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Top 20 Best Architecture Schools in the World

Architecture Schools in the World

Architecture plays a crucial role in humanity as it shapes the world we live in. Architects create and design living spaces such as cities, buildings, and more. The biggest problem with the architecture field is that it is competitive and you need a lot of studies with internships to be able to start working. However, getting an architecture degree pays off in the end. Here with us, you can learn exactly what an engineer does and find a suitable place to learn. Therefore, if you are interested, we have selected the 20 top architecture schools in the world where you can do your internship.

Why Should You Study Architecture?

With an architecture degree, you can become educated to design and construct buildings and streets. While the term architecture describes physical structures, it also illustrates the technicalities of creating the buildings and the method of construction used.

As a student, you will need to be prepared to study long and can take up seven years to complete your degree. Furthermore, you will have considerable responsibility for the reliability and safety of designing these structures. Are you interested in creating buildings?

Then the architecture field may be what you need to study and the best options to start taking the right subjects at high school. You will need a high grade in mathematics, design technology, English, and physics. You will need top A or IB grades and has a portfolio of your design work to show your ability to be able to draw freehand or create 3D models.

If you have all of the above, you may qualify at the following architecture schools and make a huge difference in people’s lifestyle.

Advantages of Architecture Degree

Pursuing an architecture career takes a great deal of studying and experience. However, once you complete your degree, the occupation holds many advantages for you.

You Can Be Creative and Enjoy Interesting Work

Architecture is a resourceful field and needs a great deal of expression and vision. You can see this visualization and creativity take place in your work and is rewarding. Creators can put their creative footprint on a town, city, street, or building for all to see.

You Can Express Your Passion for Like Minded People to See

As an engineer in designing buildings, landscapes, towns, and more you see the world in a specific way. You share your appreciation with others by defining the architecture for all to see and enjoy. Therefore, if you enjoy looking at new buildings architecture may be the right field for you.

You Can Enjoy a Fascinating and Fast-Paced Career

The field of architectures dynamic and always evolving in different techniques and technologies used to improve structures. You still need to stay up to date with the latest developments and makes it exciting and challenging. Your day-to-day life varies as some days you are out on site, visiting clients, or spending time in the office.

You Can Make an Impact on People around You

As an architect you can leave behind a legacy for centuries to come as the structures you create leaves an impact on others to see. For example, the engineers who designed the Statue of Liberty, Eifel tower, Big Ben and more are still in history books, making these structures a historical identity.

Architecture is a Well-Respected Career

While architecture is challenging it is worth the effort, as you will receive a great deal of respect for the work you do. You play an essential role in modern society.

You Travel and See the World

Depending on your recognition as an architect, you travel the world and learn about different cultures. The more you voyage, the more experienced you become. You create different architecture styles to bring them into a wide selection of cities to make them better.

What Careers Can You Follow with an Architecture Degree?

As an architecture student, you develop different skills from being visual, creative, and technical minded. Therefore, you can follow different careers with an architecture degree and can apply for various job options:

These are only a few careers you can follow, and there are many more. So are you ready to get your degree? Check the top 20 architecture schools in the world here and get your internship started.

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Top 20 Best Architecture Schools in the World

Here we have a list of the top-ranking colleges in the world for studying architecture. While the majority of schools are based in North America, you can find some from Asia and Europe as well.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT is a world-leader when it comes to getting your architecture degree. They specialize in the field of business, science, and technology. Their academic reputations are near-perfect and provide programs in Architecture & Urbanism.

Furthermore, they provide you with outstanding college life. On the campus are twelve museums and galleries to improve your creative designing. Alternatively, you work hand-in-hand with faculty to tackle different challenges the modern day society faces in the architecture world.

When applying for your degree, you will need to provide the faculty with some short essays covering a range of persona and motivation-based questions. If you are successful, you can place yourself in one of the best architecture schools in the world.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University

When studying at Harvard University, you get a diverse program that includes the Faculty of Art, Science, and Design. The school is one of the world’s foremost educational institutions and provides innovative courses. Harvard houses ten degree-granting colleges with two theaters and five museums.

Furthermore, you get access to the world’s largest academic library system for your studies. As you can see the acceptance, the rate is low, but you will need flawless grades with reliable references to get access. Further, you will need to provide the faculty with an entrance essay as a while.

