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Mechanical Engineering Colleges

Of all the majors in engineering, the mechanical one has long been considered the least fashionable. Even so, it’s not hard to find students who major in mechanical engineering. The number of students graduating from mechanical engineering colleges with a ME degree is 32,872. This number puts a degree in mechanical engineering as the 16th most frequented in rankings.

Graduating from mechanical engineering colleges, a mechanical engineer earns $57,795 in the beginning stage. When they end up in the middle phase of their career, that number duly increases to $96,360. As a matter of fact, out of the 121 majors surveyed, Mechanical Engineering is on the 13th spot for approximate income. Based on factors like quality of education, the income of graduates and accreditation, the top mechanical engineering colleges have been ranked:

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1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There are very few colleges that can boast of having the best atmosphere to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. This really is no surprise as Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of them if not the ultimate one. The institute is well known as one of the top mechanical engineering colleges and the numbers reflect just that. A major in mechanical engineering is quite common since thirteen percent of the undergraduates pursue it. As a learner, if you feel comfortable in a lively city then, MIT certainly caters to your needs. Should you score in excess of 34 on your ACT, you will have a high chance of getting admitted.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology

If you harbor a deep passion for mechanical engineering then, you have arrived at the ideal location for it. One look at its main campus is enough to reveal why 594 students have enrolled for a major in mechanical engineering. It is set in a big urbanized center for students who are interested in networking and exploring. Graduating from the main campus, only a select few students face complications while clearing the student loan. All of it makes Georgia Institute of Technology one of the best mechanical engineering colleges.

3. RoseHulman Institute of Technology

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Your pursuit for a degree in the best mechanical engineering colleges will easily lead to the aforementioned institute. There is a lot of emphases put on the ME program at the institute. Set in Terre Haute, Indiana- the college remains a grand choice for those willing to enjoy the colors of the major cities. The Indiana natives are very few in number among the graduates of the college. In fact, more than half (66%) of graduates originally reside outside Indiana.

4. California Institute of Technology 

California Institute of Technology


When it comes to a mechanical engineering degree, this institute has hardly put a foot wrong. Once you graduate from the institute under the ME program, you can easily earn $63,465 on aggregate. Take further steps within the profession and the middle phase is a vast improvement with $110,164 as salary. As the school resides in Pasadena, a lot of students prioritize it for the exhilarating view. The vast level of resources available for the students proves its credibility as one of the best mechanical engineering colleges. By resources, we also mean the majority (90.3%) of professors who work full-time. With a score of 35, you are likely to get a chance of studying at the top mechanical engineering colleges.

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5. Kettering University, Michigan

Kettering University, Michigan

It is quite easy to measure the popularity of a mechanical engineering degree at Kettering University. The 181 students enrolled in the ME program deem it to be one of the best mechanical engineering colleges out there. One of the special features of the university itself is its location. The setting has proven to be just right for students wanting to explore and participate in networking. Not many graduates (18%) of the ME program come from outside the state of Michigan.

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6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts - Mechanical Engineering Colleges

If you want a guarantee of earning more than your fellow ME graduates then, this is the perfect place to start. Statistically speaking, graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute nearly guarantees that you earn 3.7% more compared to the average graduate. The urban setting is suitable for students who have a liking for the fast-paced lifestyle. On aggregate, 7% of the student loans end up defaulting. On that note, Worcester’s rate of 1.1% is rather positive news.

7. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York - Mechanical Engineering Colleges

Very few students can resist the urge of enrolling at the aforementioned institute when pursuing a ME degree. Once graduation is completed, you will be earning $60,036 on aggregate. In due time, that salary is going to increase to $113,258. It is located at Troy, New York, and the fast-paced city life attracts many students. If you are not a resident of the US, that is no reason to feel left out. At 12%, the number of graduating students originating from another country is just enough not to let them feel out of place. The other great thing about studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is that students don’t need to be concerned about affordability. At the institute, eighty-eight percent of students receive some form of financial help when needed.

8. Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey

Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey -Mechanical Engineering Colleges

There are probably a select few mechanical engineering colleges which can topple Stevens Institute. In addition to the bachelor’s program, you can also undertake graduate degrees at the college. The location is different from the rest on this list. Set in Hoboken, New Jersey- you will have to experience the suburban atmosphere. Applicants have to submit their SAT scores and the number is on the higher side. By that we mean, you need to score around 1,350. It is an indication of the healthy competition among the students studying at one of the best mechanical engineering colleges.

By no means is a degree in mechanical engineering a fad. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that, mechanical engineers now have decent careers. But, that decent career comes at the expense of studying at one the best mechanical engineering colleges.


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