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Investment Blogs

Are you looking for the best way to invest your hard-earned money for your retirement? You need advice from knowledgeable financiers to help. Here we have the top investment blogs for you to read in 2019. With the help of these certified financial planners, you can gain more knowledge to save money and learn how you can become the best investor.

Top 10 Best Investment Blogs in 2019

1. Jeff Rose

Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents are a fantastic investment blog to follow. With the advice of Jeff Rose, you get first-person content that is easy to understand. With his life experience, you can follow his story on how he started saving money for his retirement. He provides you with loads of information on how you can save strategically to make sure your retirement a pleasant one. Furthermore, Jeff also writes on how you can maximize the money to invest it wisely. You can find helpful tips to improve your credit status, the best insurance companies to look at, how to apply for a student loan, and pay off debts.



DQYD also is known as Don’t Quit Your Day Job says it all when it comes to investment blogs. With the blogosphere, you can learn about economics, world finance, and use tools and calculators to start understanding your finance. The platform has loads of visualizations, content, calculators, and more.

The personal finance site provides you with research, investment articles, and calculators made for all your needs. With them, you can simplify your money and read what you need. Alternatively, you can read about all the millionaires in America or receive a newsletter to your inbox when subscribing to them.

3. Sam Dogen

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai is a well-known investment blog that features articles to help get the knowledge of how you can create a passive income for yourself. You get in-depth reviews on top financial products to real estate crowdfunding. Alternatively, you get advice on how to invest your money strategically.

With the blogosphere, you can learn what the best passive income investments are, how you can profit as a bond investment homeowner, and how to retire early. If you want to optimize your finances, you can sign up with the free Personal Capitol platform for suggestions.

4. Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie

To learn how to invest your funds the investment blog has solid resources to help. No matter what your interests are from micro-investing apps, real estate, Robo-adviser, and more. With Larry Ludwig, you can find similarities of different finance products like Acorns, Betterment, Stash, and Wealthfront.

Navigating through the site is impressive and finding articles is not difficult. The website provides you with resources, financial products, and tools you can use. There is a section on how you can start investing money with the tool provided. One thing sure the website makes investing easier to make you become a better entrepreneur or investor.

5. Jim Wang

Wallet Hacks

Wallet Hacks focus to help improve your financial situation. The content is well written and the posts are easy to follow. With him, you can get money hacks, life cheat codes, and shortcuts. You can find bank promotional articles, free checking accounts, money market accounts and more. Alternatively, you can learn how to invest your first money, how to track your investments and find out about different credit cards. Not sure, where to invest your money in life insurance check Wallet Hack today and find out.

6. Joe Udo

Retire by 40

Who does not want to stop working at a young age—we all do? With Retire by 40, you can learn about long-term investments related to crowdfunded real estate and more. As Joe is a real estate investor, he has loads of info on how to earn a passive income in the niche.

There is a section for new readers to start following as he provides you with the best articles to get started. There are moneymaking posts, self-employment content, frugal living, and the list goes on. On the other hand, you can browse through is recommendations as well. Therefore, if you want to learn more about wealth building this is the place to bookmark.

7. Barry Ritholtz

The Big Picture

The Big Picture features content about investing and wealth. There are resources available from the man himself and other sources as well. You can read more about macroeconomic trends, global debt, and taxes to name a few. You can even invest with Barry and will have to answer a couple of questions.

Learn how to save money, allowing it to grow and work for you. Furthermore, he offers content on Corporate Retirement Plans, Asset Management and more. You will find the blogosphere updated regularly and can subscribe to the newsletter.

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8. Vanguard Blog


For one of the largest investment blogs and management businesses, Vanguard is the one to follow. The website features content related to retirement, investing, and stocks. The site may look like nothing grand at first, but once you start browsing, you will find a plethora of news and advice.

With the information, you can understand RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) better and teach you how to prepare a stock portfolio. Find out if it is too late to catch up on lost savings to enjoy relaxed retirement life. Another fantastic thing is you can find different articles provided by a wide selection of certified financial planners.

9. Erik Conley

Zen Investor

Do you want to become a better investor? You will find Zen Investor a great help. With the investment blog, you can find concrete moves, tutorials, courses, and more to understand how investments work. There is a quiz section on the landing page so you can see how good you are at investing money.

You can find consulting and coaching services with them to help you with the best investment strategies. According to Zen Investor, you must not waste your time following trendy strategies you need to design your own. No matter if you Joe from the streets or a certified investor Erik Conley can help you turn your money into the best investment ever.

10. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha

For a crowd-sourced investor, the blog looks at Seeking Alpha. With the bloggers, you can get helpful insights from different financial planners. They focus on both the buy and sell side of investing. Read their recommendations when it comes to stock investments and read the latest financial news. You can find posts on portfolio management, investing strategies, market news, marketing forecasts and more. The blogosphere is suitable for any new investor as the posts are easy to read.

With the top 10 investment blogs, you can chat with a financial advisor to help you with your investments. Furthermore, each one will help you invest wisely to gain knowledge on how to make the best investment without losing it. By reading the articles available, you will learn more than just investments— you can find info on how to start a business, tools you can use and more.


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