Top 10 Best Architect Lamps | Brighten Your Work With These!

Architect Lamps

Architectural drawings are quite complex which requires complete focus to get those precise details without straining the eyes. To aid in the process, architectures need a unique blend of luminosity for which the architect lamps are the best options to reach for. Here we have compiled the best option of lamps for you.

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Top 10 Best Architect Lamps

Architect Lamps Reviews | Brighten Your Work With These

1. Swing-Arm Globe Electric Architect Lamp

Swing-Arm Globe Electric Architect Lamp

The Globe Electric Architect lamp is the choice of both professionals and students for their workspace. This nifty device has a super adaptable spring arm and a metal clamp for positioning the lamp according to your convenience. It has an attached LED bulb that emits no heat and greatly power-efficient radiating at 3000K color temperature. This gives it a remarkable 25,000 hours lifespan. It comes with a 6-feet long cord to reach even the furthest power source.


  • Cost-effective according to performance
  • Convenient setup


  • Threads are quite fragile

2. Phive Architect Task Lamp

Phive Architect Task Lamp

To illuminate your desk space, Phive Task lamp provides you the most convenient setting. The design includes a superior quality swing arm made of aluminum and a firm metal clamp that supports 2.36 inches from the tabletop. The head swindles up to 180 degrees with a tap touch icon for brightness adjustments. The LED bulb consumes only 20% of the energy similar to an incandescent bulb. It emits flicker-free soft daylight which is ideal for the eyes.


  • Prevents overheat
  • Minimal desk space needed


  • Prone to electrostatic shock from touch icon

3. ToJane Studio Architect Lamp

ToJane Studio Architect Lamp

Now you can read at night curling up on your bed-side with the ToJane Studio Architect Lamp lighting up your sight. It has long swing-arms extending 2.5 feet which are firmly balanced by 4 springs and 3 metal joints aiding the rotation of the lamp. This robust architect lamp has prolonged durability due to its 0.6mm thick rust-resistant metal body. It also provides a long power cable of 59 inches with the switch attached on the cord.


  • Greater flexibility of motion
  • Sturdy metal body with enhanced durability


  • The springs can easily be worn-out

4. BYB Metal LED Lamp

BYB Metal LED Lamp

The sleek appearance of the BYB Metal Clamp not only takes the minimal desk space, but it also provides wide light coverage and adjustable clamps. The lamp has 4 different light modes to adjust the color temperature of the LED along with 6 dimming levels. The lamp is built of high-end aluminum alloy. The energy-efficient LED has a lifespan of 50,000-hours with a unique feature of emitting light in a sideways direction. This prevents glares and flickers to protect the eyesight.


  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Well-built framework


  • Little dynamicity in light modes

5. BenQ E-Reading Architect Lamp

BenQ E-Reading Architect Lamp

BenQ E-Reading is one of the smartest lamps designed to uniformly light up your desk reducing eye strain. It has a 35-inch light range providing 150% wider coverage of light. Besides, the smart light sensor automatically detects the ambient brightness to adjust itself accordingly without any contrast glare on screens. The lamp provides great flexibility with 50,000-hour longevity. There is also a knob to adjust the color temperature of the light (2700-5700K) for better concentration.


  • Provides 150% wider light coverage
  • Uniform flicker-free light


  • The clamps are sold separately

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6. Tomons Swing Arm

Tomons Swing Arm

It is quite rare to get a perfect fusion of contemporary and classic architecture in one go. This desk lamp is an attractive piece that stands out from the rest.  The robust body frame is made of chemical-free wood and is greatly durable. Each part of the lamp can be manually adjusted to precise height and angles. The lightweight and portability of the structure make it easy for storage. The nylon covered cables are greatly flexible and strong.


  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Good light coverage


  • The bulb luminosity is comparatively high

7. Otus Adjustable Architect Desk Lamp

 Otus Adjustable Architect Desk Lamp

You can comfortably adjust your light moods when you have Otus Adjustable Desk Lamp at your place. The unique gesture control feature requires just a wave of your hand to on and off the lamp. It comes with adaptable swing arms and a swindle head. Otus Adjustable offers 12 brightness levels with 3 color settings that can further be customized to 36 more lighting settings. It ensures a lifespan of 50,000-hours with a non-flickering light.


  • It has a standard size
  • Ensures a wide range of movement


  • Overall a bit fragile
  • Some light shades are dull

8. YOUKOYI Touch Control LED Lamp

 YOUKOYI Touch Control LED Lamp | Architect Lamps

A simple streamlined design is what makes YOUKOYI Touch Control lamp a perfect decor for both homes and offices. It is attached to modifiable swing arms. With 3 brightness levels incorporated and 2 available color temperatures (3000K and 5700k) to choose from, users can satisfy their brightness level needs. It has a separate desk clamp that easily fits on any plain surface. Further, it offers a vertically adjustable head that can move up to 180 degrees and can swivel 350 degrees horizontally.


  • Adjustable brightness and temperature levels
  • Easily portable


  • Prone to the flickering bulb

9. Daylight Combo White Lamp

Daylight Combo White Lamp | Architect Lamps

The archaic essence of the Daylight Combo White Lamp is an ideal choice for those who prefer function over fashion. The genius of this lamp is highly appreciated by professionals like artists for lighting up their wide workspace. The lamp comes with two different types of light. It makes use of a circular 3 by 14-watt daylight tube or an incandescent bulb with no flickering at all. Durability is ensured with the metal arms firmly attached to the metal springs.


  • Extended light coverage
  • Well functional daylight bulb


  • Durability is questionable

10. Newhouse Lighting Architect Lamp

Newhouse Lighting Architect Lamp | Architect Lamps

The pleasing Newhouse Lighting Architect Lamp is highly sophisticated amidst its simplicity with its vintage essence. The classic architecture of this lamp fits in all types of environment, be it your home or office. Irrespective of its beauty, the lamp has 35,000-hour longevity with a 90% energy-efficient light compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs. The lamp has zero-emission of heat in the process. Moreover, it has adjustable stylish arms along with a rotatable base.


  • Classic attractive look
  • Lightweight with a sleek architecture


  • Insufficient light

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These uniquely designed architect lamps with special adjustable features serve multiple purposes. Architect lamps are a great source of positioned lighting for architects as well as anyone aiming to get every minute details of a specific project to experience that wholehearted satisfaction.

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