Top 10 Best Baby Bath Mats In 2020

Baby Bath Mats

Babies tend to do dangerous things as they don’t have any clue about the consequences. So, as a parent, it’s on you to protect them from all the potential dangers once they start crawling or walking. Baby-proofing your home including the bathroom is the first thing you can do to ensure their safety. The bathtubs have a slippery surface and with soap and shampoo water floating on it, even the adults sometimes end up hurting themselves. And, this is where bath mats come handy. A bath mat does a tremendous job keeping the baby safe while in the bathtub. To help you pick the best one we have compiled a list of ten best baby bath mats available in the market.

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Mats

10. Boon Baby Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This mat is made for busy moms who can’t manage the time to wash it every other day.

The entire design of this mat aims to prevent mildew. It features a ripple structure with holes gaps on it, making water easier to drain away.

  • Integrated hooks for easy folding.
  • anti-slip suction cup.
  • Sturdy rubber construction.

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9. Salinka Ocean Baby Bath Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This infant bath mat can be a source of fun for your baby during bath time.

Made of durable PVC material this bath mat doesn’t contain any toxic materials. Colorful animal illustration all over it makes it appealing enough to the little one’s attention.

  • Sturdy suction feet.
  • Smooth surface with a firm grip.
  • Enhanced anti-slip design.

8. Infantino 2-in-1 Baby Bath Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This multi-functional mat from Infantino claims to serve more than just a bath mat.

It is colorful and enticing to children, which may inspire them to hop into the tub. Once you are done with the bath, you can fold it as a basket to store small baby accessories.

  • Skid-resistant structure.
  • Mountable suction cup hook.
  • Soft rubber construction.

7. BeeHomee Bath Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This bath mat has sea-creatures printed on it to make your little one’s bath time more.

The mat has a linear structure that protects the baby from tripping. This PVC-made mat is also comfy and super easy to clean up.

  • Secure suction cups.
  • Provides excellent coverage.
  • Non-slip texture.

6. IKEA Patrull Crocodile Bathtub Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This fun looking crocodile shaped mat will take your baby’s bath session a top-notch higher.

This lime green crocodile is built with top-grade rubber material, doesn’t contain any synthetic elements. It might not cover the entire bathtub but the size is enough for kids to sit on it.

  • BPA and lead-free.
  • Hook holes to hang up.
  • Mold resistant design.

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5. Munchkin Dandy Dot Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10


Teach your child about colors while bathing with this multi-colored dot mat.

This funky and colorful mat works as a perfect tool to lure stubborn bathers. Also, it features a spacious size that might come handy to moms who bathe more than one baby at a time.

  • Skid-resistant cups.
  • Cute contemporary design.
  • Non-slip surface.

4. Warrah Bath Mat

Best Baby Bath Mats | Top 10

This ocean-themed mat with marine print will add a splash of adventure in your kid’s bath times.

The sturdy suction feet hold the bath mat strongly in place and help your baby stay stable. It’s also resistant to mold that makes it perfect for moms who don’t want to take the trouble of cleaning.

  • High-strength suction cup.
  • Anti-slip and slide design.
  • No strong odor.

3. Munchkin Duck Mat

Here’s another fun looking mat from Munchkin to get your kid hooked into bathing.

The mat comes in a vibrant yellow-colored duck shape. Apart from the cute design, it’s also very functional as it has a textured construction that stops babies from sliding and slipping.

  • Easy roll-up system.
  • Chemical and plastic-free smell.
  • Textured material with solid grip feet.

2. Hermosa Collection Baby Bath Mats

If you are a new parent who’s looking for a great bath mat to start, then make sure to check this one out.

It features a great cushioning design to provide your baby with the ultimate comfort. For an $11 bath mat, the design is pretty cool too.

  • Extra-long design.
  • Tiled smooth surface.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.

1. GORILLA GRIP Patented Baby Bath Mats

This patented bath mat from Gorilla Grip is our top pick as it’s got a whopping 11,000 five-star review on amazon.

As the names suggest, it’s got an incredible grip so you won’t have to worry about suction cup failure. It comes in more than fifteen colors to suit any bathroom décor. It’s also durable enough to use for years, even when your child grows up.

  • Smooth and clean surface.
  • Durable rubber construction.
  • 324 suction cups.
  • Hassle-free maintenance.
  • BPA and toxin-free.

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Babies slipping on the bathtub and hurting themselves is the worst nightmare for many parents. To avoid such risk factors, make sure that you pick the best bath mat for your little bundle of joy.

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