Top 20 Best Landscape Architecture Schools in the World

Best Landscape Architecture Schools in the World

Landscape architects are the reason your commuting is bearable in the morning. They provide a haven from the time you step out of the front door. Be it en-route to your favorite deli, office, or the drug store landscape architecture plays a vital role in your journey.Therefore, do you have an interest in landscaping you have arrived at the right place? We are here to help you get started with building your career in the field. The first place to start is with the 20 top landscape architecture schools in the world to get your degree.

Once you have your education behind you, you can fulfill your dream and move in any directions to make other people’s lives a little simpler.

Why Should You Study a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture is not only a vital part of the community; it is a growing field. Studying for a Landscape Architecture degree can take up to seven years if you plan to do your masters. At the end of your education, you will need to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination.

However, why should you study the field? If you are interested in the outdoors and nature, landscape architecture might be for you. As a landscape architect, you design functional and attractive gardens, residential areas, public spaces, playgrounds, and more.

The fantastic thing is during your intuition you use different technologies in your work. You learn to work with CADD software to prepare models of the design you want to present to your clients. Alternatively, you work with Geographic Information Systems offering GPS coordinates with various functions.

Furthermore, you prepare site plans, specs, and cost estimates to coordinate with clients. You even select the correct material for the landscape project and inspect the progress to adhere to the plans. You play an essential part in society as you create beauty and make a space comfortable for others to use.

Advantages of Studying for a Landscape Architect Degree

In the modern world, as you see it today, a landscaping architect plays an important role. You form and define the space around you in a cultural or technical nature to sustain urban growth and improve habitats. While you are doing what you like best and that is creating landscapes for others, you earn a median annual salary of $70,000.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity of working in the architectural or engineering industry or even start your landscaping service firm. Further, the outlook of the occupation is reasonable and expected to grow at a fast rate through to 20124. Another benefit is you spend time both indoors, outdoors, and can even be contracted out abroad to see the world.

Careers You Can Follow with a Landscape Architect Degree

A fact is that in 2016 there were various job opportunities available for landscape architects to do and include the following:

  • Architectural Field
  • Engineering
  • Landscaping Services
  • Government
  • Self-Employed
  • Construction

While you will be spending most of your time in the office creating plans and designs, you spend just as much time at the job site.

What Should You Know Before Studying for a Landscape Architect Degree?

First, you need to know what you want to study for in the field. You have the opportunity of getting more than just your landscape architecture degree as there is a Masters Degree as well. Secondly, do your skills match the requirements needed? The important thing is that you need to have a passion for design and an interest in natural science, building materials, construction, and more.

Thirdly, in which sector do you plan to work as there are three sectors you can choose from private, academic, to the public. Do you want to create open spaces, water quality systems, or habitat restoration then the private sector is where you need to be.

Lastly, do you care about the environment? Landscaping is not only creating places that are pleasing to the eye and needs to be safe and sustainable to adapt to changing environments. Once you have answered the questions, you will know in which direction you should go when studying for your landscaping architecture degree.

Top 20 Best Landscape Architecture Schools in the World

Before you pick your preferred landscape architecture school from the list, there are some important things to know. During your education, you need to earn a BLA (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) or BSLA (Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture) degree.

Four to five years of your intuition is taking classes in construction techniques, art, design, natural & social sciences, and history. It will take you two more years to earn your MLA (Master of Landscaping Architecture) degree. Furthermore, you will need to take part in the L.A.R.E exams to receive accreditation.

Now that you know the basics, you can find a place to study right here.

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1. Harvard University

Harvard University Logo

  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Cost After Aid: $18k

Harvard University is a leader when it comes to studying for your landscape architecture degree. At the school, you can get loads of research available during your education at the Frances Loeb Library with more than 270k volume in architecture and design.

At the college, you get four master programs and takes up to three years to completed and based on your previous education. If you have already earned your bachelor’s degree in any of the fields, you can follow it up with the MLA I professional degree. The MLA II is for people who have completed an undergraduate program in landscape architecture.

Furthermore, getting into Harvard the expectations is high, and you need to complete a Common, Universal College, or the Coalition Application with required documents. Moreover, you need to provide your ACT or SAT score with optional AP examination results.

