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Top 10 Best Barber Chairs of 2020

Choosing the right barber chair is one kind of business strategy for all the barber or salon owners. A comfortable chair can improve one’s business dramatically, as most of the customers prefer comfort before anything else. These days, manufacturers are incorporating different tricks to make these chairs more appealing and functional with multiple impressive features. To help you not to get puzzled with so many options available in the market, our experts have enlisted top 10 barber chairs considering their style, durability, comfort level, and, of course, affordability. Continue reading to learn more about the best options you can have.

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Top 10 Best Barber Chairs of 2020

1. FlagBeauty

FlagBeauty - Best Barber Chairs


Made up of a sturdy steel frame, this simple-looking barber chair will add elegance to your workplace. It features a super-powerful hydraulic pump, and the auto-lock mechanism can adjust and lock the perfect position for you. Being incredibly lightweight, this chair is equally stable, and the base can perfectly tackle the clients’ weight.

  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Auto-lock mechanism.
  • Super-powerful hydraulic pump.
  • Lightweight yet stable.

2. Barber Chairs

Barber Chairs - Best Barber Chairs

This ergonomically designed barber chair will not disappoint you while it is all about your customers’ comfort. Made up of a heavy-duty frame, this chair is padded with a high-density sponge and high-strength hydraulic pump for a better service. With additional accessories, this oversized chair provides you ultimate comfort whether you use it at home or in the salon.

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Ensures ultimate comfort.
  • Prevents any tear or flipping.


JAXPETY - Best Barber Chairs

The JAXPETY is the finest barber chair that comes with numerous impressive features. With its exquisite design, this chair has a spacious seating facility that offers the highest comfort for the clients. moreover, It features soft, premium-quality thick leather and high-density sponge for relaxing sitting. Overall, you may have this handy chair for constant use.

  • High-quality thick leather.
  • Ensures the highest comfort.
  • Handrails prevent falling.
  • Waterproof material.

4. Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty - Best Barber Chairs

The Heavy Duty is a multi-use barber chair at a time suitable for Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, and Tattoo shops. Its durable hydraulic system can be reclined in different angles. moreover, with 400Ibs weight capacity, the 360 degrees swivel capability allows you to move it around so that you can reach every part of your clients’ head.

  • Classic style chair.
  • 360 degrees swivel.
  • Provides extra support.
  • 400Ibs weight capacity.

5. All-Purpose Barber Chair

All-Purpose Barber Chair - Best Barber Chairs

This Barber chair has all the features that you want in any barber chair. The double-strength feature with being relatively large ensures its longevity and convenient uses. You can recline this chair to 150 degrees for a comfortable position. moreover,  it also features a 3-inch pad and adjustable head-rest for extra comfort.

  • Extra-large size.
  • Adjustable head-rest.
  • 3-inch pad for extra comfort.
  • Comfortable.

6. Walcut

Walcut - Best Barber Chairs

This barber highly durable chair can be the best pick for you from the brand ‘Walcut.’ It features PVC leather, chrome-plated chassis, and high-density foam. moreover, all of these features allow it to be in your service for a long time. Thanks To its hydraulic pump feature that allows you to adjust the height from 19-24 inches. Additionally, the metallic footrest is heavy-duty and comfortable.

  • Heavy-duty chrome plated chassis.
  • Enables height adjustments.
  • Comfortable metallic footrest.

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7. Merax

Merax - Best Barber Chairs

The Merax Reclining is one of the most exquisite barber chairs which you can customize according to your clients’ needs. The hydraulic pump allows you to adjust the height precisely while the seat can have heavyweights even at its maximum height. With this comfortable chair, you can work with your customers at the best angle.

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Flawless design.

8. Hydraulic Recliner

Hydraulic Recliner- Best Barber Chairs

This is one of the premium-quality barber chairs with multiple updated features. It’s 20% wider cushion and thicker padding provides you extra comfort. Made of a heavy-duty steel frame, this chair can be reclined at a 160-degree angle and locked into multiple positions. moreover, the overall ergonomic design allows it to adapt to the natural curves of the human body, such as the lower back, neck, and torso. With waterproof leather, it is also easy-to-clean.


9. BarberPub

BarberPub - Best Barber Chairs

If you are looking for both a barber and salon chair, you may go for this one. With its high weight capacity of 330Lbs, this versatile chair features 360 Swivel with a locking mechanism. moreover, the T-shape footrest ensures better stability and appearance. With its amazing functions, you can choose from different colors from different salon styles.

  • Versatile uses.
  • High weight capability.
  • T-shape footrest.
  • Available multiple colors.

10. Walcut Barbershop

Walcut Barbershop - Best Barber Chairs

The Barbershop Chair from Walcut is another high-quality chair as the brand never compromises with the quality. It features double-reinforced and stainless steel chrome footrest, which prevents tearing and ripping. The seat provides comfort for both the attendant and the customer. With its heavy-duty components, this chair is both functional and reliable for long use.

  • Heavy-duty components.
  • Prevents tearing and ripping.
  • Long-lasting.

Whether you are a professional barber or planning to start your salon shop, the first thing you should be concerned about is your customers’ comfort. And to ensure that, a barber chair may be the first item you can start with. Among so many options out there, you should have a premium-quality chair that is at a time comfy, highly durable, and adjustable as per your budget. As we have presented our top selections, you can choose from the above list according to your needs. Hence, you are now able to reach the highest peak of your salon business by giving your customers the ultimate comfort.

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