Top 10 Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In 2020

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting

If you are going to work with a dedicated WordPress hosting service provider, you will expect it to be dedicated to you. This means that you can gain access to a dedicated server. To add to that, the support system will also be invested in your website as well as providing a dedicated IP.

In recent times, it is not easy for hosting providers to shine due to technical capabilities only. As a matter of fact, there has been an increase of dedicated server automation all over the board in recent times. Around 12-15 months ago, a 3GHz CPU, 8GB RAM including 500GB storage capacity used to be taken into consideration as “high-end”. But, if you take a look around today, all of these are just basic offers. You cannot give any excuses for providing bad customer support in 2019. If the user rents his/her own server, the user has all the rights of expecting an informed, fast response to his/her queries. So, we have made a list of the best-dedicated WordPress hosting service providers here.

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Top 10 Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting

1. Bluehost

Bluehost - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Having an uptime of 99.98%, this is a very dependable dedicated WordPress hosting service provider. Bluehost is popular among millions of users due to its longevity. We cannot also forget that, it always delivers what it promises. As a user, you are bound to enjoy a strong uptime and outstanding speed. One of the strong points of Bluehost is that, as the customer you can be on the receiving end of a proper low-tier starting price. If you plan to start with a limited budget, you can do no wrong with Bluehost.

However, even the best product can have some demerits. In the case Bluehost, the cost will go this low only if you are going to use it for a long time. Even then, this is one of the most dependable source for dedicated WordPress hosting. Over the years, a few analysts kept a track of Bluehost. In this time, Bluehost barely had any noticeable amount of downtime. The speed for this hosting provider is 369m/s. Of course, some other users may be quick to remind you of that time in January, 2018 when Bluehost had a small outage of 19 minutes. However, it is also necessary for us to remind you that, it has an uptime of 99.98%.

It has been consistently putting up this uptime for all of 2018. During this period, Bluehost has the aggregate speed of 415m/s. What makes any dedicated WordPress hosting service provider stand out is the support staff. In the case of Bluehost, the support staff is going to promptly respond to every query you will place. The manner in which they respond to the queries is a great talking point for Bluehost. With simple and accurate answers, the support team make Bluehost one of the best dedicated WordPress hosting service providers. The technical details of Bluehost as a server ranks among the best in the world.

If you take up its service, you can use 500GB storage capacity as well as 5TB worth bandwidth cap. Usually, most users do not notice such a large bandwidth cap. If your website is small or medium in size then, Bluehost’s 4GB RAM is suitable for your cause. For this dedicated WordPress hosting, you do not need to pay as much. The cost for using this hosting provider in a month stands at $79.99. However, if your primary deal finishes then the price moves to $119.99 on a monthly basis.

2. HostGator

Hostgator - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Now we move onto yet another dependable source of dedicated WordPress hosting. HostGator comprises of a large base of customers. Since it ranks second on your list, you must be aware by now that, HostGator knows what its’ doing right or wrong. It consists of one of the best features-pricing connection. At times, the websites of HostGator can become a bit on the slower side in comparison with other hosting providers. This hosting service provider comes with a perfect 100% uptime.

As a result, you will have zero disturbance while you use HostGator. Of course, this has been said before but, in the case of dedicated WordPress hosting, uptime as well as speed is highly valuable. The speed for this hosting provider is 1,113ms. On the other hand, the industry’s aggregate is 890ms. The support staff for HostGator is quite up-to-the-mark. Users try to connecting with them a lot usually. Through some tests, we now know that, it takes nearly 3 minutes on aggregate for connecting with the live chat. And it can spike up to 20 minutes once.

To answer your queries, it may take a little longer and on aggregate 5 minutes. One distinguishing feature of HostGator’s support staff is that, they will provide you with suitable links which will help mitigate the problem efficiently. This is a different form of service since few other notable dedicated WordPress hosting providers respond to queries in a personal way. The manner of responding to queries and the information available on their website shows that, majority of their customers are regular users. And these users are quite efficient in using WordPress hosting services as well as having experience with coding.

HostGator does not try to make any aspect of their service superficially attractive. Nor do their services appear too complex to regular customers. However, the site as well as the support staff of HostGator is not for newcomers. Even then, if the newcomer has the will to dig through some information and learn quickly, he/she can give it a try. From the onset, HostGator comprises of outstanding features which is why, it ranks second on our list of best dedicated WordPress hosting providers. Let’s not forget that, you can have access to limitless bandwidth if you comply with their terms.

With 1TB storage capacity as well as 8GB RAM it serves the customers well. The features on offer are far better than what a regular dedicated WordPress hosting provider offers. In fact, these features come at a fairly reasonable price. At the starting point, you need to pay $119 on a monthly basis. Afterwards, renewal starts at $189 per month. By this point, you can easily guess that most of HostGator’s customers are in it for the long run. So, if you want to have the security that well known hosting providers offer then, this is the service for you.