2. Bartlett School of Architecture

Bartlett School of Architecture

  • Location: London
  • Degree Type: MLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

Do you already have your BLA degree and never took your master’s degree in landscape architecture? Bartlett School of Architecture is the place to be. They have two new master’s degrees you can consider the MA and MLA. Both programs offer you technical knowledge, imaginative design, and strategic thinking.

You work hand-in-hand with professionals in the field and study in the unique culture studio available across the faculty. The MA degrees taught full-time over a year whereas the MLA takes up to two-years. The entry requirements for both courses are an overseas qualification or equivalent standards.

The application deadlines for this year are 26 July 2019 and the tuition fee information you can find here.

3. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

  • Location: Texas
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

The following landscape architecture school is a top-rated college in the world. You can get your BLA degree and will need to spend one semester away from the campus while studying. You will be learning in Germany, Italy, or Spain with another affiliated faculty.

To get admitted to the school you need to provide a portfolio with evidence of your skills. When partaking in the Master’s program, you work with a landscape architect during your summer internship to complete your first years. Furthermore, you learn in both natural and built environments.

4. University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich

  • Location: London
  • Degree Type: BA Hons
  • Average Fees: $20,000

Another renowned landscape architecture school in the world is The University of Greenwich in London. The programs accredited by the Landscape Institute and you will complete your studies in a high-tech studio. With your education, you get a range of skills in landscape design, from town planning, regional strategies, to public spaces.

Further, you learn about the theory and history of landscapes, digital communication, conservation, and ecology. Your portfolio will help support your employment providing you with excellent opportunities and practices around the globe. The UCAS points are 120 if you are a UK resident.

Applying for the course is strict, and they accept a BTEC/National Diploma, Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education, and International Baccalaureate as well. Further, you will need to provide the faculty with a portfolio.

5. Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

  • Location: Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Degree Type: BLA/MLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

At Virginia Tech, there is a Community Design Assistance Center available to get the proper training in landscape architecture. You can complete your BLA and MLA degree with them. While studying, you spend your summer abroad touring Western Europe with stopovers in the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.

The internships offered to undergraduates and graduate students. Furthermore, fourth-year undergraduates can enroll for a studio course at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center to complete their internship. The master’s program ranges from one to three years and determined by your experience in the field.

The college uses the same Coalition for Access as most of the other universities worldwide. If you are only applying to Virginia Tech, you do not need to complete the coursework, SAT/ACT, Essays, Academic Interests and more.

6. The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia

  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Degree Type: BA/BPhil
  • Average Fees: $$$

At the University of Western Australia, you can get your BA and BPhil degree in landscape architecture full-time or part-time. The courses included design studio, techniques of visualization, structures & systems, history & theory, and site manipulation. For acceptance into the school, you need to do a TOEFL iBT test to measure your English abilities. Furthermore, you need to provide your high school qualifications as well. There is also international funding available to apply for the course if needed.

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7. University of Florida

University of Florida

  • Location: Florida
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

For one of the accredited landscape architecture schools in the USA, you need to look at The University of Florida. The faculty offers you a diverse spectrum of practice and theory. With the programs, you get the opportunity to study abroad in China, Prague, and Mexico.

The bachelor of landscape architecture degree takes up to five years to complete. The program provides you with a combination of theory and studio work. Furthermore, you need to complete a capstone project to display what you have learned.

After your third year, they encourage you to participate in internships. With completing your degree, you can get your master’s degree as well. You can apply online, pay a nominal fee, and provide them with your education certificates.

8. University of New South Whales

University of New South Whales

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Degree Type: B.Sc
  • Average Fees: $$$

At the New South Whales University, you learn the discipline behind landscape architecture. During the course, you learn the design principles, ecological processes, graphic techniques, and human modification of the environment. With the four-year course, you get academic and practical experience.

There are eight design studios on the campus where you can do your projects. The program structure includes Landscaping Architecture Design, Design Communication, History & Theory, Technology, natural & cultural systems, and professional practice.

Further, you need to schedule a TOEFL English test as well and provide your high school diploma and may consider other academic qualifications.

