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Thinking of subscribing to a bird magazine, but not quite sure which ones to get? Well, the best way to solve this issue is to check out the websites of different bird magazines to see what types of content each one of them has to offer. But that can be a lot of time-consuming, and you are sure to miss out some of the very bests if you have no primary idea on the subject. And online magazines can be really confusing at times with most of them providing detailed information about their contents only to subscribers. What is the point of checking out their website then, right? We believe the same.

So here we bring you a list of the best bird magazines, with brief but compact descriptions on their contents that might help you decide which ones to subscribe to. Our only goal is to make the task easier for you, so you can go off birding without any worry.

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1. Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms is targeted towards birding enthusiasts and gardeners and provides a rich array of contents on where to find which species of birds, when is the best time to photograph them, and more. Birds & Blooms has become America’s number 1 bird magazine by doing its job so effortlessly over the years. We rank it number one on our list of the best bird magazines.

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2. Bird Watcher’s Digest

Bird Watcher’s Digest

The Bird Watcher’s Digest is among those bird magazines that try to bring you all of it. They provide stunning pictures of the aviary to stories and articles on the different species of birds and how to identify them, this is the one digest that would bring everything to you in one platform. Highly recommended for bird photographers and basically anyone who is an enthusiast, or not.

3. Bird Talk Magazine

Bird Talk Magazine

Bird Talk Magazine brings you the best insightful articles, stunning photos, and interesting stories of your feathered friends from all around the globe. With detailed descriptions of the different species and how to spot them, and what you can do to make your surroundings more hospitable for them, the Bird Talk Magazine is a magazine worth checking out if you are thinking about subscribing to a bird magazine. Whether you are an expert bird watcher, or an enthusiast, or just a curious bystander, the Bird Talk Magazine will be an interesting read for you no matter what.

4. Living Bird Magazine

Living Bird Magazine

Just like their motto says, the Living Bird Magazine provides you with news, trivia, fun facts, anecdotes, and much more, and it’s all about birds. It also comes with tutorials on how to make your home bird friendly and how you can help preserve the endangered bird species of your area. Keep an issue of this at your home especially if you have kids, and you’ll see them become little naturalists who truly care about the environment and the birds in it. The Living Bird Magazine is one of the best bird magazines in the market.

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5. BirdLife


Apart from being a bird magazine, Birdlife provides an interactive platform for bird enthusiasts and expert birders to connect and share their birding experiences. Along with your subscription, you can also become a member of their birding club and take part in preserving the birds and making the world a better place for these beautiful creatures. The interactive aviary magazine is available in both print and online versions. You can easily go to their website and subscribe to get the latest issue.

6. The Bird Watching Magazine

The Bird Watching Magazine

The Bird Watching Magazine makes the best use of technology by giving you live updates of local hotspots near your location. A lot of different species of birds can be found. These easy to access locations can be a great start for the new birders to learn the art of bird watching and bird photography, and this magazine makes it all the more easy for you. Acknowledging their welcoming approach towards both new and old bird watchers, we just had to mention Bird Watching on our list of bird magazines. The magazine is available in both print and online versions.

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7. Birding


Birding is a magazine dedicated solely to birding. With articles from expert bird watchers on bird identification, facts and trivia about the different species of birds and where to photograph them, and stunning photographs taken by maestro bird photographers, Birding can easily be regarded and referred to as the Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them aka the ultimate guide for bird watching in the bird magazines industry. We rank it on the lucky 7th position, last but not the least on our list.

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Bird watching or birding is one of those hobbies that actually have a great positive impact on your surroundings. You get to know about the different species of birds, learn about their history of evolution and migration. You also learn to recognize them upon seeing their features and to differentiate between the species. And all this helps you understand and realize the importance of birds in our environment and why they must be preserved. Bird magazines can help you a great deal on this matter. They can be a great item for collection, a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. Even people who are mot into birds at all and just picked up a bird magazine from the rack out of sheer boredom have developed a keen interest in birds by reading it.

And if you are an enthusiast from beforehand, a magazine is always the best fuel to kindle the fire (of course, we are speaking figuratively here). So here it is, our list of the top 7 bird magazines that we think you’d find helpful and will enjoy reading as well. Go ahead and subscribe. Thanks for reading!

Please note that we have not provided any information on the subscriptions of the bird magazines. We mentioned as subscription fees and guidelines are subjective to your location and the versions (print or online) you might want to subscribe to.

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