Top 10 Best Architect Books In 2021

Even if you are the topper in your architecture class or a professional interior designer, reading good architect books will give you that extra blessing of wisdom. In fact, by reading a specific area related book, you can gain plenty of knowledge about history, philosophy, interior designing, ancient art, and culture without even attending an institute.

An architect can open up his mind to be more creative by reading a book and observing its information and illustrations. Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted the 10 best architect books for passionate engineers and professionals. You will have the initial idea about each book on the list after completely reading the article until the end.

Top 10 Best Architect Books In 2021

10. The New Old House

Learning from history is always interesting and engaging. That is why the book embraced the history to teach the readers how the structure of buildings and houses were refurbished and refined over the decades.

The book is designed and composed for all generations of architects and it has a high-quality hardcover to ensure the book’s safety.

  • Natural storytelling.
  • Historic house descriptions.
  • Consists of 240 pages.

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9. Architecture After Modernism (World of Art) 

Modernism is the period when the nations were booming with the new industrial revolution. After this movement, people accepted the claustrophobic embrace of 4 barriers. So, if you want to know more about the mega projects of that time, then you may need to give this architect book a try.

The book is available in high-quality paperback and other formats.

  • A postmodern book.
  • Urban architect history.
  • Architectural criticism.

8. Introduction to Architecture 1st Edition by Francis D. K. Ching

Are you a wannabe architect or studying architectural engineering? Then you can start reading the architect to push yourself towards more comprehensive architectural thoughts and ideas. The book has each and every basic detail you need to know as an architect.

The book has high-quality architect drawings and illustrations.

  • Overview of the architect field.
  • Usable as a class book.
  • Consists of 432 pages.

7. The Language of Architecture

This is the copybook for learning the basics of architecture. The architect book will teach you from a historic perspective, and in the end, you will be confident enough to make the layout of the skyscrapers.

The book has a high quality detailed and subtle illustration of architectural layouts.

  • Vital fundamentals.
  • Insightful writing.
  • Essential for all architects.

6. Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

This is a great book for the enthusiastic architects who want to sketch better to become a great interior designer or a professional architect. All the illustrations in this book will encourage you to try something new! Professionals can also use this book for better sketching skills.

Illustrations are given in a simple manner for young architecture.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Paperback format.
  • Recommended for students.

5. A Visual Dictionary of Architecture

The word ‘Dictionary’ may seem boring to you, but when the dictionary implies its meaning through detailed engineering illustrations, then it becomes 10 times more interesting and engaging. This architect book did the same by elaborating 21st-century architectures.

Accurate and well-defined high-quality illustrations are provided in the book.

  • Concepts and terms.
  • Hand-rendered drawing.
  • Usable as a textbook.

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4. The Architecture of Light (2nd Edition)

Do you get bored seeing all the classic illustrations and sketches? Then this vivid engineering book will help you to become more constant in engineering and lighting study. The book basically guides you through the interior lighting ideas with detailed explanations and information.

It features a digital design with high-quality pages.

  • Versatile book.
  • Step by step progression.
  • Kindle edition available.

3. Archidoodle: The Architect’s Activity Book

To become successful in any field, you need to take challenges. So, this architect book will make you complete the challenge with fun. For helping purposes the essential layouts of challenges are given in the book.

The book is carefully designed to make the readers creative.

  • Constructivist monuments.
  • Full of examples.
  • For students and architects.

2. World Architecture: The Masterworks

To become an expert, you need to follow the path of champions. This is what you can do by apprehending the book closely. The architect book has full-page photographs of master arts, which will help you to perceive each and every detail of architectural masters.

The hardcover book has high-quality printing of master arts and design.

  • 350 colors photographs.
  • Detailed essays.
  • Consists of 320 pages.

1. The Architecture Reference & Specification Book

The book could be the ultimate companion of an architect. It is one of the best Architect books that is known for having intricate details about architectural knowledge and information. The book is updated and revised again for precise and accurate data and facts.

The book has a smart dimension, which you can carry with you all the time.

  • All essential topics.
  • Wonderful illustrations.
  • Great for beginners.

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Yes, you can become a successful engineer attending the classes and reading the academic textbooks, but no one can ever be the best in any field without reading books. If you do a little research on the best engineers of the past or present era, you will see their lives involved with diverse learning. This is how they acquired the ability to think out of the box. Keeping that in mind, we have tried to enlist all the best architect books, which are not only informative but also interesting. So, this could be a small push for you to be creative and gain diverse knowledge.

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