9. Cornell University

Cornell University

  • Location: Ithaca, NY
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

Cornell University is regarded as the best landscape architecture school in the world. Furthermore, the faculty is an international leader in education and research. The curriculum is flexible and tailored according to your needs. You learn to solve challenging problems with the profession and discover the importance of conservation.

You get access to modern technology and tools with extensive research available. In the field, you can apply for a graduate or undergraduate degree. The course comprises photography, theory, practice, a medium of landscaping and the grounding of it. As an undergraduate student, you can participate in the research to get more credits.

The general core of the program is written & oral expression, humanities, biological sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.

10. Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology

  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

At the Queensland University of Technology, you can combine your landscape architecture with science. Some of the highlights throughout the four-year course you learn about landscape systems and partake in international science education. You get access to research and teaching facilities and the Science & Engineering Precinct as well.

Furthermore, the program includes how to create and represent material, spatial histories, quantitative methods in science and the challenges you face in science. You need to apply for the TOEFL English ability test and supply your award certificates and academic transcripts.

11. University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut

  • Location: Connecticut
  • Degree Type: B.Sc
  • Average Fees: $$$

At the University Of Connecticut Plant Science & Landscape Architecture, you get a combined education of research and world experience. The school hosts public programs and events to reach out to the community. Furthermore, when completing your landscape architecture degree, you can apply for your master’s or doctoral degree as well.

The faculty focuses on plant science and landscape architecture with an overlap on the outreach front. With your application as an undergraduate student, you need to complete a biology and chemistry intro-class. You need to do this before starting your theory and graphics classes in landscaping.

With your last semester, you will need to provide a capstone project for your work. The best solution is to do all your research with another faculty member. Once completing the degree, you can apply for the two master’s degrees.

12. Purdue University

Purdue University

  • Location: West Lafayette, IN
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

At Purdue University, you get the highest degree programs in landscape architecture. The faculty prepares you for the business world to provide solutions to challenges in the trade. At college, you get the opportunity to educate yourself further abroad.

Furthermore, you can participate in outreach projects and groundbreaking research. You can apply for a graduate or undergraduate degree in the landscaping architecture program as well. The undergraduate grade takes up to five years to complete.

During these years, you will learn the creative design skills, analytical, and technical aspects of the profession. You will learn how to communicate and plan while developing your knowledge base as you study. Four years of the course are dedicated to academic learning and one year to work experience.

13. University of Illinois

University of Illinois

  • Location: Champaign, Illinois
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

The first-ever institute in the USA to offer students a landscape architecture degree was The University of Illinois. The faculty focuses on the environment, the influence of historical & natural factors, behavior, and well-being. The grades accredited by the LAAB (Landscape Architecture Accreditation.)

At the school, you can follow an undergraduate or master’s degree as well as a Ph.D. in the profession. The BLA course is four-years and comprises 124 semester hours. Of these hours, you need to do 65-hours of landscape architecture programs. These courses include construction, design studio, history, design communication, plant material design, and an internship.

Furthermore, you need to do a foreign language as well as rhetoric and art. The master’s degree takes up three-years to complete and depends if you want to study design. Alternatively, you can pursue a joint MLA with a Master of Urban Planning or MLA/MBA course.

With the Master’s degree, you will need to do a summer internship while design students spend their final semester at the Chicago Studio to complete their urban landscape.

14. University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

When studying for your landscape architecture degree at The University of Wisconsin, you get one of the best schools to study in the world. You can complete both your BLA and Master’s degree at the college and receive the best learning environment with faculty staff.

You will creatively discover the profession and receive critical examination with fantastic knowledge. There is two undergraduate programs available the BSLA (Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture) and ALS (Landscape Studies) degree.

For a professional degree, you need to apply for the BSLA ones accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Both the course prepares you to graduate in the profession. Compared to the MLA degrees the school offers a Masters of Science grade.

Furthermore, you can expand your education by partaking in special programs in the community or do urban landscapes. The university provides the students with the opportunity to work in the arboretum as well.

15. University of California

University of California

  • Location: Berkeley, California
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

One of the top-ranked landscaping architecture schools in the world is the University of California. The faculty focuses on the design of landscapes to management, renewal, and restoration. While you do get classroom studies, the school offers you field learning as well.

