Top 10 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Tables In 2020

Table tennis is one of the most fun games ever. How about you bring that fun around you? Owning an outdoor table tennis table just means that you can have unlimited games, that too anytime! Now, all your friends can come over to your place and have a fun time. Fun fact: you can play all by yourself if you want to as well. Check out our list of top ten table tennis tables.

So, without further ado, check out which one you should get:

Top 10 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Tables In 2020

10.Table Tennis Table by Rally and Roar

Here’s a table tennis table from Rally and Roar. What makes this table our top pick is its space-saving feature. You can easily fold this table and store it anywhere if you don’t want to play. 

This tennis table is designed for both dual and solo players. How cool is that? This table comes pre-assembled too. All you have to do is install the caster wheels, release the safety latch, and finally clamp the net.

  • Playing area: 9’ by 5’
  • Easy to transport 
  • Smooth surface

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9. Butterfly Ping Pong Table Tennis Tables

Having a housewarming party? Want to entertain your friends? Why don’t you get this Butterfly ping pong table and have some fun time at your own home? What makes it great is, it’s an indoor tennis table too. So, you can set this up in your living room and even fold and store it in a storage room after you’re done with your game. 

If you don’t have anyone to play with this table, you don’t have to be sad about it, because you can play with the vertical half all by yourself. This table is also great in quality, and it comes with an easy installment process.

  • Indoor table 
  • Thick top 
  • Foldable

8. STIGA Table Tennis Tables

Newly passionate about table tennis? Want to do some self-teaching? Then this STIGA table tennis table is the one for you! This table assures you of quality and elegance. Besides having a thick top, it comes with a well-finished structure on strong legs. 

It has incomparable stability because of the extra strong legs, 30 mm thick top, and wide play area – everything you need to have a good game to prepare yourself for the tournaments. 

  • ITTF approved 
  • Play area- 108” x 60” x 30” 
  • Net along with post set included

7. Butterfly Ping Pong Table Tennis Tables

If you want to buy a table tennis table for yourself, one of the biggest concerns has to be the fact that you have to fit it in a small space. You don’t have to worry about the size with the Butterfly ping pong table, though. 

It is compact in size and easy to carry. You can easily fit this anywhere in your apartment or your kid’s game room. Also, you can fold and carry it around as it is also very lightweight.

  • Small in size- 4’6” x 3’ 
  • Can be easily assembled
  • lightweight

6. Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Table

Invite your friends over to have tournaments on table tennis with this Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Table Tennis table! This comes with great features such as roller coated surface, wheels on the legs, and so on. Also, there are pockets for paddles and stores for the balls along in the frame of the table. 

This table is designed for having tournaments. But if you want to practice solo, just fold the other half and go ahead. 

  • Wheels include locks on the legs 
  • Heavy withstand 
  • 1 inch MDF board tabletop

5. Butterfly Nippon 22 Table Tennis Tables

Get a Butterfly Nippon 22 Table Tennis table for your family and play games to spend some quality time. This table provides tournament level game quality and is easily foldable, so you can fold and store when you don’t need this occupying your living room space. 

The design is classic with the wooden legs and thick frame. The wheels make it easier to move.

  • 22mm thick tabletop 
  • 5 years of quality games 
  • easily portable

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4. Park & Sun Sports Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This table can fit in small spaces and provide supreme quality at the same time. The steel frame makes it really stable and strong. And the blue laminated top never fails to catch the eye. 

Steel frame coated with the black and blue design makes it the charm of the room. 

  • Measures- 60” x 28” x 30”
  • Medium density fiberboard top 
  • Comes with a handle for easy carriage

3. JOOLA Table Tennis Table

You can use the JOOLA table not only for table tennis but also for hand/casino games. It gives you a premium feel, as if you are playing on a national championship table tennis table. 

It has storage space for the balls and paddles within the table frame, and you can easily fold and store it even under the bed or another table. 

  • Smaller surface space 
  • Can be used as a solo table 
  • Net and post set comes along

2. Vermont Foldaway Ping Pong

If you are planning on getting table tennis, but your job involves shifting homes a lot, then this Vermont Foldaway Ping Pong Table is the one you need. This table folds into a small suitcase form, and it is quite light in weight; you can easily carry it around. Besides, it also comes with a handle strap for transportation. 

Aside from the compact size and carrying capacity, the PVC top with a metal-coated frame makes it really attractive. The materials used in this table gives you assurance of durability.

  • Portable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Great bounce quality

1. Vermont Ping Pong Table

Durability, great design, and quality all in one – this table has an MDF table top, which gives a silkscreen bounce. Also, you can fold and store it anywhere within a few minutes. It is a handy addition to your game room fixtures. 

This is a mini table tennis table with strong construction materials that guarantee years of use. 

  • Measures- 6ft x 3ft 
  • Smooth and bouncy tabletop 
  • Easy set up

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You should get whichever outdoor table tennis table seems fit for your place. Also, make sure you focus on the dimensions along with what comes in the package. With any of these tables, you can have the most amazing times with your friends and family!

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