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Top 15 Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software for SMEs

Project Management Software For SMEs

As a project manager, project management software would be a huge responsibility. You need to control time management, do activity resource planning, and the list is never-ending. In the business, everyone depends on you to get things moving and together. Why take all the workload stress and get ahead of the rest with an organized system.

Start by removing some of your workloads today and enter your workload into a Free Open Source Project Management Software System. With the system for SMEs, you can organize deadlines, tasks, budgets, risks, and more. You can pay for good project management software, or you can get it free.

Therefore, if you want to lift your load of work or help improve your budget to check if tasks completed, the following list of software and tools has all the answers one needs.

For small businesses, there is a wide selection of possibilities to keep things organized, and the best part, all of the open-source programs are free!

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Top 15 Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software for SMEs

1. Asana

Asana offers you to-do-lists and a great choice if you love them. Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founder of Facebook, created the platform making it easy to use. The software has an intuitive design and gives you the ability to communicate with your team members in real-time.

The project management software is popular among many SMEs as it allows you to separate projects by sections with sub-lists. Your tasks are available on the dashboard and show the project status. You can change the state as pleased and add items, check them off as completed, or rearrange them by priority.

Up to 15 users can use it free but have a limit of dashboards you can use. If you do want to have, unlimited users and dashboards with priority support, SSO, and customization the price is $11.99/user/month. Furthermore, the applications available to use on Android and iOS devices but still work in progress.

Another negative is you need to use it online and cannot work with it offline. Alternatively, it is fantastic for teams working on different projects simultaneously.

2. Airtable

The highest-rated feature of Airtable is the Collaborative Project Planning and remains reliable free open-source project management software to use. With the spreadsheet platform, it turns into a fantastic tool you can customize as needed. Users can change the grouping preferences, filtering, sorting, and more.

You can add supplemental notes, files, status, and priorities to high-level tasks as well. You can use the multiple templates available to simplify responsibilities for creating content calendars, launching projects, tracking the progress of projects, to planning. Get a free plan that includes spreadsheets, unlimited scheduling, real-time collaboration, and 2 GB space for attachments.

Furthermore, you can keep up to two weeks of data and works similar to Excel but more organized and more straightforward to work in and view. The customizable functions are endless and great for tracking things. The look is clean and offers fantastic connection tools. There is also an app available for Android and iOS devices.

3. Avaza

For Digital Receipt Management Avaza is ideal to use from making electronic payments, forecasting and more. The all-in-one project management solution offers you some nifty functions. You can create custom task layouts, track projects, and tasks completed.

You can even convert an email into a task and assign appropriate roles to other team members. Furthermore, you can create project templates and get an overview of the project stats. Whether, you have an enterprise, a freelancer, or small business owner you can benefit using the free software.

You also have the option of an upgrade from the free plan whenever you want. The notable thing is you get a free plan if you are an individual user. You do not need to provide banking details until the team wants to upgrade to a program that works best with all.

The admin and access to timesheets are limited to one user while the number of active projects is limited to five. The project collaborators unlimited and the free plan comprise free updates, secure data protection, and regular updates. The interface is simple, and the platforms fast to learn.

4. ClickUp

For Task Creation and Assignment, Task Prioritization, and Due Dates, ClickUp is a fantastic platform to use. All the features on the platforms customizable and prevent the team from getting distracted or overwhelmed. You can even import your project management workflow from additional tools into the program.

There is a forever-free version on one with a monthly cost of $5. Included with the free version you get 100 MB of storage with unlimited projects and spaces. You can integrate it with the Google calendar, search function, task checklist, and automated templates.

Also, if you use Convert, you can customize everything you need.

5. Daylite

For Lead Management, Portfolio Coordination, Contact & Account Management you need the Daylite project management software. With the solution, coworkers can keep track of projects. You can delegate tasks, track progress, build pipelines, and view upcoming due dates.

The free open-source platforms made for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac user. Furthermore, it benefits small businesses as it offers pay-by-the-month solutions with discounts for those who commit to the plan for a year. The software is available on a trial basis for 30-days and does not come with limits (such as the number of contacts, projects, team members, and tasks.)

You can get a limited free plan named the Daylite Cloud Free that provides limited storage, projects, contacts, and opportunities. You will have to sign up for the program first.

6. Freedcamp

With Freedcamp, you find all the relevant information on a project available on one page. You get your file upload, real-time comments, deadlines, and progress status neatly lined on the dashboard. The program looks similar to an open-plan office offering consistent team engagement.

