Let us all just admit, no one wants to touch a messy soap bar right after someone else has used it. However, when it comes to maintaining hygiene, no one can deny the importance of washing hands regularly either. The solution is simple- get a touch-free soap dispenser that will keep your hands free of germs and your eyebrows free from frowning. While the market is overflowed with plenty of soap dispensers, it is easy for you to get puzzled. To help you out, we have enlisted the best 10 automatic soap dispensers based on their proficiency, users’ experience, and overall capacity. Keep on reading!

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Top 10 Automatic Soap Dispensers to Buy in 2021 

1. YoYo-Min Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is an excellent touch-free soap dispenser from the brand YoYo. With a massive capacity of 400ml, you will surely go gaga, as it will last for months. Made up of high-quality ABS material, this flexible container can effectively be used in the kitchen, restroom, lodging, or school. Moreover, this dispenser can be operated with 4-AAA batteries, which ensures long-term service.

  • Non-drip design.
  • Ideal for any liquid disinfectant.   
  • Dispenses fixed amount of liquid.

2. Umbra Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

This effective automatic soap dispenser from the brand Umbra may be an apt choice for your office and home. With its inbuilt automatic sensor technology, it provides a fixed amount of liquid soap without having to touch the pump. Its fluid-level indicator window shows the time to refill, and the large opening makes it easy to refill. Otto being pretty versatile, can be used both as a dish cleanser and sanitizer dispenser.

  • Contemporary design.
  • 6 fluid ounce capacity.   
  • Hassle-free refill system. 

3. Elechok Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

With two-infrared sensors, this is a multi-purpose non-contact soap dispenser. Its two-part base with rubber seals keeps all the electronics away from water. You can easily adjust the dispensed soap amount by pressing the On/Off button until you get the required amount. Having 280ml capacity, it is usable with any sort of liquid disinfectant.

  • Free-standing design.
  • 3A class leak-proof technology. 
  • Equipped with a 9.56 oz replenish bottle. 

4. Secura Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Opting for an ideal foaming soap dispenser on a low budget? Then this can be a perfect choice for you. It directly transforms any liquid soap into a foam with super-speedy dispensing time within 0.9-1.1 seconds. Being certified to be leak-proof and waterproof, this 14oz/400ml container is great for extended family usage.

  • Exclusive ABS material.
  • 0.02-0.03oz foaming control per activation. 
  • PX4 water-resistant. 

5. QOSDA Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers

If you are searching for an automatic soap dispenser with a stylish appearance, you may check this out. With its super-fast activation of 0.2seconds, it comes with a 300ml capacity. This dispenser has both the built-in Anti-infrared interference design and IP67 water-resistant design. Additionally, being an attractive and chic dispenser, it will add the touch of elegance to your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Dispenses 1ml per activation.  
  • PIR sensor detection technology.
  • See-through front unit.

6. Hanamichi Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Looking more like a restaurant-grade dispenser, this machine supports touch-free as well as hygiene-soap dispensing. With the capacity of 400ml/13.5oz, you can easily control the volume of the liquid from 0.5 to 3ml. It is specially designed to stand free and comes with PIR sensor detection technology. Overall, this highly-durable disperser is waterproof,  and can safely be used almost everywhere.

  • High-quality materials. 
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Lifetime warranty.

7. LAOPAO Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap DispensersThis is another fantastic soap dispenser that comes with both high and low foam modes. With its 240ml/8.12 OZ capacity, you can easily have the fun foam without even using a specialty soap. The high-speed activation allows it to dispense foam immediately by a wave. Besides, this 11-inch tall device has a motion sensor that instantly picks up the movement from 1.2 inches away.

  • High precise sensor design.
  • See-through soap compartment. 
  • Easy-operation by one button. 
  • Powered by 3-AA batteries. 



8. Glamfields Upgrade 2.0 Auto Touchless Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap DispensersThis white dispenser will be blended in with most bathrooms and kitchens. With the upgraded technology, this dispenser works about 40000 times. It comes with a decent 400ml/14oz capacity so that you do not need to refill the tank quite often. The adjustable soap amount settings allow this machine to dispense from 0.02 to 0.1 ounces.

  • Ideal for various liquid soaps.
  • Prevents dripping or leaking. 
  • IPX3 Water-resistant. 
  • Red LED indicator.



9. Secura Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap DispensersThe Secura automatic soap dispenser is one of the best for its impressive 500ml/17oz capacity that will last every average house a fair while. This stylish dispenser has a volume-style dial on one side so that you can easily adjust the amount of product, from 0.03 to 0.19 ounces per activation. Moreover, The battery compartment includes a silicone seal for protecting it from water, and the hole on the back makes it enable to be wall-mounted as well.

  • Transparent soap chamber. 
  • Touchless operation maintains hygiene.    
  • Infrared sensor.  
  • Countertop placeable.


10. Simplehuman Liquid Soap Touch-Free Dispenser

Automatic Soap DispensersThe Simplehuman 9oz. Soap Dispenser is best-overall in our list, as it has quite good reviews on Amazon. It has a unique feature named variable dispense that automatically dispenses a small amount of soap if you place your hand close to the unit. With its clog-free pump, it promotes precise and consistent liquid flow. This easy-to-refill device prevents messy drips and is washable whenever needed.

  • High-quality materials. 
  • One charge lasts up to 3months. 
  • Flexible silicone valve.
  • 2-year warranty.



Having a diverse range of benefits, automatic soap dispensers are broadly used in many homes and commercial places. They do not only reduce the soap-wastage but also leaves no means for germs to be transferred from one person to another. Its built-in sensor activates right when you place your hand under the dispensing point. Some of them are highly portable, while others are wall-mountable or countertop placeable. Now that you know the top-rated automatic soap dispensers, buy yourself one as per your choice, and- Stay hygienic!

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