Top 20 Best Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

A critical process in any business is choosing the right collaboration software to improve the process of workloads. With the correct tool, your team will become more productive to communicate efficiently.

We have selected 20 of the best collaboration software for teams of all sizes to help promote team cohesion and productivity in any workspace here.

However, which one is the best on the list? There are multiple answers, and the right one depends on your team size, project type, and requirements. Once determining the factors, you can find the right tool for team members to use.

Team collaboration software helps you and team members to achieve goals by staying connected and working together on projects from anywhere. Create a fantastic workspace with viewable and accessible tools for all to use here today.

Top 20 Best Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

1. Asana

Asana - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: $11/per user
  • Suitable for: Small Businesses

Asana remains the most popular collaboration software for project management. You get team communication with project managing on one platform. No matter how small or large the venture is the programs fantastic to use. You can customize the view, check the progress, add attachments, and keep an eye on the progress all at the same time.

You can import files from Dropbox or Google Drive. There is a real-time progress tracking and you can add new workflows with pre-made templates. The fields are customizable with columns and sections. The basic version is free for up to 15 members. There are two plans available the Basic and Premium,

2. Bitbucket

Bitbucket - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: Free/Up to 5 Users
  • Suitable for: Small Businesses

With the collaboration software, you can manage various projects as well as team members. The primary focus of the platform is code sharing and relationships between co-workers. The control systems simple and effective at the same time and allow you to choose if you want to be public or private.

There are Access Control Lists available to give access for editing. You can delegate responsibilities to team member and organize tasks. You can set permission rights and manage costs with one plan. Furthermore, you can use it with JIRA as well. The standard version costs $2 per user per month, and there is a Tallium Network available as well.

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: Free/Up to 12 Users
  • Suitable for: Project Management Teams

For project management teams that need collaboration software to work with limitless projects, look at Bitrix24. The platforms free to use for up to 12 members. You can use it for document management, time tracking, Gantt chart, and task collaboration.

You get a simple to use program that offers you comprehensive solutions to control projects, calendar, contacts, communication, and documents. Once registered you can start using it and invite your team members to join — the user-friendly designs made for the novice to a non-tech user.

Alternatively, you can use it with any device or operating system.

4. Confluence

Confluence - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: $10 month/10 users
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Corporations

With the teamwork software, you can build your centralized knowledge base for document sharing and processes. The platform is flexible and allows easy connection between users. The dashboard has automatic linking to JIRA to keep track of developments.

There are templates built in to help avoid the fuss of formatting. The content is secure and highly customizable with add-ons. You get a document management system with a file version. For small teams with up to 10 users the cost is $10. However, as your organization grows, the prices become higher.

You can have up to 2000 users connected to the plan and prices vary.

5. Flock

Flock - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes


  • Price: Free
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

The following collaboration software offers you communication to work with team members on a modern platform to achieve excellent project results. Bring your team together with the available to-do-list for two-way personal work. If you have a Slack account, you can use it with the platform without losing any history.

Furthermore, you can connect with other apps not supported by Flock using IFTTT or Zapier.

6. Jira

Jira - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: Two Plans Available
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

The package tool provides you with important features to define, set and assign work priorities, and more. You can manage applications to make sure everything is running as planned. The interface is simple and allows for communication between team members.

You can do project estimating for co-workers to understand their tasks better. You can display and report the team’s progress with Kanban and Scrum teams. Create strategies users have to tackle as a priority and customize the boards for an interactive experience.

If you are uncertain about the collaboration software, you can use the free trial available. For a small team, the plan costs $10 with ten users a month. As the group expands, the costs are $75 per month up to 15 users, and prices vary up to 2000 members.

7. Huddle

Huddle - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: $10/month/per user
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

The collaboration software is more a document relationship tool with high-level security. The platform is ideal to use to share information with external clients as well. You can co-edit, manage and share documents, all made available on a cloud-based workspace.

You can synchronize users to one document, tasks, comments, and more. There is an approval workflow & tracking function, and you can create branded portals for clients. You can use it with Google G Suite and Microsoft O365 apps. The pricing starts from $10 per user per month.

8. Hive

Hive - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: $12/month/per user
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

Another cloud-based collaboration tool ideal for small to large businesses to use is HIVE. You can share files, do task management automation, create & organize tasks, and chat. You get Gantt chart, tables, Kanban board, calendar and more to run projects effectively.

There are multiple views for each project with the status, a team member working on it, summary views, and the list goes on. You have access to action templates to repeat tasks and the forms powerful collecting important information needed to work on the projects.

Even the messaging service is cool as you can have individual to group chats with video conferencing. There are various plans available with a free trial option as well.

9. Podio

Podio - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

Price: $9/month/per user Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

For a brilliant tool to use for collaborating with team members, you can look at PODIO. With the platform, you will get things done with ease to connect with different tasks all in one place. You get an easy to use project management system to customize as you please with CRM track.

Provides automated workflow for team management, business processes, and scrum management to prioritize and manage projects. The basic plan costs $9 per user per month, and the Plus Plan is $14 per user per month. There is a Premium plan as well.

10. - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: Free Trial Version
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Companies

For a new way to manage your team and sales, the collaboration software from offers you contact with all users. The platform allows you to collaborate with ease while sharing files, checklists, briefs, and more. You can assign co-workers to relevant projects and plan timelines.

The collaborate tool allows you to miss nothing related to a project as you can see deadlines and be notified if there are risks. You can keep an eye on the week ahead with one view.

