Top 10 Best Animal Magazines | For All Animal Lovers

Animal Magazines for all Animal Lovers

If you want to educate, inspire, or empower your kids or yourself, you need to subscribe to one of the ten animal magazines for all animal lovers here. No matter what animals a favorite each of the publications caters for all. All the websites are active and working to offer you high-quality information.

Best Animal Publications Online

1. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

  • Subscription: $25/year
  • Suitable for: Children

The kid’s magazine of National Geographic helps children to explore and learn about wildlife. The publication discusses science, popular cultures, technology, and much more. The subscriptions perfect for children aged 6-years and up. With the book, they will discover many things around the globe and is sure to get excited about it at the same time. When ordering your magazine, you get free shipping and discount depending on where you live.


2. Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms

  • Subscription: $21.95/year
  • Suitable for: Rural Enthusiasts

When it comes to Hobby Farms, small farmers will love the publication. That is to say, the books made to inform farmers of livelihood to making a profit from their hobby. Moreover, the articles address basic and core information to succeed with numerous resources to take care of animals. You can get six issues for a year costing $21.95, and there are other yearly subscriptions as well.

3. Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

  • Subscription: Printed and Digital
  • Suitable for: Tropical Fish Hobbyists

You receive the magazine bimonthly and geared with interesting reading for any hobbyist keeper of tropical fish. You get news on a variety of topics related to fresh- and salt-water aquariums. Furthermore, you can get it in a printed edition or digital edition to read online. Prices vary with the printed magazine costing $28 for a year while the digital one costs $13.95 a year.

4. National History Magazine

National History Magazine

  • Subscription: $33/year
  • Suitable for: Young and Old

With the animal magazine, you get a broader look at animals, human society especially ecosystem developments. The publication is suitable for young and old to read. Furthermore, the book educates you all about the natural world and explores all types of life on the planet. You get ten issues throughout the year for $33.

5. Birds & Bloom

Birds & Bloom

  • Subscription: $17.98/year
  • Suitable for: Gardeners

Whether you want to find out about birds, gardening, backyard projects, and more this magazine offers you all. If you are interested in hummingbirds, you will love the publication even more. In the book, you can take your outdoor enjoyment to new heights. It is filled with close up shots of birds and flowers with saving backyard tips and gardening advice. You get seven issues throughout the year for $17.98 with your subscription.

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6. BirdWatching Magazine

BirdWatching Magazine

  • Subscription: $15/year
  • Suitable for: Bird Lovers

The animal magazines for all animal lovers especially birds. Especially, you can subscribe to the printed or digital edition online. Inside are award-winning photographs of wild birds with interesting articles to perfect your birding techniques. You will also be informed about where you can find certain species, to identify them and attract them. With the subscription, you will receive six magazines annually for $15.

7. Field & Stream Magazine

Field & Stream Magazine

  • Subscription: $9.97/year
  • Suitable for: Hunters

For hunting Field & Stream offers, you trusted resources in a wide selection of articles for outdoor enthusiasts. You can subscribe now for annual publications on outdoor activities for beginners to seasoned experts. Whether your game is from hunting deer to fishing you get expert tips with insider knowledge needed to improve your skills. Improve your accuracy for a wide selection of animals with a subscription of $9.97 for six issues. What makes it unique are the digital versions included with the purchase.

8. chickaDEE


  • Subscription: $30/ten issues
  • Suitable for: Children

Get the chickaDEE magazine for your kids, as it will foster their curiosity with humorous content. From the first to the large page, children are introduced to the main characters of the publication. The two friends will keep your kid entertained and have them laughing, learning, and interactive all the time. In other words, there are puzzles, readings, science experiments, and animal features inside. The subscription is $30 for ten issues.

9. Animal Tales

Animal Tales

  • Subscription: $19.97/year
  • Suitable for: Bird Lovers

With subscribing to Animal Tales, your kid is sure to experience a completely new world. The books filled with heartwarming stories, pictures, and different pets. In addition, they can do puzzles and quizzes and receive the publication bimonthly to discover new tricks. With the tips, they can teach his or her pet with interactive activities and games. Moreover, our child can even show off their artwork in the magazine if they send in a photo of the pet. You can get it in a kindle or print edition for $19.97 a year.

10. Horse & Rider Magazine

Horse & Rider Magazine

  • Subscription: $19.95/four issues
  • Suitable for: Horse Riders

The animal magazine is suitable for horse riders to learn about new horse trails, training, health issues, and more. In each printed publication, you get fantastic photographs with detailed how-tos, inspiration people, travel ideas as well as instruction articles. With a subscription, you learn from the experts who are passionate about their horses every month. For four issues the cost is $19.95.

If you love the outdoors and nature, the animal magazines mentioned here is sure to have something inside for you. That is to say, you can read from environmental news, scientific discoveries, to how animals live in nature. You can read up on your favorite animal while discovering new and other species here. Whether it is the current animal population trend or a fun way to educate your child these magazines can help. In short, your kid can travel the world without leaving home and browse through articles with humorous and entertaining photos.

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