Top 15 Best CRM Systems or Software To Give Exponential Growth To Your Business


To manage the interaction with customers or co-workers, you need the best CRM system or software in order to give your business exponential growth. With the program, you can automate marketing, give customer’s support, provide access to information, and build relationships with all.

With a good quality CRM system, you can customize it according to your needs to suit any size of business. If you need to invest in quality CRM software for your company make sure to look at the CRM software offered here.

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Top CRM Software and Systems 

With the CRM Systems and Software reviewed here, you can use your low budget in a cost-efficient way to manage everything from sales to payments. Moreover, the products are easy to learn, customizable, and integrates with other tools. You can use it to offer customer support when needed as well.

1. amoCRM


  • Price: 3 Plans Available
  • Suitable for: Single Enterprise

amoCRM offers you a unified communication system that integrates with Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more.​ Furthermore, there is a built-in calling solution to unify your communication channels making it more manageable in one hub. Everything is automated from targeting digital ads to preparing mail for your campaigns.

You can create custom web forms to collect data from leads and get insight when a specific lead is ready to make a sale. With built-in collaboration tools which help to promote your accountability in the workplace. You can also use the native mobile app to manage your CRM while on the go.

Three plans are available for you to choose and start from $15 to $45 per user per month.


2. Adsoup


  • Price: $15/month
  • Suitable for: Single Enterprise

The CRM software is a multi-platform for sales and marketing. The package is suitable for small businesses to use. You can keep an eye on inbound leads and sales at the same time. Likewise, you can also track the revenue generated by social media platforms as well. Furthermore, you can view your financial information to see which channels producing more value from the dashboard.

Therefore, it saves you loads of time browsing through several pages. Some other highlights are the mobile chats, value tracking, message alerts and so much more. The start-up costs are $15 per month, and you get three platforms available for one user.


3. Freshsales


  • Price: 4 Plans Available
  • Suitable for: Single to Large Companies

Here is another full-fledged customer relationship management system. The platform provides an Al-based lead scoring, built-in communication, activity capture functions; identify hot leads, and more. Furthermore, you can use the system to automate repetitive tasks and comes with a fantastic dashboard with different reports.

With the CRM software, you will get better lead management with streamlined sales management and gain in-depth insights on data you need. Likewise, you get multi-channel support to jump from one platform to another. Also, you can track emails and answer direct calls without leaving the system.

You can also use it with 3rd party apps to work with the existing tools you already have in place. You can sign up for a free trial with no obligations. Alternatively, you can sign up for the four available paid plans starting from $12 per user per month.

4. Bpm’online CRM

bpm'online CRM

  • Price: Free Trial Plan
  • Suitable for: Single to Large Companies

Here we have a productivity kit that includes service, sales, and marketing. You have free rein to work under your own rules to test, modify the project process. That is to say, you can manage customers from the start to the end with the best marketing and sales tools.

You can customize many aspects from sales to service features all in one package. Furthermore, you do not need coding skills or any technical expertise to install or maintain the program. You can decide whether you want the CRM software to use on demand or access it in the cloud.

Further, you can use it with 3rd party apps, and the platform is simple to use and customize. You can try the software free, and you will need to join to find out what the fees are.

5. HubSpot CRM


  • Price: Four Plans
  • Suitable for: Single to Enterprise

Indeed, the CRM system is powerful and combines marketing and sales into one platform for you. The CRM module comprises of enterprise-grade tools. You get omnichannel marketing, marketing automation, lead scoring, contact reporting and more. On the other hand, you get wide-reaching visibility of customer activities with a measurable sales pipeline.

The software you can join free to start building your sales and marketing stack without costs. With the platform, you find everything in one location. The system uses landing pages, marketing automation, lead scoring, social media monitoring and the list goes on in order to help you keep an eye on important things.

You can set up messages based on leads, and it offers you a highly engaged communication with your prospects. There are three modules: CRM, Marketing, and Sales. Join now by signing up for the free, starter, professional, or enterprise version today.

6. Pipedrive


  • Price: Free Trial
  • Suitable for: Small Enterprise

When it comes to a light-touch platform to keep an eye on your sales, Pipedrive can help any small enterprise with all the information needed. You can zoom in on crucial leads to follow up and close the deal faster. The UI is user-friendly, sets up quickly, and provides you with a visual pipeline of your sales.

You will get better sales management to check the status of tasks in real-time to optimize operations. In addition, lead management is easy as the software collects contact information by using custom web forms. Furthermore, it is highly customizable and offers flexibility so that you can modify the stages according to your needs.

The platform is mobile ready to keep track of everything on the go. You receive detailed reporting, and you can export the data to other systems as well. You can join free with the trial. However, there is no mention of what the CRM service costs.

7. Salesforce CRM


  • Price: Contact Supplier
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprise

With Salesforce you get customer relationship management and is one of the largest available now. With the refined retention strategies available, you can close the CRM gap and boost productivity at the same time. You get access to a selection of functions from management opportunities to lead routing.

You get a full view of every customer to find information that you can use as a lead to make a sale. Included in the plan is real-time business process management with systematic lead-to-conversion and analytics. To put in another word, the programs are flexible for you to choose the feature you need for your enterprise.

