Best Beauty Magazines In 2021

Fashion and beauty are integral parts of our day to day lives. There are barely any of us who do not look for a good skincare routine or a hair care or fitness tips to stay our most beautiful selves. For hundreds of years, beauty magazines have been the favorite pastime friend for women. In recent days, dozens of accounts can be found on Tik Tok and Instagram providing fashion and beauty tips. Beauty magazines have retained their timeless popularity regardless.

Apart from portraying glamorous news and lifestyles about the celebrities, we all look forward to beauty magazines for detailed information and tips on how we can stay fit with lusciously shiny hair and a skin that glows brighter than diamonds.

If you are a beauty fanatic and concerned about fashion, you have arrived at the right place. Even if you’re not one and piling up layers of products on your skin seems bothersome to you, here are 5 best fashion and beauty magazines you can follow to understand which product is just about enough for you and how you could benefit from them.

Best Beauty Magazines Review

5. Shape Magazine 

To start off our list with the ultimate magazine dedicated to beauty, we have the Shape Magazine. This New York based fitness magazine began its journey as a fitness magazine in 1981 by Weider Publications. With the intention to shape your life, this monthly magazine includes guides, lessons and tips for staying fit, weight loss techniques, etc., on how to lead a healthy life.

In the later days, Shape Magazine decided to contribute to their customer’s lifestyle as a whole. Contents like a list of hot and famous celebrities, eating the right way, beauty blogs, workout blogs, diet plans, skin care blogs, lifestyle, fashion, etc., can be found in the rent time’s ‘Shape’.

If you look the Shape Magazine’s website up, you could easily lay your eyes on the beauty, health, and skincare blogs and take quick notes for the nourishment and care of your beautiful body. The Shape Magazine is a top choice for any fitness conscious reader, which is accessible anywhere in the USA or you can look it up online without any trouble.

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4. Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 

Widely popular among the Americans for its impressive contents, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine took its inception in 1867 as a monthly fashion and beauty magazine. It soon started to receive global recognition featuring beauty tips, make up, and trends in fashion. Apart from glamour, Harper’s Bazaar is well known for featuring the diverse colors of art and culture of several countries, becoming a prime pick for travel enthusiasts.

If you are someone to go for the finest products, whether it’s for your casual wear or couture, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine is sure to have something for you in store. This fashion and beauty magazine comes with a special appeal to every kind of reader, regardless of their financial status and knowledge.

One of the most sought-after content this magazine is popular for is the “Go to Bed with Me” series that features the night time skin care routine of different famous celebrities and models. Till this day, numerous models and celebrities, including Barbara Palvin, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Eric Nam and Hyram Yarbro have demonstrated their secrets to flawless skin and beauty.

In the world of beauty magazines, The Harper’s Bazaar stands among the most sophisticated and elegant crowd. You can get your hands on this magazine at any place or sign up for an online subscription.

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3. Allure Magazine 

First published in 1991 by Conde Naste, Allure Magazine comes to its readers on a monthly basis. This American beauty magazine is arguably considered as the lifestyle and beauty magazine for modern women, who balance out work and beauty all too gracefully. This is the ultimate magazine for the women of our time, who strive to lead a sophisticated and classy lifestyle after their hectic work life.

You can find every kind of necessary content regarding makeup, skin, hair, health and wellness, and fashion in the popular Allure Magazine. It does not only help you with your fabulous outlook, but also ensures you feel amazing.

You can find the Allure Magazine anywhere, or you could subscribe to its website as well.

2. Vogue Magazine 

Here’s the one that you all have been waiting for. Highly reputed for its sophistication and elegance, the Vogue Magazine began rolling its wheels in 1892. This American fashion and lifestyle magazine takes care of its readers from news regarding the red carpets to beauty tips in their homes.

With more than twenty-two international publications, Vogue Magazine is considered among the most influential monthly magazines in the world. Along with highlighting contents like fashion, beauty trends, makeup, and lifestyle, this world recognized magazine also features components about supermodel interviews, culture, style, high-profile brands, runway, celebrity lives, and pictures. You could tell it got its fame as the glossiest fashion and beauty magazine for a reason.

Vogue Magazine is presumably accessible at almost every place, so you could get your hands on them without any hassle or sign up and subscribe to their website online.

1. InStyle Magazine 

Founded in 1994, InStyle Magazine has earned its reputation as one of the most leading fashion and beauty magazines in the United States. This monthly women’s fashion and beauty magazine consists of an impressively rich number of contents on beauty and self-care.

From covering specters of beauty, fashion, skin, hair, makeup, celebrities, and lifestyle, this magazine goes on to highlight women in politics, career, motherhood and parenting, equal pay, charitable endeavors, and women’s movements. This remarkable magazine can definitely keep you updated on trending fashion, hairstyles, skincare, beauty hacks, red carpet coverage as well as social and political standings of the wonderful women around you.

You can look it up for a subscription on the internet or get yourself a hardcopy of this incredible magazine at any place.

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No matter how busy life gets for us, we tend to find ways to dedicate some time for ourselves. Beauty magazines being the prime source of updates regarding beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, have been a favorite company that we look forward to having.

We hope that our list can help you come up with the one that suits you the best. These fashion and beauty magazines are like holy books for beauty enthusiasts.

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