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Architecture Magazines

Planning to design your new house or giving it a new makeover? You need to consult an architect then. But what if I tell you, you can learn and gain knowledge about designing just by flipping some magazine pages. Literally, architects are mainly assigned to design or to construct a building that has its own and unique way of touch. Architecture is a mixture of art and science at the same time. So, architectural designs and art can break even resulting in some beautiful designs. We all are our own kind of artists. So do not panic if you can’t find or afford an architect, because the architecture magazines are only here to help you out in this regard!

Check out the architecture magazines below to find out more about architectural designs.

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1. Dezeen Magazine

Dezeen Magazine

Dezeen is the best and the world’s most top-notch architecture and design magazine out there. They have a very simple mission of bringing you to experience the best designs, interior projects, and architectures around the globe. They are very up to date in their blogs and websites with approximately most of 56 per week. Also, they have Facebook fans of 1,046,267 and 932,283 Twitter followers. Here’s the link to their Blog

2. DesignBoom Magazine

designboom magazine

This magazine is mainly based in New York, Beijing and Milan. The only reason why this magazine is different from the others is that they are the critiques of all kinds of arts, architecture technology, designs, etc. They are also very creative in choosing their contents and maintaining professionalism by enriching the content. Their weekly post is also about 56 with Facebook fans of 1,186,816 and Twitter followers of 1,184,070. Check out their blog for more information

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3. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

This is the most colorful monthly publication regarding architecture and designs, They not only appoint the local architects or designers but also foreigners with unleashing their creative mind. Also, different minds of designs, innovative household products, and inspiring decor idea to design your new home are always special. They also have their own blog. Though they were launched in 1920 with years and there’s an increase of frequency of around 56 per weeks. You can also text their webpage to get the ultimate accurate answer. They have Facebook fans of 4,257,052 and Twitter followers of 1,958,513. Give their blog a look to find out more

4. The Architects Journal Magazine

The Architects Journal Magazine - Architecture Magazines

The UK’s best architecture magazine which is also known as the voice of architecture in the UK is the Architects Journal. This magazine is always in the heart of the British as it establishes a debate between the British cities and its architectural sites. So people are always hyped when it comes to this magazine. This magazine also provides great content regarding small projects, master plans, industrial designs, and constructions and many more. The frequency of posts in their blog is around 24 posts per week. They also have 28,228 and 274,049 followers in both facebook and twitter respectively. Check their blog to know more.

5. The Architect’s Diary

The Architects Diary - Architecture Magazines

The Architect’s Diary is India’s first Digital Interactive Magazine which connects the architects with the designers. It covers varied topics from history to modern-day architectures with stories that will definitely grab your attention. Their website and blog posts are full of creative contents and designs that are hard to avoid. Their frequency of blog posts is about 9 posts per week. The photo galleries contain images for apartments, offices and backward. You’ll find about different projects, articles, videos, interviews, daily digest, events and photography on their website. Their posts include tips from the expert, interior designs, office designs, sophisticated house design, doorbell ideas, minimalist apartment design and many more. You can check their blog to see it for yourself.

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6. Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab

Next on our list of top architecture magazines is the online-based Architecture Lab. This focuses on urban designs, research studies in this field and sustainable designs for the future. Their website and blog consist of some amazing projects. Their website is very organized and almost all kinds of information needed to maintain a house are available there. From cleaning and organizing articles to outdoor decor, bedroom theme and ideas, basic window maintenance, usage of applications and technology, books and reviews all are available in this site. Do not forget to check their blog for many more.

7. Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine - Architecture Magazines

Landscape Architecture Magazine was founded in 1910 and is the monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Their goal is to improve the practice of landscape architecture by using new methods for sustainable and ecological development and planning. They have around 294,444 and 13,995 fans on both Facebook and Twitter. You can also check their blog landscapearchitecturemagazin.. to know more.

8. Volume Zero

Volume Zero

Volume Zero is an online architecture magazine based in India which includes interior designs and products, furniture and home essentials, building designs and technology related to it. They are very similar to all the other magazines. If you want then do check out their blog

9. Canadian Architect Magazine

Canadian Architect Magazine - Architecture Magazines

Canadian Architect Magazine is the only monthly designing publication which deals with architects and professionals in Canada. It was founded back in 1955 and is continuing ever since. This magazine includes designs and reviews from different parts of the country. It also includes trending designs and building technology that is used nowadays. Moreover, it includes the social affecting structures whiling designing and constructing a building. Check out their blog to know more.


NYTT ROM - Architecture Magazines

NYTT ROM, a Norwegian architecture magazine mainly writes about Scandinavian architectures, designs, and living. This magazine is more dedicated to the enthusiasts of this kind of Scandinavian structures and designs. So, if you’re interested in this kind of architecture or interiors the do check out their blog for more.

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According to Norman Foster “As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” So, let these architecture magazines help you to take lessons from the past to design a better tomorrow for your family.

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