3. A2 Hosting

a2hosting - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

You may not usually hear about this dedicated WordPress hosting provider. But, A2 Hosting is quite the competitor in this field of hosting services. In their case, A2 Hosting provides unmatched speed alongside respectable uptime and other decent features at an affordable rate. Of course, with the good features, there are a few not so good ones at display. If you do not focus on their enviable speed then, the other features are just above par. Another thing which hurts A2 Hosting’s performances is the fact that, you will not find cPanel within their pricing. As a user, you will always value quick loading time above all else.

Thankfully, it provides one of the best speeds by far among all the dedicated WordPress hosting providers. With an aggregate of 248ms, you can now understand why A2 Hosting makes this list. You will have no worries with their uptime as it stands at 99.96%. The downtime for this dedicated WordPress hosting provide is less than 15 minutes per month. Users are mostly content with their support system. You can connect with their agent through live chat in relatively short time. If you inquire about CDN including max visit restrictions, you will get a response in a matter of minutes. A2 Hosting takes pride in their support system’s accuracy as well as quickness. Its technical aspect is rather impressive as well.

Consider the fact that, it provides 1TB storage capacity alongside bandwidth cap of 10TB and 2-core quick CPU at a cheap rate. In addition, it provides 8GB RAM that just a bit quicker than other servers. When you factor in these features, you will have a serious threat to the top dedicated WordPress hosting providers. Should the starting features be on the slower side for you, there is always the option of an upgrade. If you pay $99.59 on a monthly basis, you can get most of A2 Hosting’s services. But, for cPanel’s features, you need to pay more $39.95 on a monthly basis as well as caching and site backup.

4. SiteGround

Siteground - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

You can consider this deidctaed WordPress hosting provider as the coolest kid on the block. SiteGround consists of every feature you can make full use of. It may sound too good to be true but, that is the reality. However, for all the benefits you receive from SiteGround, the pricing is a tad bit expensive. Even though it had a tiny mishap in December 2018 of a 20 minute downtime, it is among the top.

During the 12 month period leading up to 2019, SiteGround features one of the best uptimes. In addition, there is no room for customers to complain when it comes to their site speed. If the speed is less than 1 second, it is impressive and visitors will be content. As we bring up its uptime, which is 99.99%, we also have to mention its speed of 683ms. You cannot find any fault with its support staff either. Once you enter the site, it does not take long to connect with an agent through the live chat. Before you know, all the queries will be answered.

Every member on that support staff is well aware of the problem they talk about. To add to that, the staff is going to listen to our problem with much eagerness. The way they communicate will sound very personal to you and is genuinely beneficial to newcomers and professionals alike. If we are talking about its features then there is a slight chance of worry for SiteGround. Providing 480GB storing capacity alongside 10GB bandwidth lid including servers with a 16GB RAM does not bode too well for SiteGround. Its CPU speed and core are decent however, it is not surprising with such pricing. In addition to few other hosting providers, it will offer caching which increases your site’s speed.

Generally, if you want such a service from other providers, you will need to pay $50-100 and it depends on your needs. You may not be pleased with 480GB storage space. With this space, it is not entirely sufficient for covering decent photography blogs on demand. However, you must remember the speed your site will gain including SSD. As the cheapest plan from SiteGround is worth $269 per month, the packages are definitely a bit pricy. Even so, you cannot ignore the services on offer at this price.

5. Liquid Web

LiquidWeb - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

To get powerhouse performace from you dedicated WordPress hosting provider, you can turn to Liquid Web. The stats for this hosting provider comes very close to perfection with top quality feature for any website. The support staff is incredibly professional as well since they can cater to all the needs you can ever have. Whether your queries are about starting blogs or enterprise websites, the support staff is active 24/7. It does not matter if your website requires a thousand images to be uploaded. As long as you, the customer needs help, the support staff are ready to help. But, all of these features do come at a heavy price. While that can sound somewhat disheartening, it is the only downside.

The uptime for this dedicated WordPress hosting provider averages around 99.99%. Of course, what catches every customer’s attention is the fact that, it has a speed of 658ms. Even though it is not super-fast by any means, the services are a total package. If you go to its site for queries, the response will come within a minute on average. All the agents are mostly knowledgeable about the product they serve and usually answer questions with as much detail as possible. Even if you ask simple questions such as, the distinguishing feature of CPU core to a RAM you will be fine. This only happens if the support staff is genuinely friendly and knowledgeable at the same time.