Luckily, they do offer financial aid and packages that you can take advantage of if you are low on funds. Some of the alumni that stand out are eight presidents of the United States, and some of the students have won Olympic medals as well.

3. National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

In the heart of Asia, you find the National University of Singapore also known as NUS. The leading global university is Singapore’s flagship school and has seventeen faculties across three campuses. You get a broad-based curriculum providing you with multiple disciplinary programs.

Some of these schools are Arts $ Social Science, Design & Environment, Engineering, Integrative Sciences & Engineering, and more. Further, you can focus on the design of buildings to create landscapes, products to entire cities. To be accepted you need chemistry, mathematics, and physics grade. You will also need to pass their Architecture Admission Test.

4. University of California Berkley

University of California Berkley

Just east of the San Francisco Bay Area, you find the University of California (UCB.) The prestigious school offers places to up to 1000 graduate and undergraduate scholars. What makes the college unique is that you do not have to provide a portfolio during your admission process.

UCB prefers to evaluate you based on your ambition, general academic performance, and motivations. The acceptance rate is 16%, and the application deadline is 30 November. Alternatively, if you do have troubles with the funding, they provide you with financial aid.

5. Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

North of Rotterdam you find the TU Delft University providing you with a bachelor’s degree in building science and urbanism. Furthermore, they provide you with conventional architecture education as well. The school is one of the leading technical institutions in Europe.

The biggest problem you will face as an international student is that the undergraduate course is in Dutch while the Berlage Master Degree is in English. Alternatively, they offer you Civil & Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Studies, Architecture, and Engineering and Technology.

Furthermore, you will have access to restaurants, parks, the botanical garden, and cycle paths.

6. Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano

Another renowned architecture school is Politecnico di Milano in Europe. They have received many excellent prizes among their alumni. Furthermore, they are internationally focused on their Architectural Design BSc program taught in English and Italian.

The course you learn across three campuses, includes conferences, study trips, exhibitions, and guarantees you an external internship at your final year. Once you complete your degree and want to improve your work skills, even more, they offer master’s option available in English.

You will need to complete a short entry test that focuses on your logic, drawing competency, and mathematics.

7. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich

For one of the finest STEM institutions, you can look at ETH Zurich. Albert Einstein is one of the schools famous alumni needs we say more. You get several postgraduate and undergraduate courses but will need to speak German while many of the programs taught in English and French.

The university concentrates on theoretical studies more than application. Furthermore, you need to do an entrance exam depending on your home country. While studying at ETH Zurich, you can partake in various sports and other events throughout the year.

8. University of Sydney

University of Sydney

The first university to become available in Australia was the University of Sydney. The school is one of the world’s top public research institutions. Furthermore, they offer more than 400 programs, and as an architecture student, you get valuable practical and theoretical skills.

While completing your education, you can build relationships in more than 200 student clubs and societies. Alternatively, you have a wide selection of degrees you can select based on your ATR as well. On the other hand, they offer you various admission pathways as well.

9. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programs in architecture. The school is exclusive and focuses on developing your potential by allocating you to a dedicated workshop. The admission process is fierce, and you need to do a drawing test, written essay, submit a portfolio, and interviewed by a panel. Your grades need to be excellent in both arts and mathematics. To obtain your architecture Ph.D. degree will take up to seven years.

10. UCL London

UCL London

UCL London has been at the forefront as a leading university for studying architecture. When completing your education with them, you will be studying in a top of the range B-MADE (Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange) facility.

Before acceptance, you will need to do an assessment task concentrating on the quality of your portfolio. When accepted you can benefit from a wide selection of programs to develop your skills. Once completing your degree, you get the ARB & Royal and RIBA accreditation. To receive the accreditation takes up to three years of studying.

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11. Washington University

Washington University

At Washington University, you become part of a creative community of achievers. You will receive the right skills to make your architecture degree a professional career and enables you to tackle any big challenge. Furthermore, you will learn from leading faculty and works side by side with them on projects.

Further, when not studying partakes in the various clubs available and have some fun. Also, you can apply using a standard or coalition application but will have to provide a supplemental essay with your application. You will need a high school diploma or equivalent with a senior-year transcript indicating your activities, community service, or work experience.

12. Cornell University

Cornell University

When it comes to Cornell University, you have loads of options to study architecture. You will immerse yourself in liberal and practical programs to improve your skills. When applying as a freshman, you will need to follow different criteria before selected at the school.

