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Architect Rulers

Want to be a professional at measuring? Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring architect, you won’t have time to worry about the best architect rulers out there. We’re here to lay out the pros and cons for you to compare and decide on the right architect rulers for you. Read on!

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Top 10 Best Architect Rulers

10. Artellius 12” Triangular Engineer Scale Ruler

Artellius 12” Triangular Engineer Scale Ruler

Made for engineers but quite a great one for architecture students, Artellius 12” Triangular Engineer Scale Ruler comes in a decent solid structure. You can easily read and make markings with grooves that are color-coded. Measuring with accuracy is no more worry because this architecture scale will give you a sufficient amount of weight to grab on till you’ve shifted it to mark up for more. It is actually not a bad ruler.


  • Color-coded
  • Easy to read
  • 3 sided with imperial scale


  • Numbers may fade in a year

9. OCM Metric Engineer Triangular Scale Ruler

OCM Metric Engineer Triangular Scale Ruler

Made to give precise metric measurements for all sorts of architectural Projects, the OCM brings a Metric Triangular Engineer Scale Ruler. It might say engineer on the title once again, but it is perfect for an architecture student. It has a nice heavy feel to it with good construction of its aluminum body. However, it is not the cheapest but certainly isn’t priced too high so it could totally fit in your budget as a good investment. It certainly won’t feel like a cheap ruler and will do its job well.


  • Precision Marked Metric Gradations
  • Heavy, solid feel


  • Soft aluminum gets dented over time

8. Alvin 98/ARC 12″ Black Aluminum Architect Scale Ruler

Alvin 98/ARC 12" Black Aluminum Architect Scale Ruler



White markings on a black base body, that’s what the 12” Alvin Aluminum Architect Scale Ruler is about. It is sturdy and absolutely aesthetic to carry around and boast as you work with its clear-cut accuracy. The color combination ensures extreme readability. It not only gets the job done but gives you a solid feeling when you need to rely on it for lengthy markings. All in all, it is a decent and elegant architectural ruler.


  • Hollow triangular space
  • Supreme Accuracy


  • Pricey

7. Arteza 12″ Triangular Architect Scale Aluminum

Arteza 12" Triangular Architect Scale Aluminum

Here’s something to draft out your blueprints today! The Arteza Triangular Architect Scale coming in 12” of size, is color-coded, and of great quality. It comes up first if you search “Architect ruler” on Amazon’s search engine. At least that’s what we found! It has a nice look to it, not on the heavy side yet still manages to be sturdy. Since it is made of aluminum, it helps you to mark out precisely and allows an easy clean.


  • Light-weight
  • Color-coded


  • Prints may start fading sooner

6. Pros Art Twelve-Inch Architect/Engineering Scale

Pros Art Twelve-Inch Architect/Engineering Scale

We seriously cannot stop recommending you enough engineering scale but this one packs a combo fitting for both professions. It is an A-grade ruler for most aspiring architects that need accurate markings of measurement and for their drafting class. Any sort of scale drawings and Pros Art is there to save your day. You’ll love its shatter-proof feature so it will save you the risks of hazard or having to buy a new ruler sooner. For the price it comes with, you simply can’t beat its quality.


  • It won’t shatter
  • Sturdy


  • Cheap feeling because of plastic

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5. Alumicolor 3000 Series Aluminum Architectural Scale Ruler

Alumicolor 3000 Series 12-Inch Black Hollow Aluminum Triangular

If you’re looking for a small-size ruler to fit your toolbox, this product is a gem from our list of architecture rulers! Not just easy portability, it is absolutely well made and comes with a plastic tube to prevent any scratching. It has a smooth spotless surface without any markings of sorts and its unique black color is super eye-catching. All that and it is sturdy and you’ll be happier to know that its markings won’t easily budge!


  • Hollow-core
  • Useful size


  • Hard to grab on a flat surface

4. OCM Brand Engineer Laser Etched

OCM Brand Engineer Laser Etched

We bring back OCM once more in this list because this time it is laser etched and anodized. An imperial scale ruler that doesn’t chip away easily with a solid built is what any architecture student looks for. It may be on the heavier side but its black coating is classy and its edges are crisp to give you the perfect marking you need to get ahead with project work.



  • Pricey

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3. Fairgate Aluminum Architectural Scale Ruler

Fairgate Aluminum Architectural Scale

Buy any size of Fairgate Aluminum Architectural Scale Ruler to fit your toolbox or space because they all provide you with decent service. The accuracy of measurement is quite nice besides its ever-so-black markings on a white classy look. They are great as gifts too for your fellow architectures because of the high professional quality.


  • Made of solid anodized aluminum


  • Expensive

2. Staedtler Plastic Architectural Scale Ruler

Staedtler 12-Inches Triangular Scale

Staedtler is a well-known German brand and hence its stationery is trustworthy for any profession. In the field of architecture, you will love this three-sided ruler with grooves that are color-coded with etched markings that won’t wear off easily like many other scales. It may just give you a cheap feeling due to its plastic but it’s a very helpful measuring tool for the daily.


  • Grooves color-coded
  • Three sides


  • Sharp edge

1. 12-Inch Architectural and Engineering Scale Ruler Set

12-Inch Architectural and Engineering Scale

This 12-inch product comes with improved and chamfered edges and is very well made and easy to use the scale for drawing the most perfect lines. This all-in-one ruler set comes in handy for your class, fieldwork or even at home. Built to last long, this would be a great measuring tool.


  • Long-lasting
  • Package


  • Sharp edges

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Even though it is one of the most essential basic tools you may need to carry out your daily tasks, we want to up the ante with our top ten recommendations of architect rulers.

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