Top 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools | Best Collection in 2019

Business Intelligence Tool

For Small to Big Businesses

Small to big businesses all have one thing in common, and that is actionable insights to improve the business. To achieve this, you need the best business intelligence tool helping you to make sense of complex data without hassles. The software collects, analyzes, and converts the information into a report making it more understandable for you. Alternatively, it provides you with valuable insights to drive more profits with the best results for all. There are loads of BI tools available and have chosen the best to narrow down your options for faster decision-making.

Premium Business Intelligence Tools

With one of the best BI tools reviewed, you will get a scalable architecture with extensive features adapting to the needs of your growing business.

Top 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools | Best Collection in 2019

1. AnswerDock


  • Price: $295/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprises

The BI tool is a cloud-based analytics program that offers you artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data mining algorithms. You get accurate reports from data collected from various sources to provide you with instant answers to queries.

You get a unified database to control the view or editing of information. There are more than 30 chart formats with over 50 customization options available. You get fast data search and timely data preparation with real-time computation. There is a 30-day trial version available free after that you need to pay $295 per month.

2. datapine


  • Price: $249/month
  • Suitable for: Small to Large Enterprises

With datapine, all your data sources found in one location making it more visualized to help you understand the data. You can connect and analyze information from various sources, including, ERP and CRM. You get centralized data management with data visualization and data dashboards.

The drag-and-drop navigation makes using the program comfortable. You get smart alerts notifying you when there are certain anomalies detected in the data. There are two plans available the basic starting from $249 per month and the professional one $449 per month.

3. BusinessQ


  • Price: On Request
  • Suitable for: SMBs

The business intelligence tool offers you a load of benefits such as turning all your figures and metrics into understandable graphs on the dashboard. You get comprehensive visualization all in one place and do not need to sift through different spreadsheets to get the information you need.

The dashboards detailed and collect data from various sources. You can share your data with concerned people, as it is web-based and cost-effective at the same time to use. Furthermore, you can use the software on-premise or as a SaaS.

4. Hotjar


  • Price: $29/month
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool that analyzes user insights with their visual behavior. The IB tool is powerful as it works with heat mapping and conversion funnels. With the functions, you can observe every visitor and pinpoint how they use your site. You get robust feedback features from polling, incoming feedback, and surveying.

Furthermore, it offers multiple language support and simplifies your research and testing. The app is a mobile platform ready, and the basic plan is free. The paid version starts from $29 per month.

5. Sisense


  • Price: Request Quote
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

For making sound business decisions, you need this business intelligence tool to help. You get all your important data in one place to view on the dashboard. There is drag-and-drop functionality with a granular view of information.

The application runs on ad hoc queries, receiving answers on the dot, and you do not need to prepare data when new questions arise. Furthermore, you can consolidate charts from different sources. For a price, you can request a quote, and the price includes the annual license module, custom pricing, full-stack solution, and more.

6. Looker


  • Price: Contact Vendor
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

With Looker, you get a web-based interface BI tool to use with your team to build and share reports to boost business actions and decisions. You get workbook analytics automatically generated from data based on your scheme.

The systems fast to learn with the LookML, and you get various field parameters in columns and tables. There is support for SQL Window Function to rank customers based on their behavior and the program comes with a 70% trial-to-win rate. For a price, you will have to contact the vendor for a quote.

7. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

  • Price: $22.50/month
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

The data analytics program offers you robust BI and CRM tools. The platform is simple to use and highly configurable. You can use it with multiple sources to speed up the generation of various reports. You get streamlined data gathering to synchronize and import information from other programs.

The chart creation is easy, and you do not need spreadsheets or a separate system. You also get access to a wide selection of collaborative tools all built into the system. Furthermore, you can use it with an API tool to use the BI tool with your existing application. There are four paid plans available with a starting price at $22.50 per month.

8. Yellowfin


  • Price: Contact Vendor
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

No matter how big your business is the IB tool offers you the best analytics solution online. Now bridging critical information from various data sources in real-time is easier with this platform. It has a collaborative business intelligence to share insights with your team members.

You can use it to distribute, export, and email the content to stakeholders. You can create immersive and interactive presentations to capture highlights of crucial aspects of the collected data. The dashboard is customizable, and you get Web API to integrate with other apps.

9. ReportPlus


  • Price: $99.99/year/per user
  • Suitable for: All Businesses

If you are more interested in focusing on data visualization this business intelligence tool is what you need. It has an interactive and accurate reports based on different processes. You do not need to hire an external IT specialist, as it is a self-service BI tool.

You get visualization templates suited for your type of industry, and there are preset themes as well. It has real-time data connection as it integrates with SQL databases and other apps. You can use it on the go and mobile-friendly. Furthermore, the deployment options configurable and allow you to host the analytics system in the IT department or on the cloud.

10. QlikView


  • Price: Contact Vendor
  • Suitable for: Personal to Business

The BI tool is easy-to-use and automatically generates personal reports and custom dashboards. You get a full spectrum of visual analytics you can adjust as your company grows. You get governed asses and data modules with intelligent searching. The platform is buildable, and you can personalize it according to your needs. Furthermore, it is fully responsive to mobile devices as well.

With the business intelligence tools reviewed, you can optimize your projects and drive growth. However, you need a structured selection process in place. When selecting one on the list always ask yourself what features you need. Does the application have data consolidation, archiving, and visualization?

Look if it has customizable dashboards or advanced functionalities. Another important thing is to decide who will be using the BI software. By selecting the number of users, you can decide on the best plan best suited for your budget and needs. Furthermore, the platform needs to be flexible from personalizing it to using it with other external sources.

So there you have it, with these questions and the best BI software for small and big businesses you can now make your decision. We hope that you find a suitable program that fits in with your business requirements. We recommend you look at Sisense again.

The software offers you tools that are comfortable to use. You can sign up with them using the free trial before committing yourself. However, if you feel it is not right for you, check out any of our other solutions!

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