You will need the correct secondary-school subject and requirements. These include English, math, and science. Alternatively, for the architecture, you need four years of math. The standardized testing requirement SAT or ACT, but subject tests not needed. You will have to submit a portfolio before getting an interview.

13. University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a private school in Indiana found in the South Bend Region. The mid-sized institution has more than 9k undergraduate students. The admission is competitive, and the acceptance rate is 19%.

When applying for your architecture degree, you will need to provide the faculty with an SAT range from 1370 – 1520 and provide them with your High School GPA. Once accepted you would get the best attention of professors when teaching classes and the workload is easy to manage. Furthermore, sports make up a big part of campus life.

14. University of Virginia

University of Virginia

UVA is another top architect school in the world and highly rated in the Virginia community. The institution is huge and has a high enrollment of undergraduate students. As with most of these colleges, it is competitive to get in, and the acceptance rate is 27%.

To be accepted you will need to provide an SAT, ACT, and High School GPA. Furthermore, they provide student loans with flexible repayment options. Even freshman life is exciting, and sports play a major role at the campus.

15. University of Texas

University of Texas

UT Austin is another highly ranked public school and has a large undergraduate student enrollment. The admission is not as competitive as the other colleges, and the acceptance rate is 36%. When applying for your BAArch degree, you need to provide the faculty with an SAT, ACT but the High School GPA is neither required nor recommended.

You can apply for financial aid online and do not need to pay origination, application, or processing fees. Therefore, if you want to be part of a well-rounded, prestigious, and intelligent campus group make sure to check UT Austin to complete your studies.

16. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

RPI is another mid-size institution with an undergraduate enrollment of 6k students. The admissions competitive and the acceptance rate is 44%. As with the majority of architect schools, you will need to provide them with an SAT, ACT, and High School GPA and will receive an Early Decision/Early Action reply.

There are student loan options available, and you can apply online. There is no need of paying additional fees with your application. Up to 10% of students partake in the varsity athletics, and many students feel when you join the school you are joining a group of nerds that are driven and motivated to achieve in life.

17. Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute

If you want to put a unique stamp on your career, you need to study your Bachelor of Architecture with Pratt Institute. At Pratt Institute, you concentrate on becoming an architect, as sports are not high on the list. Some of the other popular majors you can study are Graphic Design and Illustration.

The acceptance rate is high at 57% and will need to provide your SAT/ACT scores and High School GPA. Furthermore, you will need to pay an application fee, but you do get an early decision without waiting for the results.

18. California Polytechnic State University

California Polytechnic State University

At the California Polytechnic State University, you get multiple options to study architecture. The architect department is one of the largest in the USA. Whether you are a junior, sophomore, or senior student you get co-operative learning to earn course credit even while working your paid job.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to travel as Cal Poly offers you the option to study in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the US. The acceptance rate is 35%, and you will need to provide your SAT/ACT score with High School GPA. So if you want to study with academically, socially balanced, active, and busy students, make sure to check Cal Poly.

19. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a top-ranked institution. They will help you to become an expert in the line of work you plan to study. The application deadline is January 1st, and the acceptance rate is 22%. You will need to provide the university with your High School GPA and SAT/ACT score.

Furthermore, you will have to pay an admission fee, and you can apply for a student loan as well. They do not offer evening degree programs and the majority of student’s advice their professors put in a lot of effort to teach classes. Therefore, if you are passionate about your degree and diligent & nerdy, you will fit right in.

20. University of Miami

University of Miami

At the University of Miami, the admission rate is 36%, and you get the best architect education in the world. You need to present the faculty with your SAT/ACT and High School GPA with your admission. While there is a fee to pay, the waiting period is not long, and you get early decision quick.

You can apply for a grant or student loan without paying additional fees. There are evening degree programs available. Furthermore, you will encounter wealthy, accepting, and diverse students on the campus. There are up to 88% freshman living on the campus, and you do not need to join the Greek life at all.

When selecting one of the 20 top architect schools in the world, you can ask yourself some questions. First, does the faculty offer you the program you need to complete your architecture degree? Secondly, does their focus and specialty match up with your interests?

Furthermore, do they provide you with a hands-on opportunity from international programs to projects? Last, on the list how do you like the rest of college where you plan to live? With these questions in mind, we hope you find the school with us to complete your degree in architecture.


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