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Graphic Desgin Blogs

To create awareness with your new business online the design needs to be memorable and attract new and returning customers. You do not want to display a poorly designed website and logo. To market your business online you need the right skills to achieve the best results. Thankfully, you can find loads of resources available, whether you need inspiration or help to design your site. Here are the top 10 graphic design blogs you should be reading now.

Top 10 Best Graphic Design Blogs

1. Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner

For one of the go-to graphic design blogs available on the internet, you will find Spoon Graphics a breath of fresh air. The small blog turned into a massive resource and tutorial site loaded with the latest techniques. Chris Spooner not only concentrates on graphic designing but has a website called Line 25 dedicated to website design as well.

While browsing through the blog you will find loads of ideas and inspiration to help you improve your web design, logos, and more. You can even learn how to create a barbershop logo as there is an article available on it. Furthermore, you can find the latest tidbits on the latest trends and more.

He even touches on filmmaking and with the tutorials available it is packed full of information, images and more. So if you want to get started in designing a website, logo, and more he is the one to follow for insight.

2. Identity Design & Logo Design Love

Identity Design & Logo Design Love

For a whole host of graphic design blogs, you can look at the posts of David Airey. He has a personal blog with two more blogospheres called Identity Design and Logo Design Love. He has also written two books and offers engaging writing for all to enjoy.

In the books, he shares a variety of ideas related to graphic design. Furthermore, David is active on Twitter and many other social platforms. Alternatively, he displays different identities on his blog from around the world. So if you need inspiration on how to design your logo to make it a well-known brand check these blogs out.

3. Graham Smith

The Logo Smith

For graphic design motivation ranging from web development to your logo, he can help. With him, you can find loads of case studies and tools you can use to create an online presence. You can find information on how to hire a graphic designer or you can even make use of his service.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or part of the public he has something available for everyone. Furthermore, you can find posts about brand identity and free downloadable sheets and guidelines. He is also active on Twitter and always available for a chat.

Therefore, if you need a place to get help as a graphic designer this is the place to be.

4. Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis

The Paul Jarvis blogs packed with articles and loads of design work. You will need to be prepared as he swears and does not place sensors. However, the graphic design blogs entertaining and he says things as it is. He teaches you how to build your audience from scratch and is a great read.

There is nothing fancy about his page, as you will see when landing on it. Furthermore, he does not only focus on the design side of a business, but many other topics related to it as well. You can read how minimalism can make your brand grow to how you can create an appealing newsletter.

5. Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

For one of the best graphic design blogs that offer you logo design, brand identity design, web design, print design, and more Jacob Cass want to help. The website has a clean design that is responsive and looks sexy. In the article, you will find short analogies in terms used to help make it understandable for you.

The blog looks creative without distracting you from the content available and easy to read. In the posts, he discusses the best keyboards, logo trends, laptops for video editing, phones and more. You will find anything related to graphic design with him.

When you subscribe to his newsletter, you receive a 70-page logo design eBook free—join his network and learn all the ins and outs about designing your own logo.

6. Paul Boag

Paul Boag

At boagworks & boagworld, you can get advice on every aspect related to digital and user experience. Whether you need information on businesses, web-based design, marketing, and more you can read about it here. There is a huge selection of topics available and focuses on content marketing.

He is also known as the SEO hater online and with his posts you can find entertaining content with great ideas to use. He discusses inclusive & interfaces design as well as how you can use digital in the business. Subscribe with him today to improve your site and make it stand out online.

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7. Creative Nerds

Creative Nerds

The graphic design blog is an open platform for all to use. With them, you get interesting articles related to the latest trends ranging from vector elements to using Photoshop. You can also find tutorials available for using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Screencasts. Alternatively, you can find freebies with them as well from Photoshop Brushes, Icons, Vectors, Textures, and more. The site has a plethora of things you can use in your own designs and you can get the latest news in the niche as well.

8. Millo


For another great graphic design blog, Millo deserves a place on the list. The platform provides you with loads of information on different niches. With the blogosphere, you can learn how to create a portfolio website to display your work. Furthermore, they help you with information on how you can be more productive and use stickers in a creative way.

When you subscribe with them you receive a free guide to build your business online and make it thrive. Alternatively, you can shop with them as well and find courses and resources available. Not sure, which tools to use find the info with them today.

9. Designhill


Here is another fantastic blog to find information on graphic design. The fantastic thing is they offer more than a blog and you can find loads of services available. Whether you want a logo designed, brand identity, and more they are available to help at a price of course.

Furthermore, the blog section has loads of articles for you to read. The latest one is all about how you can use Slime Logos to make your brand stand out. Further, you can find content on how to create a PR Logo to send the right message. There is even a section for graphic designers to join them.

10. The Design Blog

The Design Blog

At the graphic design blog, you get daily inspiration from experienced graphic designers. Not only do they want you to be a designer they want you to be the best one. You can even submit your work with them. Every day of the week, you will find something interesting happening with them.

On Mondays, they exhibit the designer of the week, and Fridays you get freebies available. On the other hand, you can read more about sticker printing, app design, fashion, fonts, and more. Need to get exposure online? You can even advertise with them. Make sure to check the Design Blog for your daily graphic design motivation.

If you have ever wondered what constitutes a good design or stay up to date with new trends? Make sure to follow the top graphic design blogs reviewed here. You can find loads of resources available to stay ahead of the game. Whether it is starting a blog, making logos, branding, printing, to making product labels—these graphic designers can help. Maybe you have hit an artist block or you want to brush up on your techniques or skills. These graphic design blogs are the place where you need to be.


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