Best Environmental Engineering Schools

Environmental Engineering Schools

What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental Engineering is the discipline of engineering that works to protect the human race from the aftereffects of environmental damages and the environment from these damages. It uses resources from other branches of science and engineering such as chemistry, microbiology, biology, geology, ecology, mathematics, hydrology, and hydraulics and infuses all the gathered knowledge from those fields to render and reconstruct the environment to make it more livable. The necessity and demand of this branch of engineering are increasing every day due to the deteriorating state of the planet caused by man-made calamities like global warming, climate change, and pollution. In these trying times, Environmental Engineering can save the planet if we take it seriously.

Why Study Environmental Engineering?

With the world going astray due to our carelessness towards it changing the climate in the worst way imaginable, causing the planet to heat up like a farness, and polluting it every day with our reckless way of living, the planet would soon become a perfect setting for a dystopian doomsday movie. The earth is dying. Slowly, but surely. And we need to take necessary actions very soon or else we all could perish along with it. Some people are realizing this, and are working towards controlling the damage, if not putting a stop to it altogether. And Environmental Engineering seems to be one of the most effective ways of doing so. Moreover, with the increasing demands of Environmental Engineers, job opportunities in this field are opening up welcoming fresh new faces that can make a change to the world we see today.

So, Environmental Engineering can be a degree full of potentials and possibilities for those who are really up for it. And there are some renowned universities right inside America that offer a wide range of programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Engineering. So why not grab the opportunity?

With that in mind, here we bring you a list of the best Environmental Engineering Schools that you can apply to.

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1. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Located in the heart of the state of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology offers America’s best education in various fields of engineering, including Environmental Engineering. The university has a rich history of producing successful engineers. And the scholarship programs are inclusive and friendly towards immigrants or foreign exchange students. Considering all this, the Georgia Institute of Technology could be a wise decision among the Environmental Engineering schools of America.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University

The Stanford University situated in Stanford, California provides one of the country’s most flexible programs on Environmental Engineering. It ranks second in America for its undergrad programs and has the most equipped labs. In which, 65 of them, all rich with resources to study different fields of engineering. For Environmental Engineering it has a lab for the Bio-based Composites and the Laboratory for Environmental Fluid Mechanics. Therefore, making it one of the best Environmental Engineering Schools in the US.

3. Clarkson University

Clarkson University - Environmental Engineering Schools

The Clarkson University in New York offers programs for both post-grad and undergrad students who want to major in Environmental Engineering. Located at the heart of New York, Clarkson University guarantees a relaxed and happening environment for students who like the urban joys of living in the city. Its beautiful and well-equipped campus makes Clarkson University an ideal choice among Environmental Engineering Schools of the nation.

4. University of Michigan

University of Michigan - Environmental Engineering Schools

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan has a department called the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering dedicated to Environmental Engineering. It is an ideal school for those who want to major in Environmental Engineering with the perfect school program. The university has 12 departments and offers programs from undergraduate till up to Ph.D. The campus has the largest engineering library in the country, access to over 60 research centers, and 8 laboratories in the main campus itself. It is definitely one of the topmost among all Environmental Engineering schools out there.

5. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University - Environmental Engineering Schools

Johns Hopkins University is one of the best Environmental Engineering schools in all of America. It is an ideal place for immigrants and foreign exchange students. That is to say, students from outside America making up to 18.8% of its total population. The location of the campus right in the middle of Maryland makes it easier for students to access the facilities of the city while n\staying inside the campus. All these facilities have added up in making Johns Hopkins the best-ranked university for army veterans and active-study military. It is one of the best places to study Environmental Engineering.

6. Columbia University, New York

Columbia University, New York - Environmental Engineering Schools

Another lyceum for studying Environmental Engineering is Columbia University in New York. The school has over 20,000 students and is currently the largest school in America. Students who pass out from here make a salary of $59,739 at the start of their career and $114,422 around the middle of it. With a big campus, a wide range of facilities, and even bigger promises of a successful career, Columbia University definitely deserves a place in our list of the best Environmental Engineering schools of America.

Choosing a college is a hard decision to make since not many of us can afford to get a college education. And your college shapes your future career path, so you would want to double-check everything before you make any decision. And that is why we are here to help you with our list of universities that offer the best programs. Even you set your heart upon Environmental Engineering, it can be confusing to choose, with many universities offering different programs.

So we shortlist some of the very best Environmental Engineering schools with descriptions of the facilities and programs they offer. We hope our little effort goes a long way and help you select your dream university. We wish you all the best in the upcoming college life and the brilliant career that awaits you.


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