Liquid Web comprises of decent servers. The cheapest package offers 480GB storing capacity as well as an enormous bandwidth lid of 5TB. If you throw in the fast processor worth 16GB RAM, you have a total package. Every loyal customer of Liquid Web are aware of the fact that, it provides the fastest customer support. As a result, they are willing to pay $1,000 for a package that lets them connect with web architects.

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6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Everyone looks for a dedicated WordPress hosting provider that comes in with big guns. Enter GoDaddy. This is a big company coming with enormous customer base. In addition, GoDaddy boasts of very good uptime and speed. One feature that this hosting provider would like you to forget is the customer service. In a company as big as GoDaddy it is natural to expect to decent support staff.

However, much to the shock of numerous customers, the support staff is not all that knowledgeable. Still, it did not make the list of best dedicated WordPress hosting providers for nothing. The company comprises of shared hosting which is really and dependable. Having an uptime of 99.99% means that, GoDaddy nears perfection. Despite having an entire hour of downtime during July, 2018 it generally provides decent uptime. To add to that, its website speed of 610ms is not mind blowing but upholds the industry standard.

The forgettable part is still the customer support because of how slow the entire process is. It takes 10-15 minutes on average for customer support to respond to queries. Moving on, this dedicated WordPress hosting provider has rather respectable features. It comes with 1TB storing capacity alongside unmetered bandwidth services. In addition, you will get 4GB memory as well as cPanel features. If you get it all for $169.99 per month, then it can be a sound offer.

7. IONOS 1&1

1&1 Ionos - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

This is a dedicated WordPress hosting provider with the longest tenure. Of course, that does not mean IONOS 1&1 is the best in the market. Much of that is down to the customer support even if uptime and speed is impressive. In the market for dedicated servers, live chat is extremely beneficial to the customers. However, IONOS does not even have one. It features a decent uptime of 99.98%. Even though there was a 10-minute downtime during February, 2019, the overall performance is assuring. The site’s 530ms is still very decent. In fact, this speed is good enough to rank IONOS among the top dedicated WordPress hosting providers. Let’s not forget that it provides 1TB storage capacity alongside 8GB RAM with fast processors.

If you want to access these features, you need to pay $50 per month. As a matter of fact, IONOS is one of the cheapest among hosting providers. It is important to note that, you need to pay a one-time-only fee of $50 for setting up the entire process.

8. HostWinds

HostWinds - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Moving on to quickness means that, there needs to be a mention of HostWinds. While it is a very recent dedicated WordPress hosting provider, this provider does not necessarily feature the best uptime. During December, 2018, users would have to experience three hours of downtime. Of course, the downtime issue did not reappear anymore. As a result, it has a decent uptime with $99.94% however, it is just above par when you compare it to industry standards. Given the fact that it has loading speed of 1,200ms, there isn’t much to be content with. Then again, it more than backs up poor speed with incredible support staff.

According to studies, it usually provides responses within the first minute of asking. In such a case, the responses are generally precise. To hide such a demerit, it will allow you make use of fully featured servers. This is surely a great deal starting at $79.50 on a monthly basis. Let’s not forget the fact that, it allows level of distinctive features such as, customizing the package, decent Bandwidth alive. Last of all, the introductory rate usually persists from 1-36 months and for cPanel, you need to pay $35 more.

9. AccuHosting

accuwebhosting - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

If you looking for a reasonable price among dedicated WordPress hosting services, this is the right place. It does have some inconsistency with uptime but, it is hardly noticeable. Speaking of uptime, AccuHosting performs well with 99.92% but, there is always room for improvement. Back in January 2019, there was a short downtime lasting for nearly an hour. To add to that, the website speed of 794ms just about makes the cut. On the upside, it comprises of decent support staff. You can connect with an agent from AccuHosting in less than two minutes.

In most cases, these agents act professionally and calmly handle all the queries. One of the more noticeable features is the 16GB RAM alongside CPU which runs at 3.4GHz. In addition, you can get 4TB storing capacity as well as limitless bandwidth. As such, you will get your money’s worth with $75 per month. If this pricing and offering does not satisfy you, there are add-ons as well. Usually, these add-ons come with additional costs but even that is fairly reasonable by industry standards.

10. DreamHost

DreamHost - Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Last on the list of dedicated WordPress hosting providers is DreamHost. This provider has been the host for 1.5 million websites all over the world. It consists of all the essentials you can ask for while starting a new website. If you looking to create web content without much effort, you can visit DreamHost. Every plan of this dedicated WordPress hosting provider includes domain name and SSL certificates without costs. The pricing starts with $2.99 per month.

Almost every dedicated WordPress hosting provider offers great uptime. However, the distinguishable feature, in this case, is a strong customer support cast. As time passes by, it becomes harder for customers to find a dedicated WordPress hosting provider with solid customer support. This list is meant to solve that problem.

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