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Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing blogs have been around for a while on the internet. A fact is you can make a living with it, but you need to do it the smart way. You cannot just promote products on your blog, add special links to the products, and think everything is going to work out.

No, it is not a get rich scheme and takes loads of effort from your side. Yes, we know it is a great way to make a passive income and you need no marketing skills but it remains a competitive market. Therefore, if you want to improve your advertising abilities check the top 10 best affiliate marketing blogs here.

You can learn a lot from them on how starts your business with affiliates and provide you with more brand awareness.

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Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs

1. John Chow

John Chow

For making a six-figure monthly income, you can find all the secrets with this superstar affiliate marketing blog. Furthermore, you can find freshly sliced posts updated daily. With the blogosphere, you can learn how to get backlinks, start email marketing, and how to increase your mobile conversions.

Alternatively, if you already have started your joint venture in selling brands online you can advertise your services with John Chow. The website generates thousands of views and is one of the best places to do your online marketing. On the other hand, if you are not sure which business to start, check how you can start email marketing with them today.

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2. Pat Flynn

smart passive income Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn will help you build your passive income business online. The affiliate marketing blog is one of the best and Pat shares with you load of information. With him, you can find the right tools and techniques to make your business flourish online.

Whether you want to start affiliate marketing, email marketing, need the tools of the trade, want to improve your blogging, or want to do a course—you can find it here. If you are uncertain about anything related to marketing you could ask Pat a question and get a reply.

Alternatively, you can read the blog posts, listen to podcasts, or do any of the three training courses available.

3. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

No matter what your online needs are when it comes to businesses, Matthew Woodward has it covered. You get case studies, tips, and practical guides online. You can get more information on affiliate marketing as well. Matthew shows you how you can set up your blog.

Furthermore, he teaches you how to increase traffic by using organic SEO techniques and more. You can even download two by intelligent spreadsheets to help boost visitors to your site. With him, you can find out how to start working online, start a blog, and focus on providing natural content.

Further, you can learn about keyword research, On Page SEO, Link Building and so much more.

4. Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins

For the best affiliate marketing blog online, Shawn Collins has been in the trade for a long time. Not only is he the co-founder of “Affiliate Summit” he hosts podcasts about it as well. With his blog, you get up to date posts with everything related to the niche. With him, you can learn how to do affiliate marketing from start to end. Learn how to drive traffic to your website and creating affiliate links the correct way all with Shawn Collins.

5. Missy Ward

Missy Ward

Another co-founder of “Affiliate Summit” as Shawn Collins is Missy Ward. She provides you with loads of books on how to use affiliate marketing to make money. With her, you can find content on blogging and making money at the same time using WordPress.

She also has a monthly magazine called FeedFront and you can past and the latest publications online to read. Alternatively, you can look at industry data or view hundreds of videos related to affiliate marketing. On the blogosphere, you find loads of resources so go check it out.

6. Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo

Do you want to learn the shortcuts to affiliate marketing? Head over to Charles Ngo and let him help you start up your online business. With him, you can get free lessons to start and prevent making the same mistakes he did. Furthermore, you can learn which tools are currently working best online. He even has some free goodies from cheat sheets to eBooks and more he gives away. You can even get access to training on how to use your email with your affiliate marketing business. In addition, for loads of other content, you can subscribe to his blog.

7. Mobidea Academy

Mobidea Academy

The affiliate marketing blog is your one-stop hub to get all the information you need. With the blogosphere, you get helpful content on how to start blogging and making money online. Furthermore, you get posts on how you can use social media to launch a successful business. There are thousands of resources available related to the topic and you will not be stuck as the websites easy to use. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get important information in your inbox.

8. I Am Attila

I Am Attila

For a hands-on affiliate marketing blog, you will love the systematic guides available on I am Attila. There are over 100 guides and loads of information on everything related to marketing online. You can even read about Crypto Currencies, discounts & coupons, events, and more. Therefore, if you plan to start a Shopify, Woocommerce, or Drop Shipping learn all the ins and outs with them.

9. Spencer Haws

Niche Pursuits

Another successful affiliate marketing blogger is Spencer Haws. On the website, you can find loads of case studies and different guides to make your brands stand out online. On the blogosphere, you have a start here option or you can browse through the products he has available. With him, you can learn to build a niche website, FBA Business, Software Business, and so much more. Alternatively, you read about the best tools to use with your affiliate marketing or look at the training courses available.

10. Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson

Do you want to start your own blog or need guides and tips on affiliate marketing? Zac Johnson can help you with growing your business online and more. Furthermore, he will show you additional ways to help grow your revenue online. Alternatively, you can find loads of content related to the niche and for those who do not enjoy reading—listen to his podcasts. On the other hand, if you have the money to spend, he will help set up your blog, do full site development and more for a fee.

There are many ways to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them. The niche is a huge opportunity if you know what you are doing. However, do not expect money to fall into your lap you need to work hard for it. So make sure to study each affiliate marketing blogs and find one that can help you set up your business online today. When done right, you can increase your income effectively.


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