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11. Smartsheet


  • Price: 30-day Free Trial
  • Suitable for: Anyone

The SMARTSHEET is a web-based tool for anyone to use. Whether you are a project manager or a small task team, you can benefit using this platform. You can use it to automate repetitive tasks, updates, reminders of jobs completed and more. Everything takes place in real-time to make educated business decisions as they arise.

You will see your team at work as the software is easy to use and intuitive. You do not need technical resources or expertise you do everything automated. With the components, you can create new projects and assign approval workflows. The web-based tools security is of the highest available.

12. Slack

Slack - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: $6.67 month/user
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Businesses

With the collaboration software, you get instant messaging to discuss important issues related to any work. The cloud-based platform has a toolset offering different cooperation needs. You can bring all your communication together in one place for sharing files and having a conversation.

You can divide the channels into workgroups set up per project or client. Furthermore, you can share information between clients, vendors, and partners. For face-to-face meetings you get voice and video calls and using file sharing is simple — everything you do via drag-and-drop, images, videos, PDFs and more.

13. Tallium


  • Price: $3 month/100 user
  • Suitable for: Business Community

For creating fresh ideas and problem, solving among co-workers the business collaboration tool is perfect. You get algorithms to help promote content related to the user’s expertise. The platform is configurable and available in a three-level structure with a user-friendly interface.

You get it in multiple languages with multiple levels of privacy and security. There are two plans available the Tallium Community and Tallium Network.

14. Trello

Trello - Collaboration Software for Teams of All Sizes

  • Price: Free Per User Forever
  • Suitable for: Freestylers to Large Businesses

The web-based platform provides collaboration tools for single to large business users. The platforms simple to use and has loads under the hood. You get to-do-lists, cards, and organizing functions. You can expand your team, as you grow all free. There are drop and drag function for co-workers to speed up tasks.

You can attach documents and start a discussion while making comments on essential notes. Files can be uploads from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. When something happens online, a notification comes through on crucial events taking place. To top it all, it works wherever you are on your mobile device to Kindle Fire tablet.

There are three plans available a free one, Business Class, and Enterprise.

15. Wrike


  • Price: Free/up to 5 users
  • Suitable for: Single users to Large Companies

For a leading collaboration, software to use online the name WRIKE stands out from the rest. You can schedule, prioritize, and track work in progress in real time. You can organize your projects in one spot and break it up into manageable pieces with files and set due dates.

The team can edit and manage files live without saving attachments to the computer. You get reliable results delivered to utilize resources effectively as well with Gantt chart and more. Keep track on your budget spend and use templates available to start a newsletter or recurring meetings.

16. Workamajig Platinum

Workamajig Platinum

  • Price: Four Plans Available
  • Suitable for: Creative Teams

If you need a multifunctional and fully integrated collaboration tool, you will love this platform. With the software, you can gain new opportunities with projects. Your sales team can get new leads by finding new projects with similar identification to the ones you have already done.

You will be on the same page with co-workers all the time with streamlined communication. Furthermore, you get access to alerts arising made available by the dashboard to address them quickly. You can manage project requests and maximize it with the organizational tools offered.

17. Yammer


  • Price: Free and Paid Plans
  • Suitable for: Individual and Business Users

The collaboration software is similar to Facebook and presented by Microsoft. With the platform, you can manage internal communications at work. The program provides all with a corporate-friendly interface via working email. Furthermore, it has a large document management system.

You will know what is happening from day to day and spend less time creating messages while building on the work of others. With the API function, you can integrate business applications to the social graph leading to more productivity. You can group and private conversations.

There are two price plans a standalone version for $3 per month per user and a business one for $5 per month per user.

18. Zenkit


  • Price: Free For Personal Use
  • Suitable for: Individual and Business Users

To manage different tasks and preferences, you need the following collaboration software. You can use it to connect with clients, team members, tasks, invoices, and more. The platform is customizable to keep track of everything with formulas and aggregations.

You can personalize the program easily and view everything in tables for customizing fields, filtering to sorting. You can break projects down into smaller tasks with prioritization. Another added benefit is you can use it on your mobile device as well.

The pricing for the plus version is $9 per month per user (up to 20 members), and the business version offers you unlimited users for $29 per month. You can get a free plan for personal use as well.

19. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

  • Price: Free For 25 Users
  • Suitable for: Small Groups

To build and share effective ideas with team members you need ZOHO Docs. You can comfortably collaborate projects locally or remotely to keep track of documentation. Upload bulk files or select multiple ones to save at once as the program offers large storage.

You can categorize teams, projects, and folders and do a backup to prevent data loss. You get a flexible view with in-app chats and get unlimited file recover even with deleted files. The plans free for small teams with up to 25 users and you get 5GB of storage per user.

You can get a standard and premium version as well, and the users and storage data differs.

20. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

  • Price: Five Payment Plans
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Groups

Compared to the previous collaboration software this one comes at an affordable price and has no long-term commitments. The platform is fast and reliable with security functions in place. You can use it with Wiki and Chat to get your entire team on the same page.

You can share files, create projects, hold a discussion, and more. The chat room is built in to bring any project together. The task management is uncomplicated and provides you with to-do-lists, subtasks, and much more. You can do a bulk upload of documents to manage files with ZOHO Office Suite as well.

Even the discussion board is interactive and easily accessible by anyone in the group. There are five plans available a standard, Express, Premium, and Enterprise.

We hope that you found our comprehensive list of the best collaboration software helpful. Each of the tools is the best when you need to communicate fast with other members of your team. The important thing is to consider your requirements of the project you have as one plan varies from another. However, if you need something more, you can always look at the best project management tools & software reviewed here.


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