With the task management function, you can break down projects with the workflow making it manageable to delegate tasks. You can use it with file-sharing services, customer support, marketing solutions, and help desk tools. The pricing tiers vary and priced per employee using the service a month.

You can utilize the free version if you have fewer than five team members or five external members. With the account, each user can create a workspace and apps to organize and track jobs within the project.

7. MeisterTask

Intuitive project management software that is free is MeisterTask. With the program, you get flexible project boards with unique workflows. The tool is an online mind-mapping app to help you plan visual projects. For tasks, the platform makes use of activity streams to keep track of progress, updates, and shared files.

You can also create your integrations using MeisterTask API platform. In the free plan, you can add unlimited projects, members, and tasks. You can customize the dashboard and share or attach files that are smaller than 20 MB. You can collaborate between the free and paid account.

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8. onepoint Projects

The following project management application is a web-based program that works well with agile projects. You can leverage project deadlines, evaluate existing projects, analyze resource allocation, do drag-and-drop with Gantt chart, and be creative with activity streams and reports.

You gain access free as an individual user or teams made up of four users or less. Both the small group and single user plans are deployed on-premises. The only difference is the formers used on a group server with the latter installed. There are higher-paid plans available to get access to the server or cloud. The free versions pared down when it comes to functionality.

9. Paymo

For an online project management system helping to grow your small business, you can look at Paymo. You can do your planning to the outcome on the platform. In the program are Gantt charts, Kanban Board, resource scheduling ability, task management functionality, time tracking and more.

You can use it to turn timesheets into estimates and invoices with the free version. The open source software is great for freelancers to use as well. The free plan includes to-do-lists, Abode CC, file sharing, API, third-party applications, and reporting.

10. Redbooth

For a simple to use task and project management tool look at Redbooth. With the platform you can your team can keep track of different projects. The web app offers collaborative functionality that works similar to social media channels. You can do file sharing, communicate, and provide extensions for Chrome, Gmail, and Outlook.

As long as your team does not exceed more than ten users, you can use the free plan. Some of the features are two workspaces; 2 GB file storage, project templates, Gantt charts, and reporting. Included you can use Dropbox, Google Drive, or Slack with it as well.

11. TeamGantt

Here is another online project management platform to build and manage your projects with team members. You can centralize information from documents to conversations. You can track team member’s progress, manage resources, and leverage smart time tracking.

If you only have one project at a time you are, working on the free plan will serve you well. Included you get all the main planning functions needed to run a single project. You can do team updates, forecast workloads, and have conversations about tasks. The customer supports fantastic, and they offer free webinars as well.

12. Teamwork Projects

The next project management software is an app you can access via desktop browser or the phone. The tools flexible to help increase the productivity of members providing them access at all times. You can keep track of projects, share files, communicate, and combine multiple team members.

You can also keep track of partners, customers, and companies internally and externally. There is a forever-free plan, or you can try the 30-day trial version. The free plan supports up to five users, 100 MB of file space, two projects, with basic management features.

The platform is fantastic and available online to integrate projects with messaging to help enhance coworkers operation and collaboration.

13. Waffle

For performance and reliability, the Waffle project management software is fantastic. You can use it to connect with GitHub and the Waffle dashboard. You can use it to track goals and progress of projects in real-time. There are four plans available: free open-source, personal, organization, and takeout. With all the programs, you get unlimited user access and projects. Just the fact that you can integrate it with GitHub is a big thing. Once users open the workflow, the issues move from one stage to another automatically.

14. Wrike

With Wrike, you can create blocks of work, and the process automates to assigning tasks and projects. You can edit and manage files all in real-time. Furthermore, you can create visual timelines with the Gantt charts and see how plans are progressing.

You can track time, budget and check on resources spent. You can also synchronize it with iCalendar, Outlook, and Google. Whether you have a small to significant business, the project management software has a solution made for you. The free plan offers up to five members with file sharing, task management, and 2 GB file storage.

15. Zenkit

What makes Zenkit unique is the fact that it acknowledges that each project varies from another. You get a calendar, inbox, Kanban boards, and customizable database with search functionality and formulas to analyze data. For the individual user, the plan is free, and there are four pricing tiers. The personal plans made for small teams with up to five members and the attachment space is 1 GB.

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These are only a few free Project Management Software plans available for you to use. Whether you are a start-up, small business, or freelancer you can benefit from using these free management tools online. You will be able to efficiently deliver your goals and keep costs down at the same time. We hope you find a suitable platform on the list to communicate with team members effectively and enhance the workload to get projects done on time.

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