Best Chemical Engineering Schools

Chemical Engineering Schools

While employing analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, and Math skills, Chemical engineers use their creativity to convert raw materials into useful products. Chemical engineers today graduating from top chemical engineering schools engage in wide varieties of firms and industries finding solutions to the global need for a sustainable source of energy. They are also employed in the development of regenerative medicines and several other processes of food processing.

It is undeniable that the principles of chemical engineering have expanded immensely, enabling chemical engineers today to have access to a wide range of industries. The primary role of a chemical engineer is to produce commodities that are industrially viable and to further ensure minimal environmental impact not only from its mass-production but also its usage.

Best Chemical Engineering Schools

Scopes of Chemical Engineering

With only a bachelor’s degree, chemical engineers from top chemical engineering schools, have sufficient amount of job opportunities available due to increased demands of industrialization.

Job growth: 8%

Salary per annum: Starting from $98,210

Job Prospects include: Petroleum engineer, Process engineer, Polymer scientist, Research Project Manager and so on.

Now that you decided on a profession, what next? Where to pursue it from? For your convenience, we have got it all covered in this article, including the top chemical engineering schools ranked by quality and affordability. Read on to find the University that suits you the best.

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1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranked 4th according to World’s University Ranking 2019, Chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT ranks the oldest. In the year 1888, the first-ever four-year chemical engineering curriculum called Course X was created in MIT by Professor Lewis M. Norton, a former chemistry professor at MIT. However, this curriculum was further modified in the early 20th century. It is to develop and distinguish chemical engineering as a full-blown profession.

Located in Cambridge, USA, during 1907 MIT became the first school to award degrees in Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering securing it the 1st place among top chemical engineering schools. MIT’s urban campus runs 1.6km along the course of Charles River. Engineering students are required to complete a core curriculum called GIR that acts as a prerequisite to significant core courses. Moreover, MIT provides a lucrative financial aid that enables anyone to study at MIT. Also, students with academic potential study tuition fee-free.

Tuition fees per annum: $53,400

To know more on how to apply and other details, check out:

2. University of California

University of California

Ranked as 2nd in the top chemical engineering schools, University of California is a public university in founded in 1868. While providing options for several kinds of financial aid based on the need the University of California at present has 251,700 students enrolled. Every student here is unique and full of potential. Additionally, the University of California comprises of a total of 10 campuses throughout the nation to choose from. Depending on the availability of your major, you have the utmost rights to select your campus. Each campus is unique on its own in such a way that students of different ambition suit at least in one the campuses.

Tuition Fees per annum: $32,400 (in-state)

$64,300 (out-state)

To learn more about their application procedures, check out:

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

The school of chemical engineering as well as biomolecular engineering established in 1901, making it one of the oldest and one of the top chemical engineering schools. Georgia Tech’s undergraduate and graduate program rank second in the US nation. The university’s primary focus is on energy and sustainability. Moreover, the school of Chemical engineering flaunts its remarkable research projects that stand a solid ground for innovation and technological advances. Located at Atlanta, Georgia the Georgia Tech campus consists of four core parts designed such, so it blends well in a suburban setting and in the contemporary world. Students studying in Georgia tech follow two semesters in a year.

Tuition fees per annum: $31,080 (out-state)

$12,000 (in-state)

To get details on their application procedure, visit:

4. University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas, Austin - Chemical Engineering Schools

The University of Texas provides slightly modified versions of the chemical engineering curriculum, transforming this university in 4th position among the top chemical engineering schools. At Texas University, as a student of engineering, you will be pursued into aiming your work towards research specifically, Graduates from Texas Engineering are employed in large scale industrials like petroleum, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, teaching aids have been used extensively inside the spacious lecture halls, exploring lengths of technology suitable for classrooms. Located at Austin, Texas the University of Texas is a government-funded research public university.

Tuition Fees per annum: $10,400 (in-state)

$37,480 (Out-of-state).

To apply for this university, check out;

5. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology - Chemical Engineering Schools

Ranked 5th among the top chemical engineering schools, Caltech or California Institute of Technology focuses mainly on research based on natural sciences as well as engineering. Located in Pasadena, California the Caltech campus expands 124 acres with a specialized laboratory constructed in 2010 for chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Caltech also follows the trimester policy to date. Moreover, about 52% of the students receive the need-based scholarship.

Tuition Fees per annum: $63,400 (in-state)

$72,000 (Out-of-state)

To understand their application procedures, check out;

6. Stanford University

Stanford University - Chemical Engineering Schools

Besides from ranking world’s 6th among top chemical engineering schools, Stanford seamlessly follows the German motto “Die Luft der Freiheitweht” that translates to “the wind of freedom blows”. Located in Stanford, California, chemical engineering at Stanford mainly encourages its students towards research. The Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford was founded in 1961. It is one of the oldest in the field making it among the top chemical engineering schools. Additionally, 70% of students in Stanford study with a financial aid granted by the university based on need. Stanford follows a trimester policy, divided across spring, autumn, and Winter. However, at Stanford, First-year students must stay in on-campus housing.

Tuition fees per annum: $52900

To learn more about their admission policies, check out:

There are many renowned universities present globally from which we have enlisted our top chemical engineering schools based on affordability, quality, reputation, and rankings. So which one are you applying to?


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