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There’s a particular appeal to sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading the latest publication of art magazine. Despite a massive online transition, art magazines are always better in their antique form whether you’re reading them for inspiration or appreciation. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of ten art magazines that you should consider!

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Best Art Magazines | For Artists

1. Blouin Art + Auction

Blouin Art + Auction

This art magazine is a well-known source for news surround art globally. In other words, you’ll be able to access premium information, expert art commentary, artist profiles, businesses and their execution of the arts in their work, and articles on the pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art. Ultimately, there is no limit to this art magazine’s cultural and aesthetic reach and it comes with utmost style, verve, and authority.

With a current circulation of over 20,000 – this art magazine started in 1979 and has a rich and extensive heritage that bears testament to its prowess.


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2. Juxtapoz


This art magazine does a stellar job of defining and celebrating both urban alternatives and underground contemporary art. Juxtapoz produces art journalism and editorial content that connects modern styles of graffiti, street art, and illustration to more historically recognized broader genres like assemblage, pop, old master painting, and conceptual art.

The first issue of this art magazine published in 1994 on the virtues of Southern California Pop Style. It soon evolved in the 2000s to cover other nascent subgenres and styles of street art – often mobilizing them.

Juxtapoz has played a huge role in the role of modern-day street art, and we

recommend a subscription if they cover your kind of art!


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3. Art News

Art News

Founded in 1902, this art magazine is one of the oldest and widely-circulated magazines in the world. With a readership of 180,000 (till 2013) in over 120 countries in the world, this art magazine is the first choice of collectors, dealers, historians, museum directors, artists, curators, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts.

Its stellar editorial team consists of world-class critics and correspondents that cover art, people, issues, trends and the events that shape the world as we know it. If you’re looking for a solid art magazine, go for Art News!

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4. ArtForum


Art Forum covers a lot of ground in the art world. This art magazine contains tons of information for collectors of all types ranging from museum preview events, recent auction sale reports, major gallery openings and subsequent coverage and predictions regarding the art world.

ArtForum covers the world of art with 10 publications of journalistic and editorial content every year. This art magazine stands out because of how prominent it is in the art world, and for a decisive voice by artists and critics alike – ArtForum features in-depth articles and analytical pieces regarding contemporary art, and the occasional nascent art. Besides, it also features sections on cinema, pop culture and has proved its relevance through the ages.


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5. The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper

In 1990, Anna Somers founded The Art Newspaper. Based in London and New York, this art magazine stands out because of how their work is largely affected by international politics, economics, the art market and cultural shifts in dynamics.

The news service in this magazine is unparalleled, providing apt news and information regarding the art world. In addition to this, it publishes reviews and artistic commentary by major figures in the art world regarding major figures in the art world.

If you’re someone that heavily enjoy in the cultural aspect behind the art – The Art Newspaper would be a perfect fit for you!

6. Art Ltd.

Art Ltd.

Art Ltd. is an art magazine that covers the contemporary art scene in Los Angeles, as a start opposition towards an industry that overly centralizes internationally and towards New York.

Over the years, Art Ltd. has been evolving in terms of their identity while simultaneously providing us with insight and influential commentary on the up and coming trends in the art world. Furthermore, this art magazine also provides exhibition reviews, in-depth and meaningful interviews with important and relevant artists, regional reports, cutting-edge artist profiles, and a prominent up-to-date guide towards art venues, exhibitions, displays, and lectures.

Art Ltd. prioritizes art in the community, and if that’s your thing – you’d love this art magazine.

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7. Art In America

Art In America

Art in America is a monthly art magazine based on the vibrant, liberal, and jaw-dropping albeit controversial art scene in the US and abroad.

Founded in 1913, it currently has a circulation of 26,000 and has always been well known for its controversial yet awe-inspiring covers. It consists of artist and genre profiles, art movement updates, show reviews and schedules to up-and-coming exhibitions, shows, and lectures. In other words, this magazine is for everyone that cares about art and it reflects in the educational tone used for its articles.


This art magazine will not only cover everything from contemporary to classical but also will do justice to them.

8. Aesthetica


Aesthetica is an extremely competent art magazine that covers contemporary art as well as culture. Moreover, their content is a fusion of dynamic content and intellectually stimulating debate that cultivates this melting pot of the richest content available.

Founded in 2002, this art magazine has an estimated 460,000 readers in terms of national and international distributors. In addition, Asthetica is committed to art proven through all the awards it produces – reaffirming their commitment to their work.

9. American Art Collector

American Art Collector


This art magazine is a monthly publication with full online editions available to subscribers. With a particular emphasis on mainstream art. Moreover, this American Art Collector (AAC) is written keeping in mind collectors, galleries, and traditional art painters.

Furthermore, AAC gives us previews into what galleries and exhibitions are displaying. You will have a chance to discover new artist from different places. You can keep in touch with market and all relevant auctions. Keeping all of this in mind, it’s fair to conclude that this art magazine plays a key role in keeping us updated with the art world & it’s a subsequent market.

