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Marketing Blogs

Do you write your own articles for your website? Are you looking for the best practices and expertise to educate yourself on the latest trends in today’s world on these marketing blogs?

You need to read a wide selection of marketing blogs as each person has his or her perspectives. Here is a list of some of our preferred blogospheres you can follow to educate yourself.

With them, you can find tips and tricks to help you with your marketing skills to stand high on the list of the SERPS online.

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Top 10 Best Marketing Blogs

1. HubSpot


The marketing blog remains a leader when it comes to teaching you digital and inbound marketing. All the content relates to selling, and they have loads of downloadable resources. Furthermore, you get free tools and marketing courses you can join with certification.

With HubSpot, you get everything to target your audience and customers. A fact is that their inbound methodology model is used by many when it comes to contemporary marketing. Additionally, they cover the latest tech trends, give general business advice, and provide marketing news.

What makes the platform unique is that you can use Excel to export data from his or her account. By doing this, you can personalize lead generation and more to funnel the correct visitors to the marketing automation software.

2. Smarp


For employee advocacy, Smarp is an excellent marketing blog providing you with everything you need. With the website, you can improve the staff’s encouragement and your company culture. There are loads of posts about thinking more significant, your frame of mind, and company ethics.

Furthermore, they show you how to tie these aspects into your marketing to help the business grow. Check out the guide on how you can foster and cultivate a mindset. With Smarp, you can read content from the in-house and guest authors.

So if you want to change the way you think, company culture, and be inspired, make sure to follow them.

3. Moz


For learning SEO, Moz has loads of resources to learn how to do Search Engine Optimization. With them, you can download the Beginner’s Guide to SEO to get you started. Additionally, there are hundreds of video tutorials made by the co-founder Fishkin.

Furthermore, you can find a wide selection of posts from showing to telling you how compelling content is for your marketing. Moz is the best marketing blog with video marketing and provides in-depth and quality posts with an analysis that is similar to written forms.

On the other hand, the marketing blog has never relied on using superior technology, and the videos are what you see is it what you get.

4. Orbit Media

Orbit Media

If you are interested in providing your company with a digital footprint, you will love Orbit Media Studios. They have collaborated up with their marketing blog to give you loads of content. You can learn from them how to design your website strategically to become a high-converting marketing asset for your business.

The website comprises of a fantastic team with guest bloggers providing you with the best advice. The blog focuses on analytics, UX, and design related to content marketing. One of the posts you need to read is their yearly blogger survey and doubles up as a case study as well.

With the survey, you will see how important original research and data is as it establishes links and authority with the audience.

5. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

The marketing blog is a publishing source of inspiration. They cover the content marketing profession, and you can find a variety available. Sometimes you can find speakers like Tina Fey and Mark Hamill. Some of the blog posts are recaps of previous year’s presentations as well. With the marketing blog, you get a mix of information that is strategy focused, providing you with copywriting techniques, and developing your buyer personas. Furthermore, you can find tool recommendations or advice related to GDPR.

6. Unbounce


If you want to improve your landing page and conversations, Unbounce will help you achieve this and more. You can use their landing page analyzer free or look at the webinars, expert interviews, and virtual events. What makes Unbounce a unique marketing blog is that they like to experiment with different marketing methods? Furthermore, they have a considerable reputation for their virtual events and webinars. These marketing methods have developed into personal conferences for all.

7. Kajabi


With Kajabi, you get knowledge commerce to help expand your business. With the content, Kajabi shows you how you can use workshops, memberships, and courses to help monetize marketing in the company. By introducing these products to your company model, you can start operating your business marketing more as a profit center.

So if you do plan to incorporate one of the techniques into your trade, be sure to follow this marketing blog. You can find in-depth posts on different aspects of the business with them. Furthermore, you can also find user-generated content from strategy tutorials to interviews.

8. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

The marketing blog, formerly known as Kissmetrics, has changed to Neil Patel. For customer-related insights, you can find helpful tips and information available on the blog. Whether analyzing marketing data or creating content, the hubs beneficial to achieve the best results.

Here you can find posts for different businesses from using YouTube channels, podcasts, to software companies. He covers a variety of topics in whatever your preference may be. Patel participates in various types of content creation, and you can find written posts, videos, podcasts, visual tutorials, quotes, Infographics, and more.

9. Leanplum


As it is, mobile has taken over the digital market, and you need a marketing blog that concentrates more than only on blogging, email marketing, and social media. With Leanplum, the focus is on mobile marketing. With the blog, you can learn new marketing channels and trends using mobile optimization with UX teardowns and more. You can learn developing strategies to use with push notifications and marketing tech to help boost your business. However, you can find other topics related to business marketing techniques as well.

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10. Polymail


The marketing blog may not publish content as often as the other blogs, but they have loads of resources and information for you to read. Polymail is an email platform providing you with the best business email techniques to get your business out there for customers to see.

You can find data-packed reports available answering questions asked by most. Therefore, if you want to know how long it takes clients to respond to your business email, make sure to check it out here. The platform helps current uses and perspective with fantastic content, and all their methods are proven and successful.

We hope that the top 10 best marketing blogs help you to level up your game. Each one provides you with the best read to learn different strategies to use in your business. Therefore, if you want to take your blog the next step up or to struggle with your marketing plant checks each one out. The fact is that somewhere on each of these marketing blogs, you can find helpful tips to improve your affiliate, email, inbound, content, and marketing automation.

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