What Are The Benefits Of Using OBD Scanner?

Benefits Of Using OBD Scanner

An OBD II scanner is a diagnostic tool that is used by mechanics in professional garages to simplify their vehicle servicing and repair jobs. An OBD II scan tool plugs directly into your vehicle and provides diagnostics across a range of systems and components, which a mechanic can use to locate problems within their vehicles. These tools have a lot of benefits to offer, especially to the professional repair mechanic.

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The Benefits Of Using OBD Scanner

Easily Diagnose Vehicle Problems

What Are The Benefits of Using OBD Scanner?

As we’ve already said, OBD scan tools can be used to quickly and accurately diagnose issues within a variety of different vehicles. OBD tools are sometimes called code scanners, since they can read error codes from your car’s component areas and give a sense of the root cause and maybe a way to fix the problem. Furthermore, after you’ve repaired the issue that the scan tool told you about, you can then use OBD scan tools to clear the error codes so they don’t reappear. I did this for my own BMW 5 series and used the bmw scanner tool for diagnosing an error code.

Another benefit of OBD code scanners is that can turn off a vehicle warning light. For example they can deactivate the check engine light after you’ve completed a repair. Turning off the check engine warning light without an OBD device is usually much more complicated.

Vehicle Tuning

The best OBD diagnostic scanners will even allow you to tune your vehicle to your needs. This is usually done via a process called ECU coding, which lets the user change elements of a vehicle’s CPU. For example, a technician can adjust how the actuators respond and even alter the electronics.

Whether you want to alter how many times the indicator blinks on each press, or change what the buttons on your car keys do, ECU coding will allow you to do it. Having a good OBD device really gives a vehicle owner maximum freedom over their car.

Store Vehicle Data

Another big benefit of OBD scanners is that they can used as storage devices for data from different vehicles. For example, you can save data about a vehicle that came into the workshop and use that to help with any future repairs with the same car model.

What Are The Benefits of Using OBD Scanner?

This is often best used when combined with a scanner’s Live Data Function. Live Data is a real time data stream that displays a range of readings and codes from across different system components. Live data will report on fuel trims, engine RPM, intake temperature and more. Being able to store this data for later use is really helpful and can be used for easy comparison between vehicles.

Save time and money

Ultimately, OBD scanners save technicians and enthusiasts lots of time when completing car services. Saving time means that you’re saving money through labour costs and being able to complete more jobs per day. As a mechanic you’ll be able to complete engine diagnosis in a fraction of the time and a device with effective software and high standard of performance will take your servicing capabilities to the next level.


What is the use of the OBD scanner?

OBD code readers are diagnostic tools that can be used by car owners for self-diagnosis of any problem they are encountering, or by technicians in a professional workshop.

They offer a variety of uses and benefits and provide lots of information about engine performance, fuel economy, and error codes. It’s also an ideal tool if you’re going on a long road trip and need to keep your motor in good check and want some peace of mind that you won’t be breaking down.

They are also very easy to use, and usually plugin under the dashboard.

Does the car have to be running to use OBD2 Scanner?

Yes, you can use an OBD device when the engine is idling. In some cases, you don’t need to have it running but it’s best to do so. If you making use the live data function, then having the motor running is a bonus. For example, you can press the accelerator pedal and see how it affects the live information.

What is a good OBD scanner?

What Are The Benefits of Using OBD Scanner?

A good OBD device is one that offers great functionality, is compatible with a large number of makes and models of cars, can read and clear error codes efficiently, and provide information from any system. A great one will also have intuitive software and an easy to use design.

Are car code readers worth it?

Whether you work in a garage as a professional technician or are just a car owner, an OBD II code reader will be able to offer lots of features to improve your servicing experience. It can help diagnose issues with nearly all components and is understandable even for someone with only basic knowledge.

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From simple diagnostics to tuning and data analysis, OBD II devices are packed with features specifically designed to aid in vehicle repairs and servicing. This article will run over a few of the key benefits of an OBD scan tool and hopefully inform you as to why this could be the perfect addition to your workshop.


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