As a student, they expect you to immerse yourself in the community with various projects. You will learn to design innovative public spaces and do urban forestry, landscape ecology, and environmental restoration. To obtain your BLA degree, you need to complete a four-year program with three more years to receive your Masters.

As an undergraduate, you get a liberal arts perspective and receive the required training if you want to make it professional. Furthermore, the core curriculum of the BA is biological and physical science. There are two-degree plans available to do your MLA from only doing your Thesis or a comprehensive exam.

You are also required to do an internship, and the faculty offers summer programs to explore different areas before choosing your career path. The necessary information you need to provide with your application is your SAT/ACT scores.

16. Clemson University

Clemson University

  • Location: Clemson, SC
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

Clemson University values the design of art and science, and students need to pursue interdisciplinary studies. You need to take subjects in historic preservation, tourism, forestry, engineering and more. You can pursue your studies in South Carolina, Charleston, Italy, Spain, and Genoa.

All three of the degrees carry accreditation by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board. You can study for your landscape architecture and master’s degree at Clemson. Compared to other MLA degrees presented worldwide you do not need to have a design background or a 2nd professional degree to study for it.

You will need to provide the faculty with a landscape architecture portfolio when applying for the BLA grade. In your last year of studies, you need to give an exit project. The BLA degree is five-years while the MLA grade is three-years. You can also apply if you have a BA degree in any of the accredited universities.

If you want to do the 2nd professional MLA, you need to have your five-year BLA grade.

17. University of Georgia

University of Georgia

  • Location: Athens, Georgia
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

For one of the finest schools to study landscape architecture, you need to look at The University of Georgia. The college is one of the largest in Georgia. Another benefit is you do not have to worry about money as 82% of students receive financial assistance if needed.

You will have to provide the faculty with your SAT/ACT score for admission. Advanced placement credits are also accepted, and you need to pay an admission fee as well. There are no open admissions, and the college is more selective with an application-accepted rate of 53.9%.

Your average math/reading score needs to be 1,240 while the ACT scores need to be 28. The fantastic thing is you get the opportunity to study indoors and outdoors while pursuing your degree.

18. University of Maryland

University of Maryland

  • Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

For a flagship landscape architecture school in the world, nothing compares to The University of Maryland. The faculty is a leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, and research. The school is outside Washington D.C and stands out with both their academics and athletics.

Furthermore, the college grades you with a report card, and you need to provide the school with your SAT/ACT score when applying. The faculty also accepts advanced placement credits, and you need to pay a fee with your application. They do not have open admission, and 48.1% of applicants are admitted. Your average SAT score is 1,380, and the ACT score is 31.

19. PennState University

Penn State University

  • Location: University Park, Pennsylvania
  • Degree Type: BLA
  • Average Fees: $$$

If you want to pursue your landscape architecture degree or major, it is hard to beat PennState University. Furthermore, the faculty offers graduate grades in the landscape as well. While it can be expensive to follow your dream, you can apply for financial aid. You will need to provide an SAT or ACT score and advanced placement credits accepted. Applicants accepted are 56.4%, and your average SAT score is 1,270 with an ACT score of 27.

20. University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria

  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa
  • Degree Type: BSc
  • Average Fees: $$$

Have you ever wanted to study in South Africa? You can look at The University of Pretoria! At the Department of Architecture, you can follow a degree in landscape architecture and receive a BSc degree. The course focuses on the design and realization of environments.

Further, they look at how meaningful they are to users from different backgrounds. As a student, you are exposed to a high standard of qualifications. With your grade, you can find work locally or abroad. Your selection will include an interview, and you need one year of work and travel.

The minimum requirement is a National Senior Certificate with an APS of 27. You need to have mathematics, physical science, English, and life orientation. For the BScLArch degree, the faculty accepts physical science, life science, or geography with a minimum level 4 achievement.

To complete your BScLArch grade takes up to three years and an exit level to the profession.

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If you want to express your dynamic interaction with the activities of the society and the physical environment a degree in landscape architecture might be for you. When studying at one of the 20 top landscape architecture schools in the world on the list —you can design rural and urban spaces across the globe. Landscaping these days is not just a service provided by your garden services. Landscape Architecture is a profession that makes a statement, and you can leave your mark for others to see.


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