Furthermore, it comes with an open API to make it easier for you to customize. Therefore, if you want to join you need to look at the different available options on their page.

8. InfoFlo


  • Price: Five Paid Plans
  • Suitable for: Small Enterprise

The following CRM software is an on-premise system filled with loads of tools to build relationships with customers. You also get PBX and cloud hosting support with email marketing management, project management, call-center, document management and more.

The fantastic thing is everything you do from a single dashboard from customer data, browsing behavior, to social media integration. Furthermore, with all the available tools you do not need to make use of different devices anymore. You get reporting and analytics to see what is going on with your CRM.

Further, security is robust and not accessible via the internet. For the on-site platform, the costs start from $99 and are a onetime cost.

9. Insightly


  • Price: 3 Plans Available
  • Suitable for: Small Enterprise

For a cloud-based CRM system for small businesses, you will not be disappointed with Insightly. You can find enterprise level packages with them as well. With the software solution, you can stay on top of things with customers. You can manage contacts and do lead tracking, and reporting.

You get a workflow automation tool to process all the steps in your customer relationship management system. Additionally, the system takes care of linking customer records with contacts available in the database to get a clear view of the network. With the powerful lead routing system, you can connect clients to the correct agent quickly.

With the custom dashboard, you can visualize the data in any way you want and build reports on your priorities. Everything is simple with drop-and-drag navigation. Even the security is reliable, and you get two-factor authentication. There are three paid plans available starting from $29 per user per month.

10. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM

  • Price: $19/user/month
  • Suitable for: Small Enterprise

The next CRM platform is a sophisticated yet simple system to use. You can manage contacts and automate the sales to generate detailed reports. There is no complication using the platform as everything is simplified. At the same time, you will quickly get a better sense of what your customers need.

You can upload multiple data from other sources using the software and keep everything together in one place. There will be no more loading of loads of data entry with the CRM service. Nothing is more flexible to use than the dashboard allowing you to display your pipeline in board view, a map view, list view, or chart view.

Further, your sales teams kept in the loop at all times and made with smart notifications alerting you when there is a message. The integration process works with loads of 3rd party apps from Office 365 to Slack. Furthermore, you can centralize your tools without calling IT.

The start plan is $19 per user per month, and there are two more paid plans available.

11. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

  • Price: $20/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprise

For a flagship CRM solution, Zoho offers you a popular platform with loads of features and tools. You can use it for a small to large business to customize functions, as you need. The software integrates well with other platforms as well as service providers.

You will quickly identify and target inactive leads with the historical data available. With the business card view, you can quickly access customer information in one window. You get end-to-end lead and contact management giving you full control of the sales pipeline.

Furthermore, you get opportunity tracking allowing you to see where a consumer is in the sales cycle. On the other hand, it also maximizes social media presence as it captures leads and follows up the client’s behavior for you to connect with them. You can use it with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

If you are uncertain about the program, you can try it out for ten days with the free trial. There are four paid plans available starting from $20 a month.

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12. ExxpertApps


  • Price: $50/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprise

This is an app to use when we talk about cloud CRM services. With the system, you can handle all aspects of your business in one application. You can also manage documents, projects, tasks, products, invoices, events, and more. Everything is accessible from the dashboard and covers wide areas of a company.

Included in the features, you get extensive reports, task management, sales management, messages, chat, online payments, and the list continues. Moreover, you can use it on your mobile phones web browser. You get three paid plans available starting from $50 a month and up.

13. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Price: $210/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprise

Another cloud-based CRM system is the one from Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the software, you get a combination of CRM and ERP solutions. You can do lead tracking, boost sales, and do field service automation. Furthermore, you can use it offline or download it to your mobile device.

Other standout features include customer insights, editable grids, process enhancements, Cortana Integration, Web API enhancement and more. Although, the price of the package is a bit high, and the Dynamics plan starts from $210 per user per month.

14. Spiro


  • Price: $79/user/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Businesses

For a smart AI-powered CRM platform the name Spiro stands above the rest. Firstly, you get automated sales workflows to improve efficiency and productivity. Secondly, the software offers you improved lead generation, faster & easier contact management, and advantage social data. You get unlimited contact and storage with pre-built customizable dashboard and reports. Furthermore, you can prioritize opportunities and give email support. There are three paid plans starting from $79 per user per month.

15. SalesforceIQ


  • Price: $25/user/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprise

For a robust CRM system to build strong relationships with customers, you can look at SalesforceQ. With the software, you can sell smartly, focus on closing deals, look at promising prospects, sell from anywhere, and do automatic follow-up reminders. In the plan, you get appointment management, contact history, lead management, customer pipeline, shared contacts, prospecting tools, and more. Furthermore, you get four different paid plans to choose from. The starting price is $25 per user per month.

Now that you know more about the CRM systems and software available it is time to start evaluating your pros and cons. The critical thing to think about is what’s offered. Look if you get user minimums, integration options, technical assistance, security features, costs, and more.

In our opinion integration options is high on the list and enables you to use the platform with different 3rd party tools. With the CRM tools combined with your CRM software, you can save time, costs, and energy to get is set up right from the start. In short, the CRM platforms reviewed offers you load of features to make sure you get your next sales lead in no time.


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