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Best Biomedical Engineering Schools

Kidney dialysis, artificial organs, pharmaceutical drugs, regenerative tissue growth, surgical devices, pacemakers, and prosthetics are only some of the life-changing inventions and technologies that have changed the quality of life for the greater good. Technologies like these involve the merging of two major fields of science that in turn make up what we call as Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is simply a field of study that employs the principles of biology with engineering to solve medical and biological issues.

Since a long time, it is believed that medicine and engineering are two exclusive fields of study, but with the passage of time, it is seen that both go hand in hand to create unfathomable wonders. Most Biomedical Engineering Schools urge their senior students to pursue research extensively so as to make a worldly difference. Regardless, the art of bioengineering is yet to prevail globally as it is still developing.

Best Biomedical Engineering Schools | Medical Engineering

Scope of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering or BME students are high in demand now and only continue to improve as time goes. It is due to the complexity of this field that combines Art, Biology, and Engineering all in one, which is why; it surpasses an average student’s capability.

An entry-level bioengineer, holding only a Bachelor’s from any reputed biomedical engineering schools showing immense potential readily qualify for relevant jobs offered by a competent firm. Bioengineers graduating from quality biomedical engineering schools mainly work on developing life-changing devices while working in renowned hospitals, research facilities, and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Job Growth: 7%
  • Salary Per annum: $88,000 – $140,000 (depending on qualification)
  • Job Prospects include Hospital Engineer, Service, Research engineer, Analytical Engineer, and so on.
  • To attain certified quality education in Biomedical Engineering, we are here to help you find and choose your future university from the top biomedical engineering schools that are ranked on the basis of quality and reputation.

1. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Ranked 1st in the list of prospective biomedical engineering schools, John Hopkins University attracts brilliant students every year that enroll for engineering degrees. Assuring quality education and extensive scope for the research John Hopkins has become well known for its prestigious and excellent health care programs as well as medical schools.

A key highlight to John Hopkins is its lucrative resources for undergoing research in its Biomedical engineering lab. It is specially designed with a machine shop, prototyping lab, and so on. John Hopkins hones its bioengineers to a competitive invincible stage which is evident from a team of bioengineers from John Hopkins that have secured first prize in the Retail and Health innovation challenge.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also ranked in a tie with John Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has become one of the top tier biomedical engineering schools in the world. Providing over 15 engineering majors to choose, every year, a huge number of students hoard to MIT, enrolling for its renowned engineering degrees.

MIT motivates its students, further encouraging them to pursue research as early as possible during their degree. MIT is resourceful when it comes to the scope of research. They provide close to about 20 research labs that have become home to some significant inventions.

3. Duke University

Duke University

Ranked the 3rd among top biomedical engineering schools, Duke University prioritizes flexibility and extraordinary approach to education as not all students are alike. Understanding that students who opt for biomedical engineering schools are rather more particular when it comes to their skills, they are not only academically excellent; bioengineers display creativity to a decent extent.

Duke provides a system of biomedical education that is unique to all with a generous structure meant for growth. At Duke University, each student has the liberty to pursue an individually designed independent course or to pursue double majors. Duke University also liberally funds its prodigy students with their independent projects that aim at sustainability and smart innovation.

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4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Located in Atlanta, Georgia Institute of Technology or Gtech is ranked the 3rd among top tier biomedical engineering schools. Owing to its affordability and strong engineering curriculum, Gtech has always maintained a high ranking throughout the years. At Gtech, students are trained in a way that their capabilities shine irrespective of academic standings.

Bioengineers at Gtech focuses on hands-on application-based learning, practical workshops, and the crucial roles that teamwork plays in a professional environment. 70% of the bioengineers successfully conclude their independent project way before graduation, utilizing research facilities granted by the university itself. Every year Georgia Institute of Technology flaunts its innovation and technology through projects and research work. It is independently done by students of Gtech with grants supplied by the university to accomplish their desired project.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University | Best Biomedical Engineering Schools

Stanford University ranks the 5th among all top-ranked biomedical engineering schools. The school also ranks 2nd best engineering school for its broad scope of engineering majors. Providing over 15 different majors that fall under engineering, one of which is its remarkable achievements in biomedical engineering. Research at Stanford is promising on its own due to its reputation and quality.

Stanford encourages its bioengineers to not only focus on learning but also to practically apply everything that has been taught in classrooms. Stanford motivates its students to create unique ideas and invent them into innovations. That is why Stanford has been able to secure its position among world’s best top 10 universities.

To conclude, out of hundred thousands of bioengineers across the world, the chances that you get your spotlight of success are slim if unless you have potential, creativity, and excellent academic standings. All these are excellent and highly dependent on your choice of university. Quality and reputation of a university are crucial to make you stand out. Above all, which of these great universities is perfect for you?

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