10. Art Review

Art Review

An international contemporary art magazine, Art Review focuses on the spread of contemporary art and its audience. This art magazine features criticism, reviews, reports, and articles. Furthermore, it focuses on commissioned artworks and more often than not – in-depth textual portrayals of the contemporary art world.

Art Review’s online version features art news, articles of the recent and relevant, and exclusive web-only content. If you’re an avid fan of contemporary art, Art Review will suffice.

Art is important, and we believe that the consumption of art magazines, especially curated and compiled to hone your art skills is just as important! Therefore, we have compiled this list of art magazines for you.

What magazine subscriptions should an art student look into having?

What magazine subscriptions should an art student look into having?

Art students need to be in touch with the creative world to nurture their talents, and this requires them to have magazine subscriptions that are helpful to them. Art magazines play an important role in opening up the art world to the students and understanding their field better. Even though most of the publications have transitioned online, several good magazines have maintained a print edition as they also publish online. The magazine subscription that an art student can look into having should be acknowledged as a source of worldwide news, information, and expert commentary on art and artists. These magazines should be able to offer vital details from art galleries, auction houses, and museums.

The magazines should help the students understand, define, and celebrate both urban alternative and underground contemporary art. The magazines like the Jxtapoze Magazine should connect all the styles of art; modern types of graffiti, street art, and illustrations with historical techniques like conceptual art and painting. When making a subscription, the student should consider how frequently the magazine is published to ensure that they are connected to the trending and new occurrences in the world of art. For guidance, the students should subscribe to magazines that feature reviews and commentary by the prominent influencers in the art scene to get advice in their work and study.

How to improve your character art?

Art students are required to be creative and be able to create a character design from scratch. This requires the students to be creative and think outside the box to develop the best character. The most important thing to consider is the characters’ personalities. The character is not all about coming up with shape and face, but also there is the need to let the viewer understands the stories behind the character. To improve character art, an artist should make drawing their habit.

The skill of drawing requires practice. The more the time they spend drawing, the better they grasp essential art fundamentals like composition, color, anatomy, and values. The study of characters from pop culture is vital in improving character art. Books and films have diverse characters with different traits, and by studying them, an artist can bring their names to life. Though learning characters from pop culture are important, an artist should build their visual library for references. The choice of tools is also crucial in improving character art. An artist should start with basics, and as the skills improve, they graduate to more complex instruments. The artist should always keep it simple and use what they have at their disposal.

What are the most popular online culture and art magazines?

What are the most popular online culture and art magazines?

With the development in technology, magazines and other publications have transitioned to an online platform. Some of the best and popular online culture and art magazines include the Blouin Art+Auction, which is recognized globally. It offers its readers news and information on art and artist. The magazine also provides expert commentary to the readers about the world of art. It outlines news that is crucial from museums, galleries, and auction houses. The Juxtapoze magazine is also popular since it helps its readers to understand both urban alternative and modern-day underground art.

The magazine allows the reader to connect both modern styles with the traditionally documented genera of art. Art News is another popular art magazine. It is the oldest magazine published four times a year, and it reports on art, people, issues, and events around the world of art. Artforum magazine has information raging from openings of galleries to museum events. The magazine combines the journalistic and editorial aspects to report on what is taking place around the world of art. The magazine is published ten times a year. The Art Newspaper, apart from writing on art, provides the readers with annotation by key players in the scene of art like Glenn Lowry, who is the director of the Museum of Modern Art, NY.

Does it help us? Why?

The magazines offer a lot of help to art students. As discussed earlier, there are aspects that an art student should consider when opting to subscribe to an art magazine. The magazines the student opts to use should help them horn their skills and become better artists. Like any other field, the artists should be at per with the trending issues in the world of art and embrace new changes that are reported in time. These magazines offer artists with information on art, work with different types of art, and provide advisory and educational information via their commentary sections by experts in the art scene.

How to get art magazines subscription free?

How to get art magazines subscription free?

The online database offers millions of information either for free or at a fee. Most of the online art magazines need new users to subscribe to their websites to access their portfolio. Though the magazines are numerous, most of them require the users to pay before accessing their magazines. However, some sites may offer their subscriptions for free. They may need the user to key in their details to have access to their database. Another way of getting a free subscription is by subscribing to magazine sites that offer free services to students in the area of study connected to their magazine content. The sites will require the students to sign up using valid student information, verified before access s gradient. This may be due to partnerships between the magazine and an institution to allow free access to its students.

RBdigital has been a key player in offering a gateway to free digital magazines. Many public libraries have been able to form partnerships with RBdigital to help learners, and other readers access and read magazines on different devices for free. Other sites have been able to open access to old magazines to the public, where one can read them without paying.

The world of art and culture is evolving with advancements in technology and new forms and ideas on art being introduced each day. Artists are revolutionizing how they present their art by combining different arts arrangements and coming up with entirely new and exciting art. This calls for the need for art students to keep at per with the changes, thus the need to follow what’s taking place in the world of art. Magazine subscriptions play an essential role in providing this information in real-time.

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