, set up goals, assign comments and the list goes on.

Using the dashboard is simple with the drag and drop function with 50+ features to use. Further, you can do an upgrade to unlimited storage for a couple of dollars more.



Price: $5.99/per year Suitable For: Small to Large Companies

With the next project management software, you get multiple views from Kanban boards, lists, Gantt chart and more. You have social communication wall with individual tasks. There is white labeling for your client spaces, CRM functions, and invoicing.

The free plan is limited, and you can get a pricing plan that starts from $5.99 per year. With the free version, you can keep track of tasks, do time tracking, and discuss matters on the communication board. You get a password manager with personal task manager and subtasks.

Unfortunately, there is not a mobile app available, but the other features make up for it.



Price: Free/up to 5 users Suitable For: Personal Use

If you have a small team and do not want to spend a fortune on project management software this platform might be right for you. A team of up to five users can join free and offers you multiple projects and tasks. You even get a half-a-gigabyte of space included.

The only downside is with the free version you cannot share the progress of projects with clients. You can share the task lists, calendar, and plans with team member and the programs easy-to-use. The other negative is the user interface that is not very intuitive, but the price is fair.



Price: Free/Unlimited Users Suitable For: Small to Large Corporations

If you do not like working with post-it-notes, you need to try this project management tool. The platform makes Kanban boards practical to use. You can place tasks, notes, comments, due dates and more with this tool. The program is a cloud-based management tool that works well with your workflow.

You get an unlimited number of projects, users, and tasks with two integrations Slack or Zendesk. You get a user-friendly interface with time tracking, checklists, tasks, tags, and comment features and can also share files up to 20MB, but you cannot do group movement of responsibilities.

Another function it does not provide in the free version is it does not support recurring tasks.

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Price: Free/per user Suitable For: Freelancers

If you do not work on complicated project teams, you will love this project management software. You get Kanban Boards with time tracking and more. The free plan is limited to only one user and can become a problem as your team grows. Furthermore, you get 1GB of space with reporting, time tracking, and application program interface. The granular control on reports is something you will love, and you will be able to manage your projects, tasks, and users.



Price: $12.50/month/5 users Suitable For: Freelancers to Businesses

One thing that stands out in this project management software is the simple Kanban Board that provides you with a clean storyboarding lead. There is no need for you to focus on planning the whole time as the automatic planning function takes care of it for you.

You can get it free or pay $12.50 a month for up to five users with Pivotal Tracker starting plan. With the open program, you get three collaborators with 2GB space and two private projects with technical support. Therefore, if you want a robust task management tool with fantastic features do not overlook this program.



Price: Free Suitable For: Freelancers to Organizations

To streamline your work to focus on important things you will find the next project management tool simple to use. The user-friendly interface helps all users feel comfortable from the first step to the last. You get assigned users, tasks, Gantt charts, and conversations with the free version.

Furthermore, you get 2GB of storage with community forums and email support. The file storage is not very helpful when uploading attachments to different tasks and not one of its best features. Nevertheless, with all the other functions available you can ignore the feature altogether.

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Price: Free/Unlimited users Suitable For: Agile Groups

You get a generous free plan using this project management software with its visual views. If you love Kanban Boards and Project Roadmaps, you will love this platform. The web-based workplace collaboration tool is not new and undergone considerable changes over the years. The fantastic thing is even with the changes it remains flexible, and you do not have to move to another tool. With the free version, you get 1,000 entities, unlimited users, milestone tracking, diagramming and more.



Price: Free/Up to 5 users Suitable For: Visual Groups

Do you love the Gantt chart then you will adore this project management system? You will see all your important due dates in the calendar when login into the platform. There is a resource management tool, or in need of knowing another member’s schedule, you can look at it as well. With the free plan, you get unlimited projects, tasks, five team members and a free mobile app. While it is one of the best tools online, many feel it can offer more functionality.



Price: Free/Unlimited Users Suitable For: Single to Large Group

Here is another popular project management solution with the Kanban Board approach. The projects are part of the board, and you can group each task or a set of tasks on the board. You can also move them to other progress points in work completed or jobs that need prioritizing.

You can create checklists, tasks, and upload files up to 10MB per file. However, with the free version, you only get the basics that include unlimited boards, cards, users, attachments and more. You get one addition per board, and the software does a great job.



Price: Free and Premium Plan Suitable For: Small to Large Teams

With the folder system, you keep everything organized. The dashboard helps to see who of the team is working on what. You can create several projects and access them but can be overwhelming at times. There is a topic tracking function to develop teams.

The free version is limited, and you do not get the best features until you upgrade to the premium plan. With the open plan, you can create projects, folders, and tasks. You can do file sharing and see information in a table view.
You get an inbox and can download the app to your mobile devices as well. Another crucial point is to remember that setting up the tool is a long process.



Price: Free/Personal Suitable For: Individual to Large Teams

With the next project management software, you get some decent features and templates. You get unlimited collections with 3GB of storage for up to five members or five teams. The platform is simple and easy-to-use from the first time you create your account. Sharing information with other team member is efficient as well. You can share from information to tasks with co-workers. Furthermore, you only get 5,000 items, two-factor authentication and up to 20 collections on your calendar.

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If you want the best project management software free, these tools will do the job. You can get your whole team on board and use the advantages offered without paying a cent. The majority of the management solutions provide you cloud-based workspace collaboration to embark on any new project.
When comparing each of these tools always think about the features you need before making your decision. If you do plan to switch your project, management software always makes sure to back up your workload to a CSV file. With the record, you are ready to import it to your next tool to get your team excited about the new venture.

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