Top 10 Best Audio Books For Kids In 2021

Audio Books For Kids

Audio Books For Kids are certain recorded telling of a story or book that can be listened to on a CD or cassette. They can also be found in digital formats from online sites making it easier for you to access a large library of audiobooks from your favorite sites at the click of a finger.

Audiobooks for children may be a good alternative as they tend to have a shorter attention span. As they are likely to lose focus they can listen to audiobooks while they are doing other things such as playing. You can get access to a broader range of stories for your kids. If you are searching for audiobooks for kids then look at this compiled list of some audiobooks on the market. you may also check Books For 10-Year-Old Boys

Top 10 Best Audio Books For Kids In 2021

10. James Herriot’s Treasury

James Herriot's Treasury-Audio Books For Kids

James Herriot’s list of books is sure to provide your children with the perfect stories. He paints a warm picture with childish characters designed after cute animals and people with warm and vibrant personalities.

For the children of the present age it may be difficult to understand the stories but once they start this Audio Books For Kids it may even come to the point where it becomes one of their favorites.

9. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a classic when it comes down to children’s stories. It relays an enticing story that expresses multiple feelings like joy and love.

As the story is narrated by Meryl Streep the children listening will receive a worthwhile reading. This book is sure to be a pleasant experience for your children and may become a memorable part of their childhood to look back on.

8. The Secret Lake

The Secret Lake

This story is one that is sure to be enjoyable for those children ages until 11 years old. The story features an exciting and eye-popping plot made for kids as it includes both magic and time travel. The story is filled with plot twists that will catch the attention of both boys and girls of the same age.

This book has an enticing story and you find that your children have gone through the story faster than you would expect.

You may just find yourself having to tear your kids away from the enticing story.

7. The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children-Audio Books For Kids


This audiobook tells a story about 4 children Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny who are orphaned but are still as close as family. The story is one that will have a positive effect on your kids as it shows their search for a home.

If you read this to your kids they will love it no matter the age. For young readers looking for pleasant listening, this audiobook is sure to please.

6. My Fox Ate My Homework

My Fox Ate My Homework

My fox ate my homework takes you on a fantasy story about a sixth-grader Jonah Jameson and a talking fox which causes him trouble. It has also received an award for favorite children’s book.

This audiobook features a funny experience to lighten up your children’s mood. Children of multiple ages have fallen in love with this book.

5. Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime Stories for Kids

If you are looking for stories perfect for children who are starting out reading then this collection of audiobooks is the one for you. It has five bedtime stories to keep your kids occupied.

These books feature stories that can take you back to the times you were a kid. It will also provide your children with a fun time with no hesitation.

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4. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon-Audio Books For Kids

This is a short Audio Books For Kids that will not take up much of your children’s time. The story features a rabbit and is likely to be a warm and bubbly story for young and early readers.

This audiobook will make the story more fun through pictures and will provide your children with a more colorful experience. It can also be read if you want a short bedtime story for your kids.

3. Disney Bedtime Favorites

Disney Bedtime Favorites

Embark on a throwback to your younger days with this collection of 20 Disney stories like Aladdin. The Disney bedtime favorites feature a wide variety of stories with each collection and this audiobook is a 2 in 1 collection.

As the book is filled with classics from your time even adults will find it enjoyable. This is the perfect collection to keep your kids happy.

2. Treasure Island

Treasure Island-Audio Books For Kids

A classic story about a boy who inherits a magical chest and finds a treasure map that leads to the beginning of an adventure where he comes across new friends and enemies. Treasure Island is considered a coming of age story for children who read.

The story features narration that is pleasant to the ear. The ending will likely give you a sense of entertainment.

1. Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are-Audio Books For Kids

This is a short Audio Books For Kids with the main focus being the character Max. It tells the tale of his adventure and mischief on his way to get back home in time for supper.

This is an audiobook that adults will also enjoy listening to along with their children and is the perfect addition for your personal collection.

Our childhood days are when we start our creativity and Audio Books For Kids is sure to help us in boosting this. For children, it is necessary to get them to read stories as it helps to build up their imagination and to broaden their mind. These stories are the building blocks of a child’s grammar and speech but sometimes it is difficult to get them to read books. This is where Audio Books For Kids come into use. Feel free to pick the audiobook you prefer. check out Books